Saturday, June 12, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.10.10

First look at Season 7!  I think this show is the "what can they do in their own style" show.  Awesome.  Cat looks like a frilly easter egg...

They are dancing to Fame, by David Bowie first, and it's he all stars up first.  Why, Hello, Mark.  Missed you!  They are having a tea/dance party.  And enter the new contestants!  This is going to be an awesome season.  The routine was choreographed by Wade & Amanda Robeson.

This is kind of "So You Think You Can Dance - With the All-Stars!"

On the judge's panel are Adam, Mia, and Nigel.  Hooray for the lack of Mary!!!

Lauren & Kent - Jazz, choreographed by Travis Wall.  Mark will be with Lauren, and Kathryn will be with Kent.  I think Lauren just became by favorite.  Because I love Mark.  And that's the problem with pairing them with the previous season veterans.  The dance is super cool.  Both Kent and Lauren did beautifully.  They are both very compelling.  Lauren especially.  Kent is fishing for a date.  He's so funny.  He wants someone like his mom, or Beyonce.  Adam thanked the other judges on the panel, and then told Travis his choreography was so good, it was sick.  Then, he hopped up and fist pumped about Lauren & Kent. I would agree.

Alexie & Melinda - Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  They will be dancing with Allison & Lauren tonight.  Ah... so the couples are not set yet.  I think Melinda is much better for the show than last season's tappers, because she is already trained in some other styles, and she is so darned charismatic.  And beautiful.  I really like her.  Alexie doesn't grab me as much, but she's also good.  Tyce loves his own choreography and the dancers.  Nigel loved them both, but wants more fire from them. 

Jose - Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon.  He will be dancing with Twitch, Comfort, and Dominic.  The routine is really cool.  Jose held his own with the All Stars.  There was a little humor in the routine, and some really net choreography, not to mention Comfort got to do some booty shaking.  It was really cool.  Looking forward to seeing what he can do.  Dominic was all over Cat and was kind of hilarious.  Tabitha and Napoleon gushed over Jose.  Adam is really excited to see how the Cat/Dominic thing plays out, and thinks Jose is fantastic, and wants him to bring performance all season.

Cristina - Latin, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.  She will be dancing with Anya & Pasha.  Pasha is instantly the luckiest man in the season, to get to dance with these two hotties in shimery shiny dresses.  And Cristina held her own with Anya.  Impressive choreography, to put Pasha with both girls, and of course it wouldn't be Pasha if he didn't end up shirtless.  It was a delightful menage a trois.  Jason loves Cristina.  Nigel tossed the love at Anya and Pasha, and thought the girls were fighting over Pasha, and loved that Jason made his dreams come true.  He warned Cristina that she has a tendency towards lazy feet, and needs to pick them up a little more.

Alex & Billy - Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels.  They will be dancing with Ade, and Mia explained that the routine is about a journey from childhood to adulthood to old age.  Billy starts out playing with a car, and Alex is the grown man, with Ade as the rickety old man.  It is a beautiful routine, and they all played their parts perfectly.  Nice piece, Mia.  The judges loved it, and Mia said it was an honor to work with these dancers.  She called Billy a freak of nature, and loves how technical Alex is, and called him a stallion and a beast.  Cat wanted everyone to give it up for the freak and the beast.

Adechike, Ashley, and Robert - Lyrical Jazz, choreographed by Sonya. They will be dancing with Courtney and Neil.  I love the choreography.  It was awesome.  Really really cool.  Of course it was Sonya.  Sonya pushed them beyond human endurance.

Can't wait for next week!

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