Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.2.10L

LA! Joining Nigel are Adam Shankman and hip hop choreographer Hi Kat. 

Lauren Frodeman is a cheerleader and she's got a really sexy dance to Sexual Healing.  She has beautiful lines.  I find her quite appealing.  Nigel called her tremendous.  Hi Kat loved her, but didn't think she connected super well with the audience.  Adam loved how she turned the R&B song into something seductive without being creepy.  She's going to Vegas.

Hella Hung is delusional.  He got his own very stylized clip package.  He called his sweat "manly juice."  That's creepy.  Then he sang to Cat and kissed her neck.  Also creppy.  But, can he dance?  He's wearing some ghastly gold hammer pants, and an art smock, and no.  No, he cannot dance.  Not at all. The judges are simply speechless.  "Not right for this show."  Right.  Hi Kat suggests that he might get a job entertaining at birthday parties.

Rachael Girma has only been dancing for two weeks, but she's been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 9 years.  She injured her foot (stress fractures) and couldn't go to the Olympics.  She certainly has some moves.  I noticed that she started her routine in the corner of the stage like a gymnast does.  And moved diagonally across the stage like a gymnast.  It was certainly incredible movement.  Nigel gave her a wow.  Hi Kat didn't want to routine to end.  Adam thought it was brilliant.  To Vegas with her.  I hope that she does well in choreography.  I think she could be glorious.

Montage of fantastic California girls.  Adam called one of them "the perfect stew and I want to eat you."  Ummmm... wow.

Next up is the girl who smacked Billy Bell in the nose in Vegas last season.  She was cut before the top 20 last year.  She's Cristina Santana, and this year, her partner Pepe Alvarez is auditioning with her.  She's wonderful.  He's kind of stiff.  Adam told Cristina that she sizzled, understand her body and listens to the music.  He thought that Pepe was forgettable.  Hi Kat agreed.  She's going through to Vegas, and Pepe is going to choreography.

Taylor Costello is from Glendale, AZ.  She found out when she was 11 that she was adopted, but her birth mom died.  She found out that her birth mom loved to dance, so she dances to be close to her.  And she's really close to her adoptive family, too.  She moves with strength and passion.  She's compelling.  Nigel wanted to know what her driving force was.  She told the story of how her birth mom was murdered and they never caught the killer.  Nigel thought her dancing was slightly manic, but very good.  Hi Kat thought the musicality was there and different. Adam just really loved her.  She's on to choreography.

Pepe dropped out before choreography, because he didn't think he was up for it.  Taylor was cut, but is urged to come back next season.  Other nameless people got their tickets.

Day 2!

Alexie Agdeppa auditioned last season and got cut in the final round.  She dances with joy.  Nigel didn't think she was as strong as she was last season, and then said "this is how you tell a lie."  The others just loved her (as well) and she is going to Vegas.

Montage of really good female dancers.  Melinda Sullivan is at the end of the group, and she's a tapper, who loves tapping because you get to be a drummer with your feet.  She's also taken ballet and acting lessons.  She's got a great look and her audition was very interesting.  I'm not sure I got her choice of music, but she is undeniably talented.  Adam thinks she is really interesting, and thought that tapping to a ballad was different.  Hi Kat thought she was interesting. Nigel didn't know if he really liked it, and didn't like her choice of music, calling it slightly rude to Stevie Wonder.  He didn't like her routine, but he likes her.  She's on to choreography.

Montage of not so good men. 

Finally, Ryan Ramirez.  Her family lost their house during the economic downturn, and Mia Michaels met her and liked her and helped her continue dancing.  She assisted during the bed routine in Season 4, among other things.  She's really really wonderful.  Adam called her a very very talented dancer, but she didn't connect with the judges at all.  Hi Kat loved her music choice and her technical dancing, but wanted more connection.  Nigel told her that the best dancers don't win this show - it's the best dancers who are the best performers.  Choreography with her.

Melinda the tapper and Ryan are bother heading to Vegas, along with lots of people we didn't see. 

Next up - Chicago!

Joining Nigel and Adam is Stacey Tookey.

Kent Boyd is from Wopakeneta, an itty bitty town.  He's planning on going to NYC for dance in the fall.  He's really really good.  And Neil Armstrong is from his town.  Nigel wanted some more connection.  The others also thought he had potential.  Choreography for him.

Andrew Phillips brought his fraternal twin (who has severe spina bifida) with him.  They are very very close.  He's a beautiful dancer.  Adam and Stacey love him.  Nigel thinks his technique could use some work, but he's heading to choreography.

Hick-Hop?  Ummmm... I don't think the world is ready for this.  Because it sucks.  Malinda Jacobssen is the originator of it.  Nigel appreciated how unique she was.  Stacey thought it was out of control.  Adam thought her heart was in the right place, but thought the music was off-putting and she's not going on.

Montage of Terrible.

Adrian Lee is a breath of fresh air after the terrible.  He's kind of weird looking and gangly, though.  He has that connection, though.  To Vegas with him.

Kent it through to Vegas.  Andrew is is also through.  Yay!

Day 2!

Kellen Brothers is the first delusional dancer of the day.  He looked like he was having a seizure. He's obviously not going on.

Christopher Gilbert came on stage with a cane and broke into a really impressive routine.  He threw in some Michael moves, and he had on a Cosby sweater with a Dwayne Wayne hair cut, but I could like him.  He's super tall and skinny.  Adam liked the "dancing Urkel vibe," and thought he was compelling.  Stacey thought he was unique and wonderful and entertaining.  Nigel wanted to know if the glasses were real, and Christopher said he was just a dork and embraces it to the fullest.  I really like him.  He's on to choreography. 

Montage of people heading to choreography.

Jarrod Mayo has some really strong lines and he flies!  The judges really loved him.  Nigel wanted to meet his mother, who came up on stage and who was adorable.  He's going to Vegas.  And I think his mother was just as excited as he was. 

Jarell Robinson is deaf - he was born hearing, and then became deaf.  He is astounding.  Stacey thought he was extremely musical for someone who can't hear, but his "vocabulary of steps" wasn't strong enough at this point.  Adam thinks he is special, inspiring, and deeply talented.  He found it fascinating how good his interpretation is.  Nigel wanted to know how he felt the music.  Jarell explained it's through the bass.  Nigel told him that other dancers could learn from that ability.  They didn't think he was right for this show, but think he can be exceptional if he continues to be brave enough to keep pushing boundaries.

Christopher Gilbert lost the Cosby sweater for choreography.  Not strong enough, sadly.  I hope to see him again.

Anyone stand out for you?

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Jeanne said...

I'm kinda bored by the audition process now, I think between Idol and this show it's a lot of buildup before the real stuff begins. Does Billy get a free pass to Vegas this year? I thought they said something like that last year when he had to drop out...