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So You Think You Can Dance - 8.5.09

The final 4 dance!

Cat is Solid Gold, Baby. Her hair looks fantastic and shiny and slightly wavy. Lovely. Unfortunately, her dress, when you go to a full body view, looks like a bath robe mixed with a potato sack, all in sequined gold. She could have done better.

They are in the Kodak theatre for the final performance show. What fun.

The Top 4's enry solos are very good all around.

Adam Shankman is joining Mary and Nigel tonight.

Final Top 4 Group Dance - with Wade Robeson. They are playing football jocks hitting on cheerleaders, who end up being more than the jocks can handle. Fun. The song is Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga. They all got to act some, too. It was cute. I especially liked the bit with the boys and the pom poms. It was a really fun dance, and they danced it super well.

Jeanine & Evan (Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya. Song: Heartbreaker, by MSTRKRFT, feat. John Legend) It's about a man who's trying to keep his girl, and she has had enough of him. She gets to get violent with him, and it looked like she had fun in rehearsals. Poor Evan. I like Evan when he's got the pinked up hair. It's cute. It's fun choreography because he is so into her and she's just tossing him around. Well acted, really well danced. Evan brought it and Jeanine was right there with him. Adam said he never saw Jeanine coming, and she has dominated every week. He says he never saw Evan in the Top 4, and now the show will never be the same. He called Evan the molehill that became a mountain. He complimented Sonya for choreographing to their strengths. Mary thought that they were a great partnership, though Jeanine stood out a little, and Evan was no punching bag. Nigel said that since the stage is so enormous, they have to bring the dance to the stage. He thinks that Jeanine was great, and didn't think that Evan was quite there, but thinks he could get there if he keeps it up.

Cat had sit downs with each of the final 4 before their solo. (Well, the interview was done back on their normal stage) Brandon is first. His entire body is in pain, but misses Janette, and loved their tango most of all. Cat asked the Mia question. He was happy to have proven himself to her. Time for his solo - He went skin to win again, this time in prison striped shorts. It was pretty good, but I hated the music, which sounded like a cd skipping, and distracted me from the dancing. Adam thought it was a take no prisoners solo, but didn't get the board shorts. I'd agree. Adam called it a bit frantic, but wished Brandon luck. Mary got goosebumps from Brandon, and said he is born to dance, and broke out in tears. Nigel agreed with Mia's current thoughts on Brandon and said he is outstanding.

Brandon & Kayla (Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Song: Bye Bye Love, from All That Jazz) It was a really fun routine, with kind of a hard hitting vibe. Brandon did this one move where he spun Kayla round like the hands of a clock, and it was impressive. They both did great. It was a hit routine from Tyce's sometimes hit and miss playbook. Adam got up and jumped around when asked how it was. He said that he saw the two of them in the finals, and thinks it is heaven to see them dancing together. Mary did some screeching and called them rockstars and dance stars and said that they have never disappointed. Nigel said that they just showed whey they are in the top 4 and loved their side by side pirouettes and then he did some sucking up to Tyce, and said he's named after a cookie. There's another blogger I read (on HitFix) who calls Tyce "Toasty Oreo," so I wonder if Nigel has been reading the blogosphere. If he's reading my little blog now - Hi, Nigel!

Time for Cat's sit down with Jeanine! Her mom pushed her to keep dancing when she was a child, even though she went through a time when she didn't like it so much. She bemoaned the Russian Folkdance, but loved the contemporary she had with Jason choreographed by Travis. That was an insanely beautiful routine. She also brought up that their kiss at the end was not choreographed! Nice going with the flow, girly! For her solo, she brought some fun tango to it, rose in teeth and all. What fun. She had a beautifully controlled pirouette that was really impressive. The judges gave her a standing ovation. Adam loved the pirouettes and said it was a risky solo and she killed it. In a good way. He threw some love at her, but didn't like the flower, saying she is the only beautiful thing that was needed on the stage. Mary said that she saw Jeanine coming, and thinks she is peaking now, and loved what a great partner Jeanine is. She said that the solo was the best thing she's done on the show. Nigel said it was a brave solo and she pulled it off, and placed her securely in the final 2. That's a mighty big thing to say when there are 2 dancers left to do their solos.

Evan & Brandon (Pop Jazz, choreographed by Laurieann Gibson. Song: Nasty, by Janet Jackson) There were some points where they were not in sync and I don't know if they were supposed to be. It was a fun routine. Adam said that Evan got a little dusted on the routine, and I agree. He was really sad when the audience booed him. He said that Evan's natural sweetness was still there, and it felt like the nasty was a character, while Brandon's was all nasty. Mary then said "Evan, what's the nastiest thing you've ever done?" And yes, it sounded like a dirty thing to ask. He is just sweet, it's hard to see him as nasty. Mary also gave the routine to Brandon. Nigel said that Evan's work ethic is beyond reproach, but he's just way too sweet and doesn't have a nasty bone in his body. He said poor Evan just didn't sit naturally in the routine, and on top of that, Brandon outdanced him. I would agree with both of those statements.

