Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Idol: 2.2.10

Denver, and Posh is back. 

Mark Labriola (28) He thinks he looks like Jack Black, likes cheese, and was kidnapped by his mother when he was a child, and they lived in tents, etc, for 6 years.  Everyone talks about Maui.  I like the guy's voice, and he has good control.  I don't think he looks even remotely like Jack Black.  Posh was surprised that he was good, and Simon liked how honest he was about his background, but was disappointed that his mother is no longer in Maui.  Mark's not going to Maui, but he is going to Hollywood.  And he's got a super cute son. 

Montage of crazy nervous people praying, popping pills, laughing nervously...

Mario Galvan (25) He's got an annoying nervous laugh, and works as a nicotine addiction counselor.  He did a lot of growling and not much I would call singing.  And it's a no.

Montage of camera-hating swearing rejects.

Kimberly Kerbow (24) She's got a super cute 5 year old daughter.  Her hair looks a little like a wig, but I like her voice and her stage presence.  She's in with four yes votes.

Montage of unseen Hollywood-bound people.

Danelle Hayes (24) She hosts karaoke and does some songwriting.  She's got a 3-year old son.  She has very large earrings.  I dig her voice.  She did Melissa Ethridge and she certainly has the raspy awesome quality.  Simon likes her, but worries that she is close to being broken in her life.  He doesn't think she's been allowed to be who she should be, and Kara was moved by her.  Randy gave her a yes.  Posh wants her to take her son out and celebrate.  She's going to Hollywood.

Montage of stupid fashion choices.  Including a gargoyle.

Casey James (27) Back story alert!  He nearly died in an accident at 21.  He managed to overcome terrible injuries to his wrists and hand and can play guitar again.  He's got a great look and I like his voice.  Simon thought he put forth a bad audition and didn't have any charisma.  Posh wanted his hair down.  Kara told him he needs to work on his personality, and asked to see his shirt unbuttoned.  He took his shirt off and Simon worried that it was Project Runway, and said when Casey watches it back he's going to see how embarrassing it was.  Randy gave him a shot, for the girls, and he's in.

Tori Kelly (16)  She came with her own private entourage, and her sister(?) Hope brought drawings of the judges to them.  It was pretty cute.  Posh liked Tori's dress.  She has quite a voice for a 16 year old, though she had too many runs for my liking.  Kara really liked her.  Simon thought her voice was annoying.  Posh liked her whole package.  Randy was the deciding vote and she was through.  Simon thought the others were mad, and gave her a no vote.

15 people went through to Hollywood on Day 1.  And how many did we see? 5.  Really?

Austin Paul (22) He's a football player, and a composer.  His voice is interesting, but his stage presence is bizarre.  Kara thought he came off a bit cocky.  Simon said he could be very annoying, and no one would like to hear him after 30 seconds.  Austin disagreed.  Posh said that he was arrogant.  Randy gave him a no.  Kara said it was good for him to be denied once in a while, though Austin thought he could be marketed well, but the judges denied him all around.

Kenny Everett (24) He considers his singing a public service.  He is really annoying and the fact that he took his shirt (well, his top shirt) off during the audition and then went on the superfluous run to end all superfluous runs didn't help him.  Simon said it sounded like he had been punched, and he was just screaming.  Despite the fact that Kenny thinks he is the best singer in the world, and broke out into a Mary J Blige song at his rejection, it was all no's.  Posh said that she appreciated his song choice, but it was still a no. He was so... shrill.

Montage of painful auditions, including a chick who hit the highest note I've ever heard come from a human being.  A strangely half-mustached guy scatted until Kara spit out her coke.

Nicci Nix (22) She's traveled all the way from Florence Italy, and she has a terribly annoying speaking voice.  Her singing voice is much better than her speaking voice, and she is through.  That's airfare well worth it.

Haeley Vaughn (16) She was a super preemie and was 2 lbs when she was born.  She wants to be the first black pop country singer.  She certainly has a good voice.  Simon called her a cute little thing, but wanted to know if she was aware of the little lisp she has when she sings.  She is aware of it.  All the judges liked her, but Randy wanted to make sure she didn't get too sound-alike with Carrie, and thinks she should start lower in her register.  Her sister and her mom came in to meet the judges, and she is through to Hollywood.

11 people made it through on Day 2, and we saw 2...

One audition left.  It's Bikini .... Boy?  Ty Hemmerling.  I am not sad that my dvr cut him off.  buh-bye.  He's just terrible.

Bring on the next show!

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