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The Mole: Finale! 8/11/08

Time for a season recap! There will be a reunion, some recapping, and then finally, the winner and the Mole will be revealed. Ought to be interesting.

Nicole's repeated Mole-ish behavior and/or ineptitude is brought up, and then Craig's breaking of rules, choosing of costumes for the mission that everyone refused to do. Mark's ceaseless hunt for the exception and refusal to do the finding clothes on the street challenge was also deemed moley.

Bobby apparently bragged about his "physical prowess" in his application video, even though he completely bombed at anything physical in the actual game. It was kind of fun watching the clips of wimpy wimp wimp. He claims that he wore himself off right off the bat because he tore some muscles. Hmm. Likely story.

Who is the winner??

It's Mark!!!! I think he deserved it. He worked really hard, even though he was kind of an ass at times. He's now a $420,000 richer ass. His reason for wanting to work (so his wife can stay home with the kids, including a new baby on the way, if she wants to) is super sweet.

So, am I right? Is Nicole the Mole?

NO! I was wrong! It's Craig! I was so sure it was Nicole.

As The Mole's final victim, Nicole got a retrospective. Her "Annoy everyone to make them think I'm the Mole" strategy didn't seem like it would work, but it got her to the end I guess. I just have a feeling that it isn't all strategy. I really think she's pretty much that way.

Paul's similar strategy was also recapped. The two of them were quite something.

Nicole apparently knew that Craig was The Mole, too. It all came down to the final quiz. Paul also apparently knew that Craig was the Mole from the beginning, but just missed out because of being slower on a quiz than Nicole - when they tied, and he was 4 seconds slower than her! Amazing. Poor guy.

More recaps, and it is revealed that Mark was saved from execution when Victoria made a wrong choice in the quiz (by mistake), and his obsession with his handy dandy notebook is recapped. He apparently didn't figure that it was Craig until the very end. Turns out also that the dossier only contained the answer to one question on the quiz, and Nicole got it right, too. Nicole got 13/20 on the final quiz, and Mark got 17/20. Did he really need that dossier? He thinks it was a good idea, because it may have helped him win.

Craig's Mole Strategy is revealed. He wanted to be the big funny guy. He was told to drop the bag in the Over the Falls Mission, and in the Crusoe mission, he covered up one item and did not tell about another one. That's $10,000. During the soccer mission, he scored a goal on his own team. It was apparently his idea for Bobby to get in the wheelbarrow during the Pig mission. In Fruit of the Luge, he did break the rules on purpose when he was talking after the finish line. It was in fact his strategy when he chose ridiculous costumes, although he was surprised when they refused to do it. The whole thing just went according the plan. He helped them win at the final mission "because even the Mole has a heart."

Now, what about the Hypothermia and altitude sickness?

It was real! He said that the few people on the set who knew that he was the Mole were very nervous when he got carted off in the ambulance. What would they have done?

There were hidden clues throughout the season to try to point towards the Mole's identity.

In the Crusoe mission, Craig brought a message from The Mole to the group. From himself. From the producers. From The Mole. Right. There were some other really insane clues about the final three. Things like latitudes and longitudes, area codes, hidden one frame clues, spelling things in Spanish. Craig's name was never called during executions, either, which is cool. There was even a backwards audio clue at one point. Insanity. Who would catch that type of thing? I am not that fanatical.

Mark's cute pregnant wife came in, and she didn't know that he had won, so he got to tell her, and that was really sweet.

Who hopes that this Mole revival gets a second season? Me me me!!

I still won't be listening for hidden audio clues in the credits. I'm not quite that obsessive.

Not quite.

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