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So You Think You Can Dance - 8/6/08

It's the final performance night! I'm so excited.

Cat looks like a Bond Girl tonight, in a gold pleathery looking thing. And too much spray tan. Or maybe a real tan. In any case, she's looking a little orange around the edges.

Tonight, everyone will dance with everyone else. Can't wait! Mandy Moore joins Mary and Nigel tonight. Mary's dress makes her look like she was attacked by Spiderman.

Courtney & Twitch (Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon) The story is that she is a crazy girlfriend, and they got way into character in rehearsals. The dance was awesome. Courtney got really tough. She walked right up over Twitch's body - over his stomach and chest! It was great. She was the one I was watching, and Twitch is the hip-hopper, so I think that says something. There was a crazy spinning lift with her balancing on her stomach on top of his head, and it was really impressive. Mandy said that she felt that Courtney was feeling it very well, and she loved Twitch, too. Mary called it a 1-2 punch and shrilly called the routine a knockout, and let out a very annoying scream. That is the only reason I am glad this season is almost over. I cringe to think of how many screams she is going to subject us to tonight. Nigel said that Twitch should be glad that he is dancing with Courtney and not Mary, and also said that he will miss everything about the show except Mary's scream. He also said that there seems to be something about Twitch that makes choreographers want to give him a crazy deranged girl.

Courtney's Solo (and interview with Cat): Courtney is such a Jersey girl. I adore her. She had a boyfriend, and defends her chemistry with Gev - saying you don't have to be in love with someone to have chemistry with them. Her favorite routine was the Jazz routine with Mark. One of mine too. Her solo felt emotional and lovely. I just wish they were longer, especially for the finale! It just doesn't seem fair. Mandy said that Courtney has grown, but could benefit from more training. Mary called her strong and an inspiration. That made Courtney burst into tears. Nigel said that he is delighted to see her in the top 4, and called her a bundle of joy. I agree.

Katee & Joshua (contemporary choreographed by WADE ROBSIN) This seems fixed to give Katee and Joshua Wade as a choreographer. He is pretty much always fantastic. The theme of their dance is love is horrible. It was amazing from beginning to end. There were moves I have never seen before, and the emotion was rough and raw. Amazing. Mandy said that the show missed Wade, and I agree. The emotion from Katee was the best I have seen. She wasn't grinning the whole time. Mary called them magical as a couple. Nigel said it was a remarkable routine, and explained why Wade has been absent this season for the most part (he's choreographing a show in Vegas). Nigel said it was a stripped routine, and noted the absence of Katee's smile, and said that Joshua had uncontrolled control. I absolutely agree. He called Joshua not a normal dancer, but a brilliant dancer, and also said that they are the best two dancers they have ever had on the show. I don't know if I would go that far, but they are pretty good. I like Joshua much more than I like Katee, but this routine swayed me more towards her.

Katee and Courtney (Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio) And they've got props! I find Courtney much more likeable and believable than Katee. When the two are on stage together, I am drawn to Courtney. Katee is a more precise dancer, but I think that might actually be the problem. Mandy called it cute and old Hollywood. Mary said they made it look effortless. Nigel said it was lovely to see the girls dancing just as girls. Nigel said that Katee finishes every move just a little more than Courtney, and that's something she should watch (and that's the preciseness that I noted).

Twitch's Solo and Interview: His nickname comes from the fact that he never stopped moving as a child. He apparently would have joined the Navy if it wasn't for dance. He said that there was a real energy that made him connect with Kherrington. He said that his favorite dance was the Jean-Marc Viennese Waltz that was inspired by the choreographer's handicapped daughter. It was truly moving. His solo is to a Wade Robson song, and it was flat out brilliant. And too short. Too too short. They need to lengthen solos next year, that's for sure. Mandy called Twitch the Little Engine That Could, and loved the sparkle in his eyes. Mary was blessedly rendered speechless by Twitch's solo, and Nigel said that he was happy when Twitch was in the bottom 3, because he got to see a solo. He called Twitch a great entertainer, and that is even more important than being a great dancer.

