Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway Allstar Challenge

Lifetime Television, how I have avoided you up until now. But Project Runway? How can I deny my love?


Jeffrey Sebelia (Winner, Season 3) - I still hate his neck tattoos. I just don't get it. He's a good designer, though. He's added a stupid mustache to his look, and makes music with his girlfriend.

Daniel Vosovic (Finalist, Season 2) - He's written a book on fashion and is working on his collection.

Korto (Second Place, Season 5) - She attests that she should have won. She has a line of bags and a line of jewelry, and is designing clothes, too.

Uli (Runner Up, Season 3) -She's been making clothes for high end stores and things for select clients, and the things they showed were gorgeous.

Chris March (4th, Season 4) - He's still doing costume design, and worked on design for Beyonce's tour, and designed some stuff for Prince.

Mychael Knight (Finalist, Season 2) - He's designing, and has a unisex fragrance called Magic.

Sweet Pea (5th Place, Season 4) - She's done one of a kind pieces and a limited edition collection. She wants to rule the world.

Santino Rice ("Breakout Star" Season 2) - He called himself the breakout star, that's all him. He is designing for exclusive clients, and from the things he showed, he is designing things that make skinny women look like they have giant thighs. Huh.

They got a note from Heidi to meet them on the rooftop. Tim is up there with her. Champagne Toast time! Heidi is pregnant (and fabulous) and has the fake champagne. They all size each other up, and then Heidi and Tim tell them about their challenge.

They have to design and create a mini-collection of 3 looks, to show their evolution since the show. The winner will get $100,000.

And Holy Cow, Santino is tall. Super tall. Like probably 7 feet tall. He towers all over everyone.

They have a new workplace and it is beautiful. They each have a personal work area. Tim entered and told them that one of their looks has to be Red Carpet worthy, and they have $1200 to spend at Mood. They had some time to sketch, and Chris took the time to take a little nap.

They have 45 minutes to shop. There was some mix up with leather between Uli and Sweet Pea, and I think they worked it out. Time to sew! Turns out that Sweet Pea and Uli bought some of the same color pallete and similar fabrics. Santino is not only ridiculously tall, he is ridiculously loud and distracting. Korto called him a fool. He also broke out his very admirable Tim Gunn impersonation, but I still want him to shut up.

The next day, Tim entered and told them they had an addition to the lounge - a tv. Turns out, their Red Carpet look is for none other than Nicole Kidman. Shut the f up! (She's looking fab in her red hair instead of the stupid blonde she's been sporting). Well, their Red Carpet look is for the premiere of the movie Nine that she is working on. Maybe for her, maybe not. I'm still thrilled that she's got red hair, at least temporarilly.

Tim did a run through of the work room and was surprised to see Uli skip the prints, but seemed to like it. He was worried that Sweet Pea's stuff was kind of drab and "home sewing." Chris had one piece done which was really beautiful. Daniel is nervous about doing a red carpet look, because he usually does every day clothes. Mychael calls his own color story random, and Tim is concerned. Mychael gets the first Make It Work of the season. Did he spell his name with a Y in his season? I don't recall.

Next is model casting. Chris was falling asleep again. Does he have narcolepsy? Each designer picked 3 models and 2 back ups. Uli and Sweet Pea were fighting over models.

Santino broke the needle in the serger. What a mess. He fixed it by the next day, but still lost a lot of time.

Uli's models didn't show for her fittings. Sweet Pea's models were also no-shows, but one finally showed. Uli's models are not available for fittings, and the backups were also not available. She fitted the clothes on herself and hoped that they would fit the models.

Tim came in for a Gather Round. He told them that they had a dinner reservation for them for the night. They all flipped out because they wanted more time, but he said that they would have more time the next day, and called it a forced celebration. Forced happiness ensued, and they were enjoying dinner when Tim showed up and told them that they have an additional look and, in true PR tradition, they can use raw materials from the restaurant to make their look. They trashed the place. Ripped it to shreds. I wonder how much PR pays for that kind of thing. They had 5 minutes. Tim told them that 25% of their new look could have some of their other fabrics. Uli worried that they wouldn't be allowed back to the restaurant.

The fourth look needs to be innovative made from materials from the restaurant. Their hair and makeup people showed up for consultations.

Tim came in for a look-see about their 4th look. Uli admitted she was a little screwed. Others had not done so much with their 4th look, either. Sweet Pea seemed to be doing some neat stuff. Korto was using SOS pads on the shoulders. Umm... ok. Daniel found some weird tubing in the back and was doing something with that. Mychael seemed to not know what he was doing so much. Tim gave them a perfect Tim Gunn pep talk before leaving them for the night.

Korto's 4th look involved glue and rocks and beads. Santino was like a fabric store explosion and didn't have much done.

