Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay for a New Season - Project Runway

Ra'Mon Lawrence went to Med school, specializing in neurosurgery, and switched to fashion. I hate the superfluous apostrophe.

Logan is from Seattle, and called himself a guy's guy.

Johnny has tried out three times before. He had a meth addiction and didn't make it because of that. He's battled back, and makes nice looking clothes, so let's see.

Gordana is from the former Yugoslavia.

Malvin has some crazy hair. He likes to be androgenous.

Carol Hannah is a cutie. She calls her look pixie-meets-cocktail party.

I instantly dislike Qristyl because of her wonky spelling.

Shirin's name means sweet in Farsi. She likes designs with more than one use.

Nicolas is known in NYC as the feather prince, and likes lace and feathers.

Mitchell graduated from design school but is working in the business end now.

Epperson is tall and single-named, and has spent years dressing windows.

Christopher is from Minnesota. He did not go to design school due to a death in the family.

Ari likes to talk to her fabric.

Althea is a blonde bombshell. She's interned for Vivian Westwood.

Irina is a NYC girl and likes leather and her pocket dog.

Louise has a cute little bob. She's a vintage inspired gal.

Time for the rooftop celebration. Since this season was filmed so long ago, Heidi is not pregnant yet. She looked amazing and I loved her dress.

Their first challenge is introduced on the Emmy Red Carpet. They will be designing a red carpet event that shows true innovation and their own style. They get to the workroom, and are pre-assigned models. They have their measurements and have a two day time limit. Their budget is $200 for 30 minutes at Mood, and immunity is up for grabs.

Ari doesn't sketch - instead, she stood on her head. She wanted to meditate on the fabric. At Mood, she said she was going for weird hexagonal tesselation forms. Qrystal took matters into her own hands and bought her own scissors to cut her fabric when there was only one guy cutting. Stupid Q or not, I respect that.

In the workroom, Johnny was struggling and felt that he wanted to throw in the towel. I hope not. Tim came in to give him a pep talk. I swear, Tim is better than a therapist. He's like a fashionable therapist. Go Tim! He gave him the Make It Work, and Johnny went back to work.

Christopher has never heard of smocking before. Tim entered to do a look-see. He warned Christopher that he is going to have to be careful with styling. Ari's look worried Tim, and he said he worried it was going to end up looking like a halter diaper. Ra'Mon doesn't want to give his girl a big butt, and Tim agreed. Mitchell was doing a ton of smocking, and called Tim Mr. Gunn. That was cute. Tim let him know he can be called Tim, and worried about making his outfit more modern. Qrystal wanted more input from Tim, and Tim was less forthcoming than she'd like.

Enter models! Mitchell's model card didn't fit with his model and that was sad. He basically had to redo the whole thing. His leftover fabric is similar to pantyhose. Not good. He's scrambling.

Guest judge for the Runway is Lindsay Lohan, pre her latest bout with insanity.

Althea's dress looks like a prom dress gone wrong. It's creamy and ruffly on top and shimmery silver on the bottom. I don't dig it.

Gordana's dress looked a little tight but interesting.

Malvin's dress was neat and had a swing to it. It didn't look that well constructed.

Mitchell's dress was like an Elizabethan take on the toga. That poor girl. It was so sheer as to be embarassing.

Louise's dress was very shimmery and I liked it.

Christopher's dress was very neat. I liked it a lot. Very interesting.

Ra'Mon's dress is neat, and I liked it. Not sure how different it was.

Shirin's dress has a shawl that opens up to another part of the skirt. Very cool. I liked it.

Epperson's dress was dramatic and I like the kind of eggplant color.

Irina's dress was neat, but looked a bit like a night gown.

Ari's garment was nowhere near red carpet. I feel sorry for her model's hair.

Johnny's dress had fabulous color. I didn't like the shape at all.

Carol Hannah's dress was really neat. I loved nearly everything about it.

Qrystal's dress was ridiculously 80's. I mean, like something you would see on 227. Not good.

Logan's dress was a little too long it seemed. The dual fabric in the bodice was neat, though.

Nicolas's dress was a little blah. Didn't do much for me.

Shirin, Epperson, Gordana, Carol Hannah, Logan, Althea, Nicolas, Irina, Melvin, and Louise are all safe, middle of the pack-ers.

Qrystal was asked which award show they would be going to. She suggested the Emmy's, and thought that Miley Cyrus would like it. The front is called a mess.

Christopher's model is going to the VMA's, and Heidi liked the dress, but didn't love the bottom fabric. Michael called it cute and edgey. Lindsay also liked it.

Ra'Mon's dress was for the Oscars. Michael wanted him to pump it up and not be safe. Lindsay liked it. Heidi thought it looked like more than $200.

Ari wanted her ... dress... to be going to the VMA's in 2080 and then go accept her Nobel Prize afterwards. The model looked embarassed. They appreciated her conceptual design process, but thought it was important to create something that people would want to wear.

Johnny's dress is for someone who is obsessed with the 20's and going to her movie premiere. I like it much less on second look. It was not flattering to me.

Mitchell's look was called completely unwearable, and Michael called it a cool nightgown. Heidi advised him to never completely trust a model's measurements.

The judges in deliberation wondered if Ari was taking the whole thing seriously.

Johnny is in, but not the winner this time. Christopher is the winner of the challenge, smocking knowledge or no. I'm glad that he won. His dress was really neat. Good for him. Ra'Mon is also safe, as is Qrystal.

It's between Ari and Mitchell for the auf. In the end, Mitchell's sheer debacle was more acceptable than Ari's quilted massacre of a look. She can go stand on her head on her own now.

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