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So You Think You Can Dance: 6.3.10

Dallas!  With Tyce and Toni Redpath joining Nigel.

Ida Saki is up first.  She is so gorgeously muscular, I am enthralled.  Seriously.  She's amazing.  She's been dancing since 6th grade, and both of her parents are from Iran, and her mom was never able to dance in Iran.  Nigel called her exquisite.  Toni didn't think one human could produce what she did.  Tyce simply wrote "wow" on a piece of paper.  Her mom was brought up on stage, with her little brother.  They all gave Ida hugs, and to Vegas with all of them.

Robert Rolden has gorgeous lines.  Toni was spellbound by him.  Rebecca Hart made Tyce's jaw drop.  Vegas, and Vegas.

Haylee Durbin is up next.  Her dad was her dance support, and he died of colon cancer.  She's good, but made funny faces while dancing.  Strange frowns.  Nigel didn't like her stank-face and didn't think she showed herself off to her best ability.  Toni thought she danced tightly and didn't finish things.  Tyce didn't feel a lot coming from her, and wants that.  She's going to choreography.

Montage of the judges enjoying themselves.  Montage of crazy people.

Conor, aka Scooter Rocket, is nuts.  He also writes (bad) music.  And looks like an anime villain.  I don't know what he thinks this is, but it's not a roller skating competition.  I believe the music he "danced" to was his own.  It was kind of catchy, but... it wasn't dancing.  Tyce wasn't blown away.  Neither was anyone else.  He's out.

Montage of bad and bizarre.

Nicole Knudson has what Nigel calls Marge Simpson hair.  It's all her own and she wears it up.  I don't know what she was doing with the head phones dancing, but I kind of dig how she moves.  She's tall and lanky and muscular and connects.  Tyce thought she was electric, and thinks she is the kind of talent that comes along every 100 years.  Nigel thinks she is absolutely unique and is in control of everything.  Toni's breath was taken away.  She's heading to Vegas.

In choreography, Haylee is cut.  13 other dancers made it through. 

Day 2 in Dallas!

Derrocius Harris is dancing to Toxic, and he's very odd.  Men in spandex should be banned.  Forever.  Nigel thought he was more suited to the Dallas Cheerleaders.  Toni couldn't see him partnering well.  Tyce thought the outfit wasn't right, and the whole thing made it hard to imagine him dancing with a woman.  That's something that happens in this show, so... he's done.

Marcella Raneri is gorgeous.  Her dad was in the mob and got caught, they lost everything.  Her mom started a lingerie company, which she modeled for and helps design for.  She's a really nice dancer.  Nigel thought there was no heart or soul in her work.  When he heard that her dad was a mobster, he said she was going to choreography according to him.  Toni thought that the whole thing looked like a set up for the next move, and wants to see her in choreography.  Tyce thought it seemed that she was doing moves she'd seen other people do, but wants to see her in choreography.

Jordan Johnson was ostracized for being a dancer and a gymnast in a tiny town.  He found out that he had a biological father (presumably different that any dad he knew), and he struggled with it, battled addiction... (out of rehab for five years now) then he met his biological father, and they didn't really connect.  He tried to reconnect with him recently and his biological dad wanted nothing to do with him.  Wow.  And his dancing?  On fire.  He certainly brought some gymnastic moves to it.  And he brought humor and personality.  Nigel thought he was dangerous, exciting, unpredictable, and he appreciated everything.  Toni thinks, although he is not traditionally handsome, his energy is sexy.  Tyce thought he reached them with his fresh talent.  Vegas.

After choreography, Marcella is through to Vegas. 


Nigel is joined by Adam and Joey Dowling.

Faith Looney is auditioning, and her best friend is her partner is Kelsey in flamenco.  They fought for 2 1/2 hours because of Kelsey's mean boyfriend.  They seem very very young.  And the flamenco was soulless.  Nigel wanted to see her with more fire, because what she did was not flamenco.  He told her she would make dead people look like party animals.  Adam wanted to say "Ole" but just said "Oy vey!" Joey thought she seemed so uninterested in the style, she seemed to be making fun of it, and she was too sweet for flamenco.