The morning of the Runway show, they all seemed to have a lot to do. Sweet Pea said she only had to steam one dress. Chris just had to take a nap. Tim looked on in wonder at the sleeping beauty. Models showed up and they were dressed and put into hair and makeup. One of Uli's models is not coming. Good lord. Poor girl. She's got her back up girls, though.

Runway Time!

Nina and Michael Kors joined Heidi, along with Diane Von Furstenberg.

Santino's first look was a disco rama and his second look looked like an ill fitting space suit. The 4th look was probably the best. The dress looked like something a hooker would wear on a good night. Seriously, his fabric choices were poor and tight and too shiney and not at all pleasant. I hated it.

Mychael's first look was a mini dress with pockets. The 4th outfit made a tornado of plastic on the bust. Weird. The other two looks were very 8-'s ina weird and unpleasant way. The fushia dress was maybe ok.

Uli's first look was very ruffley and very differnt. It was very feminine. The next one featured a ruffle in a weird place over her chest and stomache that made it look like she had something to hide. The third dress was kind of lovely and simple in a sleek way. I actually really liked the 4th look, and it had a lot of neat textures.

Korto's first look was an intersting asymmetric bodiced little hot pink or red dress. I can only assume the jewelry was from Korto's own collection. The construction seemed good. The next look was a high waisted pair of pants and a cropped vest. I didn't like the fit much. The restaurant challenge 4th look was really interesting and I liked it a lot. Her last look was an intersting print that didn't seem to go with the rest of the collection.

Chris' 1st look was ruined. He took the beautifully constructed jacket that Tim liked som much and paired it with a grey hoodie and bright orange leggings. Really awful. And she had the hood up. It was terrible. He did the same thing with the second look exceot paired it with fuschia leggings. The 4th look was actually the neatest, but I hated the giant pointy Madonna boobs. His last look (presumably the Runway look) was kind of neat, and was worn by Mountaha from Make Me a Supermodel! Neat. Unfortunately, it looked like she was wrapped ina tablecloth.

Daniel's make up look was cracked out zombie. Weird choice. His first look was a bathing suit and a puffy shiny skirt. His second look was a pair of yoga pants and badly fitting top with a weird vest. The Restaurant challenge was just bizarre with a zipper straight down her ass. The last look, the Red Carpet look, was pretty awesome.

Jeffrey's sequined green dress was very short but interesting. The shimmery second dress was pretty neat, too. The third look was oddly harem pant-y. The restaurant challenge didn't go with the rest of it and looked a little desperate.

Sweet Pea's first dress was kind of neat and pastely, and it was leather! The second look (worn by another Make Me a Supermodel Alum - Jordan perhaps?) was very Eastery and had a kind of 20's feel. The Restaurant look was akin like a flower pot on the model, and it didn't fit very well either. I really dug the Red Carpet Look. It was sleek and pretty. The whole collection looked kind of washed out, though.

Mychael's Red Carpet dress got good marks. The bright yellow and teal dress was a miss for Diane, though she liked the restaurant dress.

Nina missed Uli's colorful spirit.

Jeffrey's collection was called unfinished.

Santino's use of metallic lycra was questionable. Dianne called it a little vulgar.

These 4 have the lowest scores and none of them are winning.

Chris was flabbergasted that he was among the top. He was going for updated retro. The judges really liked the stupid looks with the leggings. Nina did not like the red carpet dress that poor Mountaha got stuck with.

Daniel's cracked out zombie in the Red Carpet dress was a favorite. It's the only look I liked in his collection.

Korto wanted to celebrate the women's body, and Michael liked the assymetry in the bustiers. Heidi really dug the Restaurant Challenge dress.

Sweet Pea's collection lived up to her name. Diane loved the Restaurant Flower Pot, but also called it a little homemade looking. Heidi said that the collection is not particularly her style, but she thought that it would be popular.

I think Korto should win, just for the way that Restaurant Challenge dress turned out. Heidi objected to Daniel's first model not wearing a bra. She notices such things. Michael thought that Daniel has grown the most as a designer since his time on the show. Heidi appreciated the wearability of Korto's clothes. They loved her Restaurant look. Sweet Pea's message and humor were appreciated.

Chris is not the winner. I'm glad because I don't like the encourage leggings. Sweet Pea's collection was not sweet enough. She's out. It's down to Daniel and Korto. Daniel's new confidence showed though and he was called innovative and modern. They see great talent in Korto, and loves how impeccably her clothes are made, and loves how wearable they are. The winner is Daniel, and I am really sad for Korto. I liked Daniel's Red Carpet dress, but didn't like much else in his collection. Korto was sad to be Bridesmaid and never the Bride again.

Now, for the real season to begin...

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