Thursday, July 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.23.09

Cat hates Thursdays. Did you know that?

The group number is to One from A Chorus Line, and involved lots of "cracked" mirrors and white suits. It was very cool and well done, choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Cat is in a very shimmery in a leopard print sequined dress and big hair. Oh, Cat. Her dress has a LEOPARD FACE on it. I can't get on board with that.

Let the 100th Episode Fun begin!

Mia loves when performers return to choreograph. Previous dancers are in the audience tonight. Awesomeness. Mary made another botox "joke" and I fast forwarded through her blathering. Nigel pat himself on the back for creating television at it's best, and continued to heap praise on Tyce's routine last night. Olivia Newton John herself (a breast cancer survivor) called Nigel up to tell him how much the routine meant to her. I love it.

Highlight clip time!

I'm still sad that I didn't watch the first season. Don't know why I missed it. No excuse.

Montage of Mary screams could have been left out... just saying.

Melissa is happily safe this week. Kayla is in the Bottom 2. I think it's deserved. Janette joins her, and I think the stupid Celine Dion solo put her there.

Hok and Jamie time! The Hummingbird and the Flower. Love it!! Wade Robeson's messed up and I love him. And, I love Hok and Jamie!

Ade is safe and Jason is in danger. Brandon is in the bottom 2, and Evan is safe this week! I'm really happy because I just love Evan.

Time for the Bench Routine!!!! Yay for Travis and Heidi! I'm watching with a friend who has never seen it before, and she loved it.

Solo Redux time. Kayla's lines are admirable, Jason is interesting, Janette changed her solo up, and I liked it better tonight. Brandon had too much shirt on, but still kicked out a pretty awesome solo.

Ramalama!!!!!! The original group is joined by Wade just for fun. It is just as awesome now. Ramalama Bang Bang, baby.

Katie Holmes time. It was pre-recorded, so it's not as much fun. And of course, lip-synced. I know she can sing, but the lip syncing was a bit too obvious. If it's prerecorded, couldn't they have matched the music up with her lips? I mean really? I wish they hadn't tried to have her do both. Dancing to a track would have been enough. The hoopla was for this? Yawn. Give me more classic dances. I wanted to see the Table Routine. I don't care about Katie Holmes.

Nitty gritty time. Janette's Celine Dion killed her, and she's out. She could fit in Cat's pocket, but she's gone. Nigel admitted that Janette was his favorite to win, and he's really upset to see her go. Jason is out, too. I'm sad to loose him, because I think he is great, but I am not surprised. I thought he was outstanding in the zombie routine last night. It's the problem when everyone is awesome...

Do you think the right people went home?

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