Thursday, July 2, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance 7.2.09

The group dance today is choreographed by Tyce, and it was set to Brand New Day from The Wiz. In honor of Michael Jackson? It was pretty cool. Cat is in a dress that looks like something Darryl Hannah would have worn in Blade Runner. She's just missing the funky eye makeup and the short choppy do. Her hair could use a brushing, though. Perhaps she went out last night and didn't get a chance to change.

Right down to it, the first two couples to take the stage with Cat to find out their fate are Karla & Vitolio and Evan & Randi. One of them is safe. One of them is not. Evan's white bow tie with a black center is distracting. Randi & Evan are safe (yay!) and the new couple of Karla & Vitolio are in the bottom 3 couples. It's going to be a tough night, because everyone was so fantastic last night.

Next on the stage are Brandon & Janette, and they are safe. Now Kayla & Kupono and Melissa & Ade are up. They both had such great dances. If one of them is in the bottom 3, I would say it should be Kayla & Kupono, but did America vote for ballet? In the end, the ballet got the votes, and Kayla & Kupono are in the bottom 3. The judges are shocked, Mia in particular, who thought they were the best performance last night.

Last up are Phillip & Jeanine and Caitlin & Jason, and I'm thinking the alien routine might have alienated voters. (Sorry for that, I think it was nearly an obligatory comment) The audience is full of people in pointy tin foil hats for Caitlin. That's funny. They are her relatives. In the end, it's Phillip & Jeanine heaading to the bottom 3. I think Caitlin & Jason were more suprised than anyone. Mary is looking forward to Phillip's solo. Cat is looking forward to seeing Jeanine's solo, since we haven't seen her do contemporary yet.

Guest dancers are contemporary ballet dancers, Patricia & Desmond. It was a really neat routine, but I don't dig men in sheer skin tight fishnet half shirts so much.

Solo time!

Karla's solo: She has some really unique moves, and as I said last week, she has a kind of Mark vibe to some of her movements. I'm not sure if it was enough.

Vitolio's solo: It was a nice solo, with some great leaps, but I don't know if it was enough for him, either.

Kayla's solo: She brought a lot of emotion to her solo, and the judges love her, so Idon't think she is going anywhere.

Kupono's solo: His solo was really boring and his leaps didn't look impressive. I think he's gone. He basically spun around and grabbed his shirt a lot. I think it's his time to go.

Jeanine's solo: Really neat and I think she had the best of the night for the girls.

Phillip's solo: Can I just watch the Phillip show? He's so cool. He's astounding. He brought his all to it.

I think Karla and Kupono are gone. We'll see.

Time for Kelly Clarkson!!! Wooooo!! No fast forwarding here! She even looks like her clothes fit her. Bonus. I worry a bit about the state of Kelly's voice for the long term. Her music is not easy on the vocal chords and she sounds a bit strained sometimes. I love the song she's singing (I Do Not Hook Up). She's still my favorite Idol. Go Kelly!

The judges were unanimous in their decision on the girls. They loved Jeanine's solo, and agreed with me that it was the best of the girls. They thought Kayla was throwing a lot into her solo but not dancing from the heart. Karla is lacking star quality they are looking for, even though she's a great dancer, and Karla is heading home. Kayla had better step it up!

The judges were also unanimous with the decision for the guys. They thought that Phillip's solo was a little desperate in his solo, but he's phenomenal in his style. They warned him that he still has a lot of hard work to do to manage the other genres, and he's safe. Good. Vitolio's stage presence is lauded, but he again didn't deliver much other than that presence. They hated Kupono's solo (and so did I). Gah. They kept Kupono, and ousted Vitolio. I thought for sure it was Kupono's time to go. He'd better do a better solo if he finds himself in the bottom again. I think his actual dance this week was grand, so I guess I can see Vitolio's elimination.

Since the couple was eliminated, there will be no change-ups next week.

Can't wait to see if everyone can bring the same level of dance next week! This is going to get hard really quickly.

Do you think the right people went home?

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