Thursday, June 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.24.10

The group routine is funky.  I'm thinking Wade?  Or Sonya?  And it was Sonya.  I like when I can recognize the choreographer's work.

Cat looks nice and zippery tonight.  It looks like a Project Runway dress.  Nigel pimped National Dance Day again.

Out first are Kent (adorable), Adechike, and Cristina.  In this group, Adechike should be in the bottom 3, in my opinion.  Kent's adorableness and hard work kept him safe.  Oh, for heaven's sake.  Cristina's in the bottom 3 again.  She doesn't deserve to be there.

Alex is safe.  Jose is also safe.  Melinda is in the bottom 3 again, too, and Ashley is safe... what are Melinda's red latex pants about?? 

Lauren is safe.  Robert is in the bottom 3 this week, and Billy's Krump didn't send him to the bottom 3.

Brian Gaynor's Crew, Remote Control is performing!  This is one performance I won't be fast forwarding through.  They are like the Gold Man Group.  They are amazing. 

Cristina's Solo us up first, and she brought it her all again.  I hope that the judges don't let her go anywhere.  We need a salsa girl in the competition. 

Melinda's Solo wasn't very thrilling.  Still, I like her and want to see more.  Tough week. 

Robert's Solo involved a lot of tumbling and leaping, but something about him leaves me cold.

Another good performance?  Six all-stars dancing while Debbie Nova sings her latest song?  Well, I have no idea who she is, but Mark's dancing (shirtless).  So I'm watching.  The song isn't anything exciting, but I enjoy the dancing.  She got a copious amount of confetti at the end, which was weird.  And, she's about a foot shorter than Cat.

The judge's decision is not unanimous this week.  Robert is safe.  Melinda is safe, and Cristina is out.  Now, that's just not fair.  I think she did a glorious job.  Boo.

what do you think?

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