Kayla & Jeanine (Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels. Song: The Four Sections IV, full orchestra, by Steve Reich) It's a journey, and with every step they shed a layer, from one side of the stage to the other. It was the most complicated strip routine I've ever seen. Jeanine seemed to get caught in one of her snaps a couple times, but they both danced it beautifully. I would have prefered something a little less weird. Adam said it was like watching the world's longest wardrobe malfunction. He called the piece special, but I'm not sure if he meant that in the good way. He said it was a trifecta, of the two of them, and Mia, and said it was absolutely beautiful. Mary said it was a relevant routine, and loved the layers peeling off, and looked about to cry again. She said that the two of them are the strongest two women ever in the final 4. Nigel likened it to the Two Princes with Neal and Danny. He said it was a modern version of the dance of the seven veils, and wanted the routine to go on longer (or maybe more clothes to come off?)

Evan's turn for a sit down before his solo. We remembered Evan's brother (hope to see Ryan get through to the fall season's Top 20). He misses his family. He thinks that people call in for him because he's different, and said his favorite routine was the homage to the Butt. That was a fun one. Solo time! It was very cool and very very Evan. He did a funny bit with his hat at the end. I love him. He is so charming. Adam said it was like a variation on his audition piece, but says that what Evan does, he does unbelievably great. Mary said that the solo brought the unique Evan-ness to the stage, and said he has inspired young people to remember the style of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Nigel thinks that Evan brings the "Awww," factor to the show. As in, isn't he adorable. He doesn't think that Evan has grown enough on the show, and doesn't think his solo is as strong as Jeanine and Brandon so far. The audience loved it, though. I agree - not as strong, but oh so wonderful.

Evan & Kayla (Jive, choreographed by Tony & Melanie. Song: T.R.O.U.B.L.E by Travis Tritt)
Kayla is wearing cowboy boots, and Evan is wearing heels, too. He had some fun lifts and spins with her, and it was a really fun dance. I think that Evan again had trouble getting the quick flick in his feet like he needs for a dance like the jive, but what do I know. Adam threw out the love for Tony and Melanie, but wasn't sure it was a finale level choreography routine (and he got booed again). Mary thinks he just hates country. He loved the lift series and thought Evan had good bounce, but didn't think it was competetive. Mary sucked up to the choreographers, but brought up again the fact that Evan wasn't getting the kicks in right, and thought they were two dancers dancing in their own worlds instead of using each other for power and speed. She thought that Kayla stole the show, though. Nigel thought they both came out with guns blazing. And then, oy! The crowd started chanting for Evan. Nigel wondered where Kayla's personality has been all season, because it's here tonight. He thought Evan's retractions were fine. Hmmm.

Kayla's interview included crying grandparents (in a good way). Montage of Kayla's awesome comments from the judges. She loved the addiction routine with Kupono. I would agree. That was incredible. Her solo is to Sweet Dreams, which will always be the Table Routine to me. It was a less flaily and better thought out solo than she's had in a long time, but I think Jeanine's was stronger. Adam said he solo was fine, but thinks that during the season, but thinks that she has joined Travis, Will, and Danny as some of the best dancers in the country. Mary thinks Kayla has been touched by an angel, and loves Kayla's lines and legs. Nigel thinks that Kayla has had a hard time because she's gotten so much love from the judges, the voting people are lacadasical about her. He thinks she justly deserves to be in the Top 4.

Brandon & Jeanine (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. Song: Tetsujin, from The Matrix Revolutions) Finally a good Pasa this season!!!! This was awesome and Jeanine has some great feet! I've been waiting and waiting for a good, powerful, passionate pasa doble, and here it is. Adam says that the transitions and the small bits were full of the intensity and the movement and power and strength that needed to be there. I agree. Mary gave a Mary Scream, and sucked up to Louis and almost started crying. She said that the portrayal of the pasa doble was perfect. And then, good lord, she screamed them onto the hot tamale train. Nigel then had a little scream off with her. He said that they carried off the pasa doble perfectly. He got a little dirty old man and wanted to do things to Jeanine. He said that these two are just edging out the other two for the top spots tonight, and I would agree.

All done - who do you think is going to win it? I actually think that Jeanine has a really good chance for winning it, and I hope she does. They are all great, though, so no complaints at all.

Cat asked the judges who they think is going to win. Adam couldn't choose. Mary followed suit in indecision. He called Evan a lovely lovely lad, and reminds us that Ryan is coming in the next season. Nigel went right out there and said he thinks that either Brandon or Jeanine is going to win it.

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