Friday, July 31, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.30.09

Cat is wearing her best shimmery Christmas dress today, which seems a few months off to me. It's got shoulder pads, and she didn't need that. She looks almost like a freshly mowed lawn mixed with a disco ball... And her hair is poofed up in front and in a french twist in back. It gives her fcce an unfortunate egg shape. Last night was a much better look for her.

The group dance is to Send in The Clowns, and they all emerge from a big box on stage. Clowns are creepy, but the dance is quite beautiful. It was choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

There are some more favorite past dances tonight, to pad the show to an hour, and I can't wait.

Right down to business. The first woman safe is Jeanine, so it's either Kayla or Melissa going home. I'm hoping for Kayla, because I just adore Melissa. L'il C uses some big words to congratulate Jeanine for getting into the finale.

Jessica & Will are back for an encore performance of last year's Emmy nominated routine, Silence. It's still beautuful. Will has seriously beautiful legs.

Which of the men will join Jeanine as the first one safe? Ade has that stupid pick in his hair, right in front, and I still really don't like it. Brandon is the first guy safe, and after last night's astounding solo, I am not surprised.

Woot for Twitch and Katee and the Door Routine!! I miss Twitch. He is so good. Some of these routines I would love to see some of this season's dancers try. They were such a strong group, it would be interesting to see. What a great dance.

Next, it's Chelsie and Joshua's routine that was choreographed by... Dmitri? I think. It is a fantastic and sexy dance, that's for sure. Why is it that so many of the best dances have props of one sort or another?

Solo time. Melissa is first and I really hope she is in the finale next week. Between Ade and Evan, I don't know. They are both wonderful, but I really love Evan and he has grown so much...

Performance by America's Best Dance Crew's first winners, the JabberWokkys, and I know they are great, but I am fast forwarding for the interst of time. I do wish that this season had had more breakers.. they are fun to watch.

Squeeeee - Bleeding Love with Mark & Chelsie! I adore Mark. I really do. This routine put me in near tears last year and I rewatched it many times. It's amazing - dancing and acting wise. When Chelsie kicked the briefcase this time, though, it didn't skid across the floor and opened up. oops. Oh well. The dancing was still unforgetable and gave me chills. I never noticed how tall Mark was before. Perhaps how not-short he is, after this season's shorties.

Kayla's solo was just a whole lot of flailing, so I really hope that Melissa is safe. And there's Evan and I think his solo was even better tonight.

Fast forwarding through Sean Paul because I really don't like reggae. I wish the Sabra and Neal's table routine had made an appearance.

The final girl in the finale is Kayla and my favorite ballerina is out. I suppose it was pre-ordained from the first show when the judges fell over themselves about Kayla. Melissa brought up the fact that she did hip hop, if only in a group number, and I wish I had taken more notice of her in it now.

Down to the guys - Nigel said that the thing about the show is that we have no losers, because people who are out at this point go on to do just fine for the most part. And in the finale next week? NOT Ade's pick. Evan is in the finals and I am so excited for him. He did great last night. Ade is really really fantastic, though, so I'm sure it was close. And, if it's any consolation, I bet that the Breast Cancer routine will get an emmy nod, so we'll see both him and Melissa again. I hope.

Now - who do you think will win? I think it's going to really depend on the dances next week. It's a super strong group.

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Jeanne said...

I was happy with Brandon & Evan. I with Melissa had stayed over Kayla though. Out of the last 4 I think Brandon will take it. Can't wait to see what they do next week. I wish they had done the Joshua/Katie dance where he was leaving for Iraq? I forgot what it was called but it was so good. I loved the Mark/Chelsea # though.