Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 6.16.10

Cat is looking rather Grecian tonight.  It works on her. 

They will be switching up partners randomly every week.  That makes me happy at least.

Adam, Mia, and Nigel are on board.  Numbers are 1-888-6-BEST-##

Billy Bell - (with Lauren, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Footloose by Kenny Loggins) He really loves do-it-yourself projects, and his dad is a general contractor.  The dance is fun and they are really good together.  Billy has some charisma.  I liked it.  Nigel thought that Tyce was listening to different music than most choreographers in this song, and the movements were longer, which suited Billy.  He liked the buddy chemistry with Lauren.  Mia was very proud of Billy and thought he stretched himself.  She wanted more bounce in the movement, and wants him to dance like a man instead of a boy.  Adam thinks dancing comes so naturally to Billy, it seems easy, but he needs to work on character and what's in between the steps.  He then called Billy a super boy.

Cristina - (with Mark *squee*, Jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  Starstruck by Sanigold) - she once auditioned for the Mexican version of American Idol, but was cut.  Now she sticks to dance.  Her character is a snake. Oh, how I love Mark.  Cristina kept right up with him and got the looseness of being a snake right down.  Nigel thought it was all about Sonya and Mark.  I would have to agree.  He said she was absolutely tremendous in it, and he said his eyes were not always pulled to Mark, and that's saying something.  Mia said that she was partnered with a genius of twisted dark, and couldn't have had a better partner for the routine.  Agreed.  She was impressed at how well Cristina did.  Agreed.  Adam was stunned and expected disaster when he heard of her genre.  He saw no trace of a salsa dancer.

Jose (with Comfort, Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  Beautiful Monster by Ne-Yo) - He does yoga to keep himself flexible and clear his head.  That's awesome.  The routine was full on kick ass.  I loved everything about it.  Nigel thought that the fact that he is new to choreography and did things like he did this week was amazing.  He thought it was outstanding.  Nigel said he looked like Adam Shankman after a drink.  Mia thought it looked like he had a fabulous weave on.  In fact, it was nothing of the sort.  She said that when he was breaking, his character was solid, but when he was doing the choreography, it wasn't as solid.  Adam thinks he has grown legions since Vegas and also amazingly since last week.  He thinks Jose's smile is going to get him votes.  He wants more, faster, power moves in his breaking, because that will also get him votes.

Adechike (with Kathryn, Jazz, choreographed by Travis Wall. Addicted to Love, by Fran + The Machine)  Adechike went to the Fame School, and so did Tyce.  And Tyce didn't do that well.  Ha ha.  The routine is about a guy daydreaming about a beautiful lady at work.  I was more impressed by Kathryn than I was with Adechike. Nigel loved the choreography and thought Kathryn was giving him everything, but he didn't believe it was his fantasy.  Mia loved the choreography but thought that Adechike wasn't picking up the sexual chemistry that Kathryn was throwing all over him.  She said he brought nothing to the stage for her.  I kind of agree.  Adam thought he was there for Kathryn the whole time, but he didn't go any further.  Agreed.

Melinda (with Pasha, Jive, choreographed by Tony and Melanie, L.O.V.E. by Brown) She was on As the World Turns and writes her own music.  She gives really good character, for sure.  And, if I remember correctly, the jive was hard for tappers last season.  She didn't seem to struggle even a little.  (Maybe it was the Quickstep that tripped them up alast season... I forget.)  Nigel thinks that Melinda is totally vivacious and gorgeous, but worries that she pulls her faces too much.  He thought her retractions were good, but thought her legs didn't look right.  He worries that she's going to be dancing for her life tomorrow.  Mia thinks there's something about her legs, that it makes her look pigeon toed, and doesn't think she straightens her legs enough. Adam wants Melinda to watch her performance back and she will learn from it.  He thought she masked her troubles with the style by the fact that she's a good actor.

