Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 8.11.09

Problems with Dave's immobile thumb abound, before the first challenge. Ramsey is joined by a soldier's wife. The next night, the Cheftestants will be cooking for a welcome home party for his husband.

Robert and Suzanne were called to learn some things about the soldier's likes and dislikes. Each team has to come up with 2 appetizers and an entree. Robert and Suzanne are to debrief their team with Natasha's (that's the wife) thoughts.

Whichever team wins will have their menu for the party. Robert did a good job letting people what the Staff Sergeant likes. Suzanne didn't do nearly as good a job in communication.

Red Team presented a Caesar Style Salad with baked prawns. Natasha liked it.

Blue Team presented a spicy seafood style bouillabase. I think Natasha liked that more.

Natasha picked the Red Team for the first dish.

Second dish -

Red Team's next dish is Bacon Wrapped fillet with grilled shrimp.

Blue Team's next dish is Four Cheese macaroni, Stewed collard, grilled catfish.

The Blue team takes that one.

Entrees -

Red Team - broiled lobster tail with pasta.

Blue Team - Grilled lobster tail with steak.

Since Natasha had said that grilled lobster tail is something she couldn't live without at the party, it is no surprise when she chose the Blue Team as the winner. Their menu is on for the party.

As a reward, the guys get to be fighter pilots for the day. Fun.

The women will be redecorating the dining room for the party. Not so fun.

Ramsey's wife (who is a hottie) is going to be party coordinator for the event. How come it took him so long to pimp her out on the show? She's very precise.

My husband wondered if Robert would be able to get into the cockpit of the fighter planes. I didn't see him up in the planes, but if he couldn't do it, I'm glad that they didn't focus on it again.

And the women? Playing with helium.

The men have to teach the women their recipes, and there was sabotage galore. Ramsey will not be ok with the sabotage, I don't think.

Time for the party!

Super heartwarming when the soldier came in (it was a surprise party). His mom (who he hasn't seen in years) is the special surprise VIP guest. Fun.

Time for the cooking.

The Blue Team (Ben and Andy on apps) seemed to do very well and sent things out. Sabrina was having troubles getting stuffed mushrooms out not cold. Ramsey was really peeved because he sent the other apps on the table without the mushroom she claimed was on it's way, and it was cold. Table not served together = not good.

The men finished their appetizers quickly, and Jim is on the grill to work out the entrees. After the women finally finish the apps, it's time for Tek to be in charge of the grill. Tenille tried to help her organize her grill, but Tek wasn't interested in help. She needed help. It was bad. So bad. Ramsey was pissed. She finally got some help (well, they tried to help).

While the men's team was doing great, Dave was having troubles with his hand. Andy was more nervous about Dave's hand than Dave seemed to be. Ramsey was picking on Jim some, but Jim seemed to be doing well. Kevin looked to be taking some credit for Jim's work.

The men finished out the entrees and started on desserts and while Tek finished the steak, the surf and turf was missing the surf, and Amanda sent up raw lobster. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Because the women couldn't get their acts together, Ramsey sent the men (who finished their service) into the Red Kitchen to finish out the service.

Obviously, the men were the winners of the night, and, as Ramsey noted, had two injured men.

When Robert wins, he's hilarious. When he loses, he's unbearable, but when he wins.. it's funny.

The women put Tek and Tenille was forced to tell Ramsey that the team decided to put her up, too. She let him know that she thought it was a load of crap. He also thought it wasn't a great decision, and pulled Amanda down, too. After he gave Tenille a chance to tell him why she thought it was a crock that she was sent up, he put her back in line. She's safe.

Uh oh. Amanda started crying. That's never good. Still, Tek was a mess tonight. Blessedly, she's gone.

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