Twitch and Joshua (Russian Dance choreographed by Youri Nelzine) I love seeing a new style - especially on the finale! They are playing off the long-standing friendly rivalry between the two men. They were just throwing each other around, and Joshua gets higher air than I have sen almost any man get ever. Twitch's knee solos were wonderful. Cat says it was possibly the toughest routine they have ever had on the show. Mandy said there is nothing more spectacular than watching two men doing crazy things on stage. She applauded the stamina, and said that Twitch was stuck with all the floor work and did it well. The boys then had an impromtu high jump competition. Mary screamed about how excited she is to have two hip hop dancers for the first time in the finale, and said it was one of the best routines she has ever seen, with power and energy. Nigel said he expected them to be fabulous at it - it's Russian street dancing!

Katee's Solo and Interview: I hope that Katee's roommate comes back next year, because I really loved her. Katee's favorite routine was the No Air routine, and I had forgotten about it, but it was really amazing. I got chills just watching the tiny clip. And during her solo (to Imogean Heap), she didn't grin the whole time, but kind of grimaced through part of it. Dang, I wish the solos were longer. It just isn't enough time. I love her dress. Mandy said that Katee needs to keep dancing, and urged her to take some more ballet classes. Mary said that she would just cherish the many dances that she has done over the season. Nigel said he loves the way she finishes her moves and completes the choreography she is given.

Katee and Twitch (foxtrot, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie) Katee's dress is fantastic, with some really fabulous fringe. The dance was really elegant, and Katee got to do a cartwheel and then they did a beautiful lift. The very last hold was shaky, but they must have been so tired. Mandy called it very romantic, and the dead press lift was amazing. I agree. Mary said that Twitch looked kind of like James Bond, which prompted an impromptu mini-audition for Nigel saying "The name's Bond, James Bond," and Twitch was nervous about the accent, but nailed it pretty well. Mary said Twitch was a total gentleman in the dance which is perfect in the foxtrot. His growth blew her away. Unfortunately, it did not leave her speechless. Nigel called Katee splendid, and applauded the honesty of her performance, and he said that Twitch was a little too uptight and British in the beginning, but loosened up, and then he totally spoiled the choreographers by being able to execute that lift (and dismount) so beautifully.

Joshua's Solo and interview: Joshua was wearing a really stupid hat for his interview, but I can forgive him. Joshua ended up crying a whole lot on the show, but he says he's not really a crier. He said his favorite dance was the samba he did with Katee, and it was really great, so I can see that. His solo was my favorite of the night. He is an amazing soloist and I think that goes to show his choreography skills. Mandy called him smooth, charismatic, and confident. Mary cackled and congratulated herself on putting him on the blasted hot tamale train the first week. Nigel said that Joshua has set the standard for next season for untrained dancers. I think that is a very valid point. The man is outstanding. I hate his stupid skull cap, but it's a fashion choice I suppose.

Joshua and Courtney (Jive, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) It was fast and fun, and I loved it. Joshua ended with lift with Courtney flying around like a rag doll, and then he did a backflip into a split, and that was crazy. Mandy just said "Holy Moley!" Mary said that no one seems to understand how difficult the jive is, and she loved the choreography. Nigel said that he missed out on the double bounce that they didn't do quite right. He said it's not to knock them, because they are superb dancers, but you could tell that they were exhausted superb dancers. He got some boos for that, but it was the truth.

Mia Michaels Group Number They started off with an amazing giant piece of purple fabric, and some things were not in sync, but I am not sure they were supposed to be. The girls were more in sync than the boys. Mia used the strength of Twitch and Joshua to the fullest extent. It was very energetic number, and how they could do it after such a long night I don't know. Guess that's the way it is for dancers. Mary said that she felt like they were dancing from a place that was no longer physical, and it was transcendent. Mary said that Mia sure didn't hold back, and called Twitch a standout, but there was some dropping in Courtney's energy. Her assisted lift with Joshua was not right, and Katee's whole dance was flawless. Nigel said that the presence of two untrained dancers in the finale is amazing, and he thinks America got it right. Katee and Courtney he called shining beacons. He said he didn't quite understand the dance, calling it a Scottish Olympic team, and I agree. It was odd. He said that it showed their athleticism, and that no one would complain if they had to pay to see that performance.

The whole night was so good. My favorite dances were Courtney and Twitch's hip hop, the Russian Dance with Twitch and Joshua, and Joshua and Katee's Wade Robson routine. Who will win? I have no clue. I hope for Joshua or Courtney, but I wouldn't be sad about any outcome. Joshua's high jumps amaze me, and his versatility is astounding. Courtney... well, I just love her.

Your thoughts?

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