Alex (with Allison, contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, Hallelujah, by Jeff Buckley) He loves to sing.  He should stick to dancing.  The routine was not my favorite, but Alex brought good character to it.  It was not as moving as I wanted it to be, but it was good.  Cat got chills.  Adam looked like he was crying.  Nigel was struck nearly speechless, and thinks that Alex just set a new standard for the show, and showed that the poetry of dance is just as important as the steps.  He thought they were mega light years ahead of everyone else.  Eh. I didn't get that.  But, I don't know anything about dance, I'm a total lay person.  Mia thought that the pain that exuded from the both of them was incredible.  She thought it was hands down the best piece of work danced on the SYTYCD stage to date.  I disagree.  Adam thought that Alex and Allison upped Sonya's choreography game.  He understands why the ballet didn't want to release him from his contract.

Alexie (with Twitch, hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Butterfly, by Jason Mraz) She was on Star Search and was judged by Adam.  Hilarious.  The dance was good, and I love Twitch.  Nigel thinks that Alexie is such a cute little dancer, and it could be a problem in this style, because she didn't hit before getting to the flowing part of the dance.  Mia thought she danced like a young adorable girl, while Twitch was dancing like Mr. Swag.  Adam thought her charisma was what made her ok in the dance.  He said she needed to channel how Tabitha dances - all the sensuality of a woman, but all the power of a man.

Lauren (with Ade, Pop Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore, Oh Yeah, by Yello)  She works with kindergardeners.  Hey, it's the Ferris Bueller song!  Love it.  My friend watching with me thought that her choreography was sloppy.  Nigel thought the choreography was really good, and thought Ade's partnership was good, but thought it felt sterile, and made another sports reference that I didn't get, basically saying that Lauren is safe.  Mia again said that she needed to fill in the space, though technically, she was really good.  She thought it felt like the first draft of a dance, instead of the final piece.  Adam is concerned that Lauren isn't really listening to their critique.  He wants her to look deeper.

Kent (with Anya, cha cha, choreographed by Tony & Melanie, Lady Marmelade by Diva Invasion)  He was crowned homecoming king, with only 14 other people in his class.  I really enjoyed his cha cha.  He had good character in it, and to my untrained eyes, it was a good job.  And Anya is amazing.  He did pull some faces.  He apologized for the faces he pulled before even getting to the judges critiques.  Nigel said that it was obvious he enjoyed the routine, and leered about him getting some cougars in addition to the cows on the farm.  He did warn him about a bit in the middle where he looked like Jessica Rabbit.  Mia loved how he committed to everything, and other than the Jessica Rabbit step, he looked like a ballroom boy.  Adam said that he reminds him of Dominic and Gev, who were so bound and determined to do well outside of their style.  Then, he said it was like you lost your little boy at the zoo and found him dancing in a lion cage.

Ashley (with Neal, contemporary, choreographed by Tyce Diorio, For All We Know, by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway)She likes to make crazy voices.  Including a weird robotic voice.  Gorgeous dance. Beautifully executed.  Stunningly acted.  Loved it.  Nigel thought she needed to use her personal feelings in her dance as much as possible.  Mia felt her emotion a lot, but wasn't sure if it was love or pain, but it was a nugget of emotion that wasn't completely formed.  Then, she called Ashley a very special little bunny.  Adam thinks that this season seems to be full of technically brilliant people, who need to connect more emotionally.

Robert (with Courtney, African Jazz, choreographed by Sean Cheeseman, Norweg from Cirque de Soleil.) He really wanted to be a professional baseball player, and he still hits balls with his dad.  Courtney and Robert make a very attractive couple.  Dancing in the African Jazz was quite something.  They gave it their all.  I liked it.  Even Cat commented on what a good looking couple they were.  Nigel loved the choreography, and he loved the way Robert danced it.  He thinks Robert could be a dark horse.  There are so many things Mia loves about Robert.  Adam loved seeing Robert and Courtney together, and loved how completely there they were for each other.  He thinks that Robert is one of the best contemporary dancers ever on the show.

I really loved Cristina, but was that because of the Mark Factor?  I thought that Jose did a great job, and I find him appealing. Kent, I just want to hug.  Loved him, and his ballroom lips.  I also really loved Lauren's dance, and Robert's African Jazz was slick.

Both Melinda and Lauren I wanted to be much better than they were.  I didn't get the fawning over Alex.  I must have missed something.

In the bottom for me? Adechike, Alexie, and sadly, Lauren.  I totally love her, but...  For me, either Adechike or Alexie can go and I won't really miss them.  I would miss Melinda or Lauren.

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