Next?  Montage of awful...capped off by Shayna Vaughn.  I don't know what she was doing, but it wasn't dancing.  Adam thought it looked like she was grooving to a song by herself in the corner.  Joey thought she looked like she was dancing in her house, taking a break from cleaning.  Nigel thought her lower body was totally stationary. 

Worst day of auditions ever.  Did they even send anyone to choreography?  Next day?  More terrible. 

Brian Gaynor is back.  He has scoliosis, and it's a terrible worsening condition.  He's dancing to Fireflies, and it was magical.  He is absolutely Mr. Roboto.  Joey was crying.  Nigel also called him magical, but worried that he wouldn't do well with partner work, because he's really small.  Adam thought he was one of the best in the world at what he does.  Joey thinks he glows, and thinks he's the reason that other people dance.  Nigel wanted to know what he's been doing, and he's joined an awesome crew.  Nigel said that he isn't going through to choreography or Vegas, but his crew will perform on the show.  That's cool.

Two days in Nashville, and only 7 people made it through.  And we didn't see any of them.  Boo.

And now?  Vegas!

Only 10 people are going to be in the finals this year, because the SYTYCD All-Stars are dancing this season!  I'm excited to see some favorites, but I don't know about the fact that only 10 people get through...

Ugh... Mary.  I see previews of Mary being there.  Why?  Can't she just go?

Vegas Day 1.  L'il C, Mary Murphy, Tyce. Adam, Toni Redpath, and Nigel are judging.  Why Mary?  WHY??

Straight to Vegas this year were Billy Bell and Alex Wong.  Alex had a contract with the Ballet, and he's back now.  Billy was ill last year.  He's back.  Alex is up first for his solo.  And he's astounding.  Billy is up next, and he is also outstanding.  He connects really well.

Anthony Burrell pulled his hamstring and had to the dr before seeing if he could do his solo. 

Montage of amazing solos.  Anthony got the clear to go, after a cortisone shot.  His solo ended up being quite lovely.  good for him, and I hope he's ok. 

After the first solos, a bunch of people I didn't recognize got cut.  Anthony Burrell, Billy Bell, Kent Boyd, Alex Wong and some others were called to the stage and were called the "special mentions" and they are safe. 

Next round is hip hop.  Sarah Brinson (Charlize Look Alike) is nursing a bad back, and that's really sad.  Hope that she works it out.  I like her.

Tabitha is running them through the hip hop choreography.  Rachael Germa (rhythmic gymnast) and Jose Ruiz are having troubles picking up choreography.  Jose is doing better than Rachael, who is having a melt down.  When it came t the performance, Rachael was Not good.  Jose seemed to do ok.  Rachael is out.  Jose is in (though Lil C gave him a no).

Melinda Sullivan, Lauren Frodeman, Alexi Agdeppa, and her partner did well.  Teddy Tedholm was cut.  Darn it. 

Anthony Burrell and Sarah are up in the last group.  Anthony is through.  Sarah is out.  I hope that she comes back.  She broke down in tears, and Tyce told her that she is a stunning dancer, and when she told them she hurt her back, they understood a little better.  She's still out.

Next round: Ballroom.

Only 69 remain after the cuts on the first day.

Toni Redpath is doing cha cha for the choreography.  She's a drill sergeant at the choreography.  Billy Bell called her a Nazi Barbie. 

Nicole's big hair was a problem in the choreography.  The judges wished her hair was down.  They actually asked her to dance it with her hair down.  She was off in search of a partner.

Jose Ruiz did a good job with the cha cha.  Serg Ornik and Giselle Peacock breezed through.  Some contemporary dancer who I can't spell his name decided to do a tap routine in his solo instead of his genius contemporary, and he has scraped along since then.  He's getting a chance to dance for his life.

Jordan Johnson is in the last group of choreography.  He was not strong in the choreography AT ALL.  He was barely there and looked utterly lost.

Nicole's turn to dance again is up.  She had a really good partner.  She's through to the next round.

Person with impossible to spell name is Adichike Torrent.  His solo is so incredible.  Why oh why oh why did he do tap before?  Nigel said "How dare you deny us the beauty of that solo and do the silly things you've done so far?"  He gave him a yes, and so did everyone else.  On to Broadway with him.

And that will be next week.

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