Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finale Alert: So You Think You Can Dance 8.6.09

The finale group dance is a re-do of the painting come to life piece from earlier in the season. Fun. I think they might have changed it up a bit to fill the bigger stage. Whatever they did, I liked it. It was very good. What a strong group this is! The final four got to be center-stage at the end.

Cat looks like she wrapped herself in her bed sheet because she was running late for the show, but at least she got hair and makeup done admirably.

Seven choreographers are in the front row with Mary and Nigel. L'il C, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary looking like she robbed a jewelry store, and Nigel, to be exact.

The other choreographers are in the audience, not deemed important enough for the judge's panel perhaps.

Montage of the season to here, ridiculously untalented and talented alike. This is me fast forwarding.

Recap of last night. Fast forwarding some more, since I just rewatched it with my daughter an hour ago.

Now, each choreographer on the judge's panel gets to pick a favorite routine.

Adam has chosen Phillip & Jeanine's hip hop, Mad by Ne-Yo, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Good choice.

Nigel's favorite dance was the Argentine Tango with Janette & Brandon. Fantastic choice. I wish Janette had been in the finale instead of Kayla. I still blame that terrible Celine Dion solo.

Debbie Allen's choice is Louis van Amstel's Waltz with Asuka & Vitolio. Not my favorite. Pretty, but kind of boring.

Mary's choice is Travis' Jeanine & Jason's contemporary. Yay. I love this routine. Go Travis. And go Jeanine & Jason. Beautifully done.

Mia's favorite dance of the season is Max & Kayla's samba from the first show. I wish Max had made it lounger.

For a bit of fluff filler, the final four got to join Kherrington for a showing of Fame. I'm a geek and want to see it. Probably not in the theatre, because I never go out to the theatre... but eventually.

Another of Debbie's favorites from the season is Dmitry and Tabitha & Napoleon's Latin/Hip Hop Group Number with the water table dancing (Calle Ocho). Nice. Very sexy.

The next guest is the winner of SYTYCD: Australia, Talia Fowler, choreographed by Sonya. She's a ballerina who proved to be, like Melissa, very versatile. She was very good, but I would have liked to have seen this routine danced by any of the top 3 girls this season...

L'il C chose Jai Ho as his favorite. Awesome. He used a lot of big words to describe why he loved it so much. My husband said it was his favorite dance of the whole season.

Time for some of the business at hand. The Top 4 take the stage (and what's this? Evan in the costume from The Butt Dance... I can guess what's coming!) and Kayla comes in 4th. That's about right, I think, for the favorite dancer of the season. She's right up there in quality, but she was missing some spark of personality for a long time. I think she easily has a super bright career in front of her. She'll be on broadway and in movies, no problem.

Adam's favorite dance of the season is Mia's Butt Homage routine. Awesome. Go Evan & Randi!

Mary's favorite is last night's Pasa Doble. Awesome. Go for it, Jeanine & Brandon.

After that gorgeous dance, Evan joined them on the stage to find out who is in third place. It's Evan, and I am unsurprised. He's so gosh darned lovable.

Nigel's next pick for favorite moments was when Mary admitted to heavy botox usage. For a dance, it was the Addiction dance. Is he saying that Mary is admitted to botox? It's Kayla & Kupono, and I was hoping to see it again.

Special guest act - choreographed by Tiffany Burton, the Rage Boys Crew. hey are so good. I skipped watching them before. The littlest ones are especially impressive, especially when they tossed one of them across the stage. He lost a tooth since their performance on the show from doing a back handspring off the couch. So don't try this at home, kids.

(May I just say that I am happy that there was a grand lack of Crump etc. this season? Thank you.)

Brandon & Janette's disco was Tyce's favorite. Awesome. Again, I wish that Janette had been in the finale instead of Kayla.

Mia's next favorite is Tyce's breast cancer dance. This one is winning an Emmy. Melissa & Ade are amazing. Turns out that Tyce's friend that he choreographed the dance for learned that she is cancer free today. Amazing news. Heartwarming. Cat looked like she was about to break out in tears announcing the dancers. I got chills over and over again watching them. Just simply astounding.

Next, it's a routine choreographed by Mia (the One routine), with the Top 8 dancers, and some very "special" performers - the judge's panel is missing, so I think they are making an appearance. And I am right. The Final 8 went behind their mirrors and revealed the judges to dance the last bit. It was very cute. L'il C was not there that I could see. And the crowd went crazy... padding, padding, padding. And here I am allout of buffer with which to fast forward...

Finally, it's down to Jeanine or Brandon. But first - recaps of their journeys thus far. And then, the winner is...


Yay, yippee, and good for her! And I like her because she thanked the Academy. She thanked her mom for making her continue with dance. Cat asked her what she is going to remember most, and she said "well, there's this right here." She said the whole thing was incredible. And so it was.

I'm so thrilled that there is a new season starting again in less than a month!

Here's waiting for September 2nd!

(And see, American Idol? This is how you make a live show end on time. They even had a couple minutes to spare. Cue superfluous shots of confetti and Jeanine freaking out.)

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