Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Runway - 8/27/08

Kenley is really sad to see Daniel gone. I am starting to get annoyed by Kenley's voice. She'd better step up the fashion so I don't notice it as much.

Heidi's looking like a very fab and stylish convict tonight, in a black and white striped mini-shirt dress. She can really get away with anything. Their challenge meets them on a rooftop of 132 W. 31st St. Blayne immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are going to design for a crazy superstar. Or not. It's a parking garage. And on the roof, there are a bunch of cars. (Can you smell the sponsorship?)

They are Saturn Vue Hybrids, and they get to use raw materials used to make the cars to make outfits. They have 4 minutes to scavange what they can. I bet that Stella was hoping for leatha. This could be fun. Suede throws out his favorite phrase of Whackadoodle again. I could dig that. Stella refuses to demean herself by rushing. That could come back to bite her.

Back at the workroom, it looks more like a parts shop than a sewing room. Time for innovation! Kenley started throwing things, and Joe (Manly, Straight Joe, in case you missed that), went right into the parts with his tools and gloves. Most people were having fun and getting right into the materials, but Stella was uninspired. Suede pronounced that Suede is making a whackadoodle floor mat top, and that Suede has given blood for fashion with cuts and blisters. That's dedication.

Shocker, Stella is denying the urge to make something with leatha and is making something "pretty."

A lot of people are using seat belts. Seat belts are the new tablecloths. Kenley got out her sharpie and drew her own zebra print on air vents.

Note: Sewing machines do not like seat belts.

The models come in for a fitting, and Kenley's model had to drop out. Her new model is shaped differently, and that's a shame. She has to scramble to get some things fixed for the new model.

The Tim Check In starts with Blayne, who has a "ton of work to do," and at least Blayne doesn't tell Tim to Holla at Your Boy. Jerell's dress looks gorgeous and interesting. I am a little bored by Korto's style. We'll see how that turns out. Tim looks concerned about Stella. Tim likes Leanne's style, though she has a lot of work to do. Keith's design is mostly for the judges, and I don't know how that is going to work out.

When bobbins were left unwound and things weren't going his way, Keith went all bitchy. Not cool.

Cue the sponsorship by the Motorolla Sidekick, and Stella called her beau, named "Rat bones." Sexy.

Some of the hair is insane this week. Just saying.

Keith told his model not to sit down because his skirt is too tight. Way to make a wearable outfit, Keith. She sat down and it tore, and he fixed it, and told her "watch the breathing, and don't sit down." Ugh.

Time for the Runway! Season 3 finalist Laura Bennett is filling in for Nina Garcia, and the guest judge is Rachael Zo.

Jerell's outfit: While the make-up is "shockingly ugly" according to my husband, the outfit is pretty amazing. Awesome job.

Keith's outfit: It's not pieced together, which is nice. Still, I have to take away points for not letting his model sit down.

Terri's outfit: Dang, nice job. It does not look like it came from car parts. That girl makes nice pants.

Kenley's outfit: The skirt is so neat. Her outfit is cool.

Leanne's outfit: I love it. Very nice. job.

Suede's outfit: I'm digging his metallic skirt. Very nice job.

Korto's outfit: Nice jacket, I guess, but... there is nothing interesting about it. I think there was about the same shape on her first outfit, wasn't there?

Blayne's outfit: Seatbelts and broken glass? Sounds comfy. I kind of like the shape of it. The glass is neat. The fit at the chest was messed up.

Joe's design: He wet for a motorcross dress, and it was kind of neat.

Stella's design: Wow. Surprised by this one. It looked pretty chic, but there might be something weird with the back.

Terri, Suede, Joe, and Kenley are the middle of the pack, and they are safe.

Jerell's dress was called amazing and intricate. Heidi called it wearable. Blayne's chest problem was called out, and Michael called it a carwash dress. Surprisingly to me, the panel liked Korto's coat dress. Leanne's dress with the seatbelt fringe was really good. Michael said it was crafted beautifully, and Rachael said she could go straight to Paris with it. Stella's outfit was called disjointed and random, and looking at it more, I have to agree. Keith's front looks good, but the back split when she sat down. When the guest judges called him out for being not innovative, he started complaining about how they hadn't seen his previous stuff. You. don't. talk. back. to. judges. I would be shocked if he isn't gone.

Jerell is safe, which I am pleased with. Leanne won, and I am very happy for her. Korto is also safe. Blayne got away with the poor fit this week. Keith's design is called boring and poorly crafted, whereas Stella's is called uninspired. Keith is out, and I am not sad. He was turning into a mega bitch. Go. Goodbye. Sob if you must. Right, I see you must. Now let it be over.

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