Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 8.4.09

Sorry I'm a day late.

After no one got sent home last week, there were a lot of sore feelings and lots of people seemed to want to send people home. Ramsey noticed that they weren't comfortable with each other, and wants people to be able to work together.

He paired up some people who don't get along -

Tennille & Suzanne, Van & Andy, Robert & Jim, Arielle & Sabrina, Kevin & Dave, Tek & Lovely, with Amanda sitting out (and none to happy about it)

Scott and Heather brought in a rack of sausages, and asked Tenille how thick she likes her sausage. Uncomfortable giggling, and Tennille said that she doesn't like sausage. He asked the guys the secret to good sausage, and Van said it's to hold it steady and pump it slow and easy. More giggling. Ramsey likes a 6" sausage, and showed how to make a good batch of sausages... and it was a little suggestive. Size matters, and everyone has to make 6 lines of perfect sausages (36 sausages total).

Tenille & Suzanne managed to work really well together. Kevin & Dave (the injury brothers) were the first ones to get some done. The other ladies flew through theirs. Robert & Jim had issues, with popping sausage skins. The men tied it up, but the women seemed to be about to bring in the win... until they hit a bad link. It didn't trip them up, though, and they brought the win in. Good for them. Robert & Jim sucked and didn't get any made at all.

As a punishment, the men have to scrub and clean the dorms. The women get an Oktoberfest style party.

Robert and Kevin got into it with each other. Robert is pissed at losing.

At their party, Tennille recanted and professed her love of sausage.

And back cleaning, Chef Scott got into it with Robert, who broke things in frustration.

Prep time, and the men were full of injury. Dave got a call from his doctor, and he is supposed to go into a long arm cast with no thumb movement. Meeting with Ramsey, he decided to stay on, cast and all. (It's on his non-dominant hand). I give props to him for that determination.

For the service, each team has a greeter who will welcome, present an amuse bouche, and go back to their sections. He put Arielle and Jim out there. The restaurant is full of celebrities tonight - Drew Lachey, Kristy Swanson, Tom Green, and more.

No other food can leave the kitchen before the amuse bouche is served. Arielle did a great job and got back to the kitchen quickly. Jim is slow slow slow and was lollygagging.

Suzanne was getting in Tennille's face, and it wasn't really necessary, but I think that Suzanne meant well. Tek's cappelini, though, was sent back because it tasted like a salt lick. Tennille helped Tek out when she flipped out about getting food back, and managed to fix the salty pasta problem.

The women finished the appetizers while the men were still working on it, but Lovely had an undersalted entree, which Amanda hopped in and helped to fix.

Over in the men's kitchen, Kevin cooked some perfect fish, but Andy couldn't get his meat done. On top of that, he butchered some chops very badly and it was ridiculous. He continued to get things wrong, and Robert lost it and was yelling loudly enough for the whole dining room to hear, and Ramsey had to talk him down.

The women seemed to be doing well, except Lovely couldn't remember menu items. Great. Good job.

Andy finally got some lamb out (to Tom Green). And the women? Suzanne had some bad butchery going on. Both kitchens had 3 tickets left (good service!) and Ramsey rallied the troops, telling them that whoever finished first would win. The men were about to send out their last table, but there was some raw meat, and Chef Scott got into it with Andy again.

In the end, the men sent out their last ticket first, and the women lost it because of their sides. Suzanne asked for a play-by-play, to see who she could blame, and Ramsey told her to suck it up, because they lost. He declared Sabrina the best of the worst, and told her to go nominate two people to put up for elimination.

Sabrina put up Tek and Lovely. Good choices. Ramsey pulled Suzanne down, too, and asked who she would send home. She said she would send Lovely home, and Ramsey agreed with her and Lovely is gone. Yippee! She was incompetent.

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