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Project Runway: 8/20/08

So many things have ended, I have nothing to blog currently except for Project Runway! It's kind of nice, though I look forward to new shows and new seasons!

It's Drag-a-riffic today!!

To introduce the challenge, it's Season 4's Chris March. He is quite fabulous, isn't he? Terri professes her love of drag queens instantly. Some of the Drag Queen models are really quite beautiful and glamorous. Others are going to take some more work.

The designers got to choose their models, and then they go up to the workroom to meet them. First, though, Tim urges the designers to portray the Drag Queen's persona with the design they create, and tells them this is the time they get to be ultra-theatrical. They get $200 to shop at Mood, and then their looks will be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares. Very cool.

Everyone seems to have a good time with their models, though Stella warns her Queen that she will have grommets, and Joe looks entirely out of his element and terrified. He makes sure to mention the fact that he has daughters and he is going to go at this as if he was designing costumes for his daughters. Because he has daughters. That's right, don't forget that he's straight.

After Mood, Joe dances around in his model's giant bra. Then, Blayne tries to get everyone to come up with Licious Drag Queen Names. He says he would be Neon-Licious, and after some more Liciousness nonsense, including Stella announcing herself as Leatha-licious, which I could almost dig, everyone seems to be totally over the Licious.

The next day, there's a lot of sentimentality from the designers. Jerell had a hard childhood, and Suede's late grandfather came in a daydream and urged him to scatter seeds on his dress, which he turned into making lettuce leaves. Well, that could work, since his model's name is "Hedda Lettuce."

They get some time with their models, but they are strangely un-Dragged and un-Queened. It's odd for everyone to see their Glamour Queens as "short, ordinary, Mexican dudes," in Blayne's case. Still, the Queens are there in full force. They are not going to hold their tongues. Several of the models are concerned about looking feminine enough. Suede's model calls him lazy for not making sleeves, and does not dig the lettuce. She says she looks Godzilla-ish. He gets all bitchy while sewing later.

Chris March does a walk-through with Tim to give his thoughts.

Tim is not digging Blayne's Drag Queen Barbie (or as he calls is, Drag-licious, UGH) outfit. Chris really likes Joe's outfit, and both Tim and Chris think that Suede should stick up for his gloves. Daniel's dress is really pretty.... but it isn't really drag. Keith's "sculpted" dress is looking like it needs a lot of help.

The Queens enter and get to the fitting, and Suede bitches back at Hedda Lettuce about the glove/sleeve issue, and she seems on board.

The make-up and hair is INSANE. You can have so much fun with Drag Queens. I mean, really. Feathered fake eyelashes? Just genius.


RuPaul is the guest judge this week, so Chris March was just the guest mentor.

Kenley's Design: Fan-freaking tastic. Her model was a Marylin lookalike, and she did it classy and big, with a long slinky silver dress and black and white feather stand-up collar. Very nice.

Blayne's Design: What a mess. Drag Barbie with droopy wings, it was awful.

Joe's Design: He said his inspiration was Anne-Margaret on the Love Boat, and it is super well made, and his model has an incredible ass.

Stella's Design: There's grommets, there's leather looking stuff, and it is so Stella. Her model seemed to dig it.

Suede's Design: Hedda Lettuce worked the outfit, though she practically ran down the runway.

Daniel's Design: It was pretty, but was it drag? Not sure.

Terri's Design: A LOT of work went into this, and we barely saw it at all during the sewing sessions. It's a big kimono over a corset, and it's awesome. Terri did a great job. I still would have liked to have seen what Stella would have done with this model.

Jerrell's Design: Gorgeous. The collar popping up was really cool.

Korto's Design: Not very flattering, but her model was very plus size, and it's hard to do something skin tight that flatters that. Still, I like the flames.

Keith's Design: Lots of fringe. Draping. Again. It looked pretty cool, but I'm still not sure.

Leanne's Design: Very neat. Not very well shown throughout.

Blayne, Kenley, Suede, Leanne, and Stella were part of the middle of the pack, and they are all safe.

Terri's look was a Super Samarai, and RuPaul loved it.

Heidi said that Keith's design looked messy, and RuPaul said it looked random. Nina just didn't understand it. Michael said it looked like a molting gray chicken. Not good. I think he's in trouble.

Joe was lauded for showing off his model's ass-ets. :D

RuPaul thought that Jerell's outfit was too long and made his proportions look off.

Korto's fire inspired dress was loved for being fun and shapely.

Daniel was not fantastic enough. His self-proclaimed impeccable taste is what got him into trouble. He stated that sequins are gaudy and he didn't want to use anything tacky. Um, drag queens, dear Daniel. Drag. Queens.

Terri is safe. Joe finally wins one! I am thrilled for him, because I think he should have won the Olympic challenge. Korto is safe, and so is Jerell. As it should be. And Daniel is gone. I am so happy to see his pretentious ass off the show. He makes sure to mention that he has impeccable taste before he is gone. And goodbye.

But, no more fringey stuff, Keith. enough already.

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