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Project Runway - 8/6/08

Some of the things these designers wear are truly questionable. I just had to say that.

At the runway, Heidi was looking - dare I say it - fierce. Kenley decided to stick with her model, so there was no shake up there. They were then sent on a field trip with Tim.

Suede continued to talk about Suede in third person, and Blayne admitted that he enjoys tanning every other day. "Some people go to the gym, I go tanning." Nice. One habit = healthy, the other habit = cancer causing. Great decision there, Blayne.

Their field trip brought them to The Track & Field Hall of Fame. How very Olympic. Apollo Ono speed skated (on roller blades) around the track and met them to explain their challenge. They get to design their version of a look for the Olympic opening ceremony. They will be designing women's wear only, even though there is men's wear involved, too. They got half an hour to look around the museum at Olympic history and fashion, and then they went right to Mood to buy fabric (on a $150 budget). Apollo will also be the guest judge.

Big surprise, Stella is drawn to Leatha and Fur. At Mood, Korto also grabbed some leather, with linen. Amazingly, Stella took a non-leatha fabric, but it was black. There was some drama when Keith grabbed some of Terri's fabric, but we didn't get to see how it panned out.

Back at Parsons, everyone got right to work. I think that Joe has a good chance in this challenge. His sketch is really neat, and he is really into sports. Daniel is pretty much ignoring the sportiness of the challenge and is making a cocktail dress. Blayne complained that he was getting too pale and felt the energy drawing out of him. Terri was cranking out pieces at an alarmingly fast rate. Stella was making a very strange outfit that looked like leatha even though it wasn't. Keith's design is pretty cute, and he shares that he loves the Olympics because he was a gymnast when he was younger. Joe got upset at how much Kenley and Daniel giggle together. Other people also found her laughter annoying. I thought it was cute. I forsee that coming back in the reunion show.

When Tim came into the workroom, he liked Joe's design, especially the mixing of two different colors of zipper - he did one strand red and one strand blue and it looked pretty slick When he called Blayne's design "a little Sargeant Pepper," Blayne said that he didn't know what that was. Oh. My. God. Tim was aghast and explained, and then Blayne tried to defend it saying that he was doing a little cardigan, which was the era, and Tim almost bit his head off. "The Beatles didn't happen in the 30's!" I thought he was going to lock the little tan boy in a dark, non tanning room until his musical history education was complete. He then threw out the horrible "Holla at your boy" phrase again. Please stop. Daniel was worried that his bolero would make his model look like Superman or Wonderwoman, and Tim said that is almost ok in this challenge. Jerrell is planning on doing a horizontally striped pencil skirt, which Tim urged him to rethink, and also was concerned by the explosion of different prints around the top, and I agree. On to Jennifer, he was worried it looked matronly (again), and cautioned her to ramp it up.

Make it work, Tim out.

Daniel listened to Kenley and left the bolero off, even though Tim kind of liked it. More drama ensued when Joe got pissy about Daniel rethreading "his machine" in a different color. They don't have assigned machines, from what I can see, and Suede called it whackadoodle, which I would be more willing to accept as a catch phrase. Joe blamed the drama on the overabundance of queens - he is the only straight man this season. Still. Ouch.

The next morning, they all looked kind of haggard. Blayne had apparently struck the message board on the way out the door - it declared "Sexalicious" and "Holla at your boy." Nooooooo!!!

Kenley and Daniel were concerned that their colors were very similar. Joe's outfit looked beautiful. Jerell made a giant spotted hat. I don't know about that.

Runway time!

Korto's Outfit: She did all white, with a wide legged pair of pants and a little vest. There was a little red on the vest, and it was cute.

Suede's Outfit: It was really cute, but I don't know how good it would look on an athlete's body. Still, I can appreciate the skirt. The top I was not utterly fond of.

Kelli's Outfit: It was cute, but looked like something a 50's housewife would wear. It had red, white, and blue, but that was where any Olympic inspiration went out the door.

Joe's Outfit: I thought it was beautiful, sporty, and relevant.

Leanne's Outfit: It was cute and also sporty. I didn't love the high collar.

Daniel's Outfit: It was another pretty dress, but there is nothing Olympic about it. It wasn't even really blue, it was purple.

Jerell's Outfit: Just horrendous. The hat. My god, the hat.

Stella's Outfit: The same thing she always does. Well done, but pretty much the same as last week's with a different fabric. Looked like something Trinity would have worn in the Matrix, not something the Olympic team would wear.

Keith's Outfit: The skirt was a little too much, but I liked the top.

Terri's Outfit: It was a very impressive feat. There was an amazing jacket, very good pants, and a neat top. I couldn't tell if there was gold fabric on the top, though, or if it was just a weird cut over the model's chest. That one part of it was not flattering at all.

Jennifer's Outfit: Nothing Olympic about it. It was a cute dress, but it looked like something you would wear to a tea party, not the opening ceremonies.

Blayne's outfit: Very skin tight pants and a one-armed shirt. Didn't he do a one-armed dress last week? It did not look wearable for athletes.

Kenley's Outfit: She used a blue plaid and only had read in the model's hair. It was a cute dress, but also looked like something the first lady might wear.

Suede, Kelli, Leanne, Keith, Blayne, and Kenley are safe. I'm ok with most of them.

Terri's amazing blazer was a standout. Jennifer's outfit was questioned as non-American, and Nina questioned her ability to separate her own taste from the challenge. Joe's outfit was very well received. Heidi appreciated his zipper customization. Daniel's cocktail dress was criticized for being non-relevant. He claimed that the dress was blue and that made it American, but no one believed it was blue. Michael Kors said that she looked like she was from the Republic of Cocktail Land. Korto's outfit was called very chic, and Apollo thought it looked comfortable and very modern. Jerell's model looked embarrassed. Nina said it looked like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Joe is safe first, and Korto won. It was a beautiful outfit, but I wish that Joe had won. I thought his would be the best for the ceremony. Terri is also safe. Jerell's hideous hat did not spell his doom this week. Daniel's cocktail dress was close, but in the end, it was Jennifer's inability to look beyond her own style that got her aufed.

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