Monday, June 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.17.10

Sorry about the late blog - and I'll be fast forwarding through a lot.  I don't care about most of the performers.

The Group Dance in the beginning was pretty darn cool, and Jose got a chance to do some breaking, and Melinda got a chance to do some (weirdly out of place) tapping.  Overall, pretty cool.  No one looked horrible.  New choreographer (Cassandra Chavez?).

I really like Cat's gingham inspired dress.  It's very Grace Kelly.

July 31st is apparently National Dance Day.  Ok, thanks for that, Nigel.  You can download a routine at, or on the SYTYCD FB page - and he wants Cat to try it next week.  We'll see. 

First four contestants out are Alex, Robert, Lauren, and Kent. Robert and Alex are safe.  Kent is safe, and there was much rejoicing as Lauren is also announced as safe.  In the next group are Melinda - who is in the bottom 3, and I hope she does well - Billy, who is safe, Ashley, and Alexie.  Alexie is in the bottom 3.  About right.  She's adorable, but she wasn't great last week.  Will the last one in the bottom 3 be Jose, Adechike, or Cristina?  Jose is safe.  Adechike is safe, and Cristina is dancing in the bottom 3.  Didn't see that coming!  Adechike was much weaker than Cristina!  (And she was dancing with Mark!  Really, America?)

Fast forwarding through the dance routine.

Melinda's Solo: She's tapping to I Got That Feelin by James Brown.  She brought a lot of personality to it, but tap solos are tough.

Alexie's Solo:  She's dancing to I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding.  It didn't speak to me.

Cristina's Solo: She ought to be safe, though a salsa solo is always hard.  She's just really good.

Next - Usher.  And, me fast forwarding.  And Justin Bieber video.  And me fast forwarding.

The judges are unanimous.  Nigel likes Melinda's style with the tap and thinks she's really cool, but she needs more fire.  Cristina brought the fire in her solo, but not the steps, but he said they felt like she looked like she was dancing for her life.  Alexie was very contained in her dance, and though she's small, she needs to bring the length.  She is leaving, and I am not surprised.  Adam told her that she is very hireable, so she needs to not lose hope.  Mia assured her that she won't be wanting for work.

I think that was the right decision.

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