Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Runway 8.27.09

A note - I am watching, but not blogging, Models of the Runway.  The only thing really worth noting from last week, I think, was that the poor model who was sent down the runway rocking nothing but an Elizabethan collar and a sheer sheet was sent home.  I guess her questionable measurement sheet will have to find some other runway to walk.

Heidi meets the designers on the Runway to introduce them to the next challenge.  They will be designing for a celebrity, indeed a supermodel.  There was speculation that it would be for Heidi herself, until a big pregnant form came up behind the screen.  It was Rebecca Romejn, who's name I have butchered, pregnant with twins (who have since been born and are adorable).  What she wants is something wearable, and the designers can choose pretty much any occasion.  She just wants something with a beautiful silhouette.  She likes form fitting.

In the workroom, they find that their mannequins have belly pillows to attach to them.  Sweet.  They have 30 minutes to sketch, $100 at Mood, and 2 days.

Louise is hand-dying lace in the bathroom.  Malvin is doing something strange having to do with chickens, I think.  He lost me along the way.  Mitchell has apparently designed commercialy for pregnant ladies.  Before he put the belly band in, he had a pair of shorts that multiple people fit in.  Hope that goes well for him.  Shirin is doing something very drapey and her initial work looks pretty.

Tim's Look Time!  He told Althea to give up making her very fancy (and pretty) dress into a day dress.  Louise worried that her dress was too nightgown-like.  Tim approves of Mitchell's vow to send his model down the runway wearing clothes, and liked Shirin's dress, but worried about her jacket idea.  And Malvin?  He was about to make jodpurs to look like chicken thighs, making the model's thighs look bigger.  Because of his concept.  Tim was worried.  I think Malvin didn't hear the "wearable" criteria from Rebecca. Ra'Mon is doing a colorblocked dress to try to fool the eye.  Ra'Mon says he doesn't want to be safe, and he wants to take risks.  Tim advised him to take risks without going cuckoo, because cuckoo's already happened.  That's right, Malvin.

Mitchell thought that Ra'Mon's dress looked like it had a bowling ball attached to it.  There was some hysteria.

Then it was time to get some models pregnant!  That's fun.  Carol Hannah's model has a 2 year old and really liked the dress, so that's cool.

Oy.  Johnny's jacket looked like a bad Florida Walmart print.  Hope he can work that out.

The day of the Runway, people still have work to do.  Malvin wants to make his look more literal.  I think he's going the wrong direction with that.  Final fittings are mixed.  Mitchell's shorts are a mess.

Time for the Runway show!

Monique Lhullier is filling in for Michael Kors and joins Heidi, Nina, and Rebecca on the judge's pantel. 

Logan's look is pretty sweet.  I like the leggings.  Did I just say that?  Maybe I should check my temperature... Anyhow, I liked the leggings, and the sweater was sweet.  I like the bare arms, and the scoop in back.  Very flattering.

Shirin's dress is lovely.  The coat actually turned out quite nicely, too.  I really appreciated the pattern on the inside of the coat.  I love the color.

Nicolas's dress was a little too figure hugging, in my opinion.  It didn't look like he had designed something thinking that a pregnant person would be wearing it, but instead said "oh crap" after designing the dress and put the larger belly room in.  The rest of it was ill fitting and pulled and bunched in weird places.  Watch the judges love it.  It was riding up like crazy.  Not good.

Christopher's look is really gorgeous.  Again, there are leggings, but the top is something else.  It drapes beautifully and is a lovely color.  I'm not sure how I feel about it being a bubble top (and by this I mean, it's gathered under and poofy at the bottom).  It would have been better for me without that.

Mitchell's model managed to walk down the runway like she wanted to be wearing those shorts, so kudos to her.  I wouldn't have wanted it.

Qrystal looked like she didn't do too much sewing.  It looked like a piece of (admittedly pretty) fabric draped around the model and tied around the neck.  I know that draping takes a lot of talent, but this didn't do much for me.

Epperson made a jumpsuit.  I hate him for that.  And I think it was satin.  A satin jumpsuit.  In white.  A world of no.

Louise's 20's inspired dress turned out seriously beautifully.  The second skirt layer was a good idea and brought it away from the realm of negligee for me.

Gordana's neckline was really interesting.  I wasn't digging the grey cardigan she put over it, though.  That looked like an afterthought.  The leggings (again) were kind of sweet.

Johnny's model didn't end up wearing the unfortunate jacket, but for some reason carried it down the runway tucked into a giant bag.  Weird.  The dress was interesting and kind of pretty, but I didn't care so much for the drab green color.

Malvin's outfit didn't look so much like a chicken and an egg as it did a woman carrying a baby in a giant sling and looking kind of disheveled doing it.  He didn't go with jodpurs, that goodness, but the fabric looked like muslin or a potato sack.  Not exactly flattering.

Ra'Mon's dress also looked kind of awkward and poorly constructed.  It was kind of rumpled.

Carol Hannah's dress is actually quite sweet.  The little rufflely jacket, which Carol Hannah was all aglow about, I was not so fond of.  The dress was much nicer without it.  The color was a nice vibrant green.

Althea's bodice is rather low cut, but really neat.  The skirt itself is way too long and I worried that the model was going to trip.

Irina's dress was really super sweet.  I *loved* that she had her model smile.  Thank you!

Louise, Althea, Mitchell, Shirin, Malvin, and Ra'Mon were pulled forward and everyone else was sent to safety.

Ra'Mon's dress was called too busy and sloppy, and the patchworky pattern seemed to be pointing at the baby.  Weird.

Rebecca liked Louise's dress even though she thought it did look a little like lingeree.  Everyone appreciated the fact that the dress was tiered in places to allow for growth.

Althea's dress was appreciated for it's look and it's fabric, but the judges wanted more room in the cups in case the boobs grew.

I love Nina Garcia because she brought up the fact that Malvin's outfit looked like it was a woman wearing a baby in a sling.  The judges wished that he had kept going with what he had going on with the black underlay feather thing.  It could have been nice.

Mitchell's outfit got dinged for being so poorly constructed.  Nina called the whole thing a mess.  The shorts were too short, the belly band was visible, and the shirt was too tight.  Not good.

Shirin's dress is really beautiful, and her waistband was smocked in a really interesting and beautiful way. Rebecca also loved the lining.  Monique told Shirin that she should get into designing maternity wear.

In the end, the winner was Shirin.  I'm glad.  Her dress was just fantastic.  She has immunity in the next challenge.

Ra'Mon, though his dress was not a favorite, is in.  It's between Malvin and Mitchell.  I think that's about right.  Malvin's weirdo design was his undoing, and he's gone.  That's two oddball designers out in a row!  How unlike PR!  They usually keep them around for a while for entertainment purposes.  I'm glad to see him go, though.

What do you think?  Did they make the right choice?


Lori said...

Astrid - I think Mitchell should have gone home, especially since he was in the bottom last week too. He clearly can't sew for the life of him. Those shorts were a mess. I wanted to see oddball Malvin for a little longer. So I was shocked he went home. But his dress was very ugly so it wasn't that off.

Astrid said...

Lori - I think it was totally a toss up. Mitchell'd better straighten up or he's so gone.