Thursday, June 10, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.9.10

Vegas, Part 2.

And Ida Saki, who I love love loved... is floundering in Vegas.  And is quitting.  She wants to go back to college.

The non-quitters are doing Broadway choreography.

Adrian Lee and Lauren Froderman are in the first group up on stage.  They bring so much personality, and they can dance like nobody's business.  Lauren especially shines.  Both of them are in.  Awesome.

Melinda Sullivan (tapper), Jose Ruiz, and Alexie Agdeppa are also through the Broadway round.  Along with many others. 

And Ida tells the judges that she is quitting.  Nigel thinks she is quitting because of negative criticism.  She went so far as to say that she wouldn't take the top 10 if she got it, and Nigel just thinks she can't take criticism.  I tend to agree with Nigel.

10 others are cut after Broadway.

47 dancers are left.  They are divided into groups at random.  They pick cds at random, in different styles.  They have to choreograph a routine to the music on the cd and perform it the next morning.

The first group did pretty well, I think, giving each person time to shine and it was good musicality. Mary thought it was inspiring.  Adam loved the group.  Nigel aid that every one of them is on his favorite list.

The next group has Melinda Sullivan, and a bunch of other styles... including an African dancer.  They butted heads in their rehearsals (the African dancer and one of the guys most of all).  The routine was kind of all over the place.  Adam thought it was uneventful choreography.  Mary thought it was uninspiring.  Nigel thought that Melinda was the only one who understood the music and shone.  The African Dancer is through (wish I knew her name - Kdige?).  Chris, the guy who butted heads with her, is a split decision, but just barely in his favor.  The rest of the group is also through.

Montage of other groups.  And most of them are pretty good, it seems.  8 more dancers were cut by mid-day.  That leaves 34.

In the final group, Billy Bell, Ryan Ramirez, Adichike, and a couple others are there.  It was really not good.  The judges were sad.  Adam called it a disaster of epic proportions.  Tyce thought this group should have been the best, but Nigel said it was out and out crap, and didn't think they listened to the music at all, and thought they were tight and constricted.  Even though the judges are wildly disappointed, they are all through.

Contemporary time, with Travis Wall.

Salsa dancer girl did very very well and is through.  Giselle Peacock did not do nearly as well.  Her leaps lacked oomph and her extensions were not complete.  Nigel thought that she lost her sparkle.  Mary was in tears telling her to work on her extensions.  She is cut.

Nicole Knusen, of the giant hair, and her bun is back, is out.  Kdega is out, too.  I don't have to learn to spell her name.

Jose Ruiz did well, as did Adichike.

Kent, small town boy, was in the final round with Alex Wong and injured leg man.  I think he held his own, but I could be wrong.  Alex is missing passion, but he's in.  Anthony Burrell is in.  He's still in pain.  Kent's turn.  Nigel sees a lot of growth potential in him, and the other judges love him, too.  He made Lil' C cry and "feel like Adam."  Kent didn't expect to measure up to the likes of Alex Wong, but he did.  He's in.

Choreography rounds are done.  24 people are left.  10 will make it through.  Before they go, there will be final solo rounds.  Before that, they get some training from a famous choreographer (don't know his name), and he will train them on reaching their star potential.

Final Solos.

Lauren Froderman is up first.  I loved her solo.  It was glorious.  The judges thought so, too.

Montage of other solos and "I wanna dance" speeches. 

The judges are dramatically traveling the country to give hopefuls their news.  Cristina Santana and Adrian Lee are up first.  Cristina gets a visit from Toni, who tells her she's in the Top 10.  Cool.  The long drawn out drama annoys me.

How about Adrian?  He's not in, but Mary urges him to come back and audition again.

Lexi got a call from Nigel, and she's not in.  The judges are too busy to visit everyone.  Nigel called some others to let them go.  I didn't really recognize any of them.

Lauren Froderman got a call from Nigel, who then told her to come to the door, and inexplicably, the mail carrier was there.  He told her that she was one of the best dancers in Vegas, but it isn't just dance that gets people in (style, age, etc..), but... she's in.  Awesome.  She deserved it.

Mia is heading to see Anthony Burrell.  He is not in this season, but she wants him to come back. 

This going to their houses?  Much more cruel than the hallway walk and stage decision.  I don't like it.  It seems wasteful and stupid and full of manufactured drama.

Ashley Galvan is up next, with Lil C.  She is in. 

Jose Ruiz?  In.  Good.  He's really got something.

Melinda the Tapper?  She's in.  Awesome.  I really really like her.

Nigel is trying to find Kent in Wapakanetta.

Alex Wong is next.  He gave up his solo position in the Miami City Ballet to audition for the show.  He is in the Top 10, so that's good for him.

How about Adichike?  He's in.

Nigel is still looking for Kent.  For this trouble, he'd better be in.  And Nigel got pulled over by a cop.

Joceylin Orley is cut. 

Who will the last girl be?  Alexi Agdeppa, or Ryan Ramirez?  It's Alexi.  And I still hate Mary.  I hope that Ryan tries out again.

Billy Bell and Robert were performing together in a show, and Adam was going to tell them the news.

And Nigel finally found Kent Boyd.  For that trouble, I hope that Kent is in.  And Nigel went to use the bathroom as soon as he got there.  Really?  Fake drawn out drama.  I hate it.  Nigel said it was bad news for the whole family - fake out - because they are going to miss Kent, who is in.  Again.  Fake drama.  Nigel said "do you honestly think I would come all this way to say no?"

So, I assume it's Billy Bell in the final spot.  Could be wrong, though.  It is in fact, Robert getting in.  Wow.  Adam let Billy know he is supernaturally talented, and it was a struggle... so they are both in.  Ok.  that's interesting.  They are both in.

Pretty good Top 10.  Looking forward to seeing this season!

(I'm behind blogging.  Apologies. It's been a rough week here)

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