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Project Runway - 8/13/08

This week had better be good, because I am in the middle of watching last night's women's gymnastics team final and I at taking time out to watch good old Project Runway. (I love the Olympics. Blogging is at a minimum because of season finales and the loveliness that is the Olympics)

Right off the bat, Blayne had to go and call everyone Team Dramalicious. Really? It's not working, dude. You fail at creating a catch phrase.

Heidi tells them that they are designing an outfit for a high powered, glamorous woman. Blayne hopes that it's not Hilary Clinton. Stella dreams of designing for Sharon Osbourne. Both are wrong, and Brooke Shields enters the workroom.

Their challenge is to design an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. Their is a dossier for each of them that contains looks from Season One. It has to be a good Day to Night outfit.

Each person gets half an hour to sketch, and then pitch to Brooke, and then she will pick 6 designs that she likes and then each winning designer will get a team mate from the losing designers.

Blayne pitched formal shorts and I instantly hate him even more. Brooke looked stunned and slightly shocked at Stella's corset idea.

The winning look is going to make an appearance on the show, so that's fun.

Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri, and Blayne were chosen, and I am sorely disappointed that the Formal Shorts will make an appearance on the runway. I wanted Joe to get a chance.

Blayne chose LeAnne as a partner, and she is skeptical.

Keith chose Kenley, and he hopes that she can shut her mouth and sew.

Terri chose Suede.

Korto chose Joe, and I like that choice.

Kelli chose Daniel, even though Stella is her buddy.

Jerell with leather in his outfit is happy with Stella as his partner.

There were some issues in the shopping, but not too bad. Right off in the workroom, Suede talks about how Suede is concerned about draping and having enough fabric, and Terri wins with the quote of the episode - "I don't know if he's packing balls or a vajayjay, but he has to work it out. Aint nobody sucking on my titties." He was totally a nervous wreck about everything and wanted hand holding.

Tim sent the models in for an early fitting, as a nice surprise. For some that is a good thing. For others, like Kelli and Daniel, it is a bad thing. Daniel's skirt is half ruched and the zipper is messed up. He doesn't have any investment because it is not his design, and hat is all bad.

Terri and Suede are having issues again. Suede's hand-held shirt is messed up and he has to redo parts of it. His proximity made poor Terri talk about herself in third person. Make it stop.

Tim was concerned about the shorts, and Blayne again urged him to Holla at Yo Boy. Ugh. Stella's work with leatha is working for Jerell so far. Kelli's outfit is a little crazy, and Tim is "dubious." Terri and Suede get good marks from Tim, and they are feeling good about it. The neckline is looking quite lovely. Keith and Kenley don't have anything on the mannequin, but it's looking nice. While the color of Joe and Korto's jacket is kind of lovely, it looks kind of baggy. Joe voices his concerns over the baggy jacket, and Korto accuses him of throwing her under the bus. She is highly offended, and he has to talk her down. The next day, they were still having issues. Can they make it work?

Runway Time!

Korto & Joe: It looks quite nice. The color is lovely. The dress was pretty badly tailored, though.

Kelli & Daniel: Looked like a big mistake. When she took off the jacket, it looked like she was just wearing a teddy. Not good.

Jerell & Stella: Amazing. They worked together and created something well made and really beautiful and unique and appropriate.

Keith & Kenley: I love it. The skirt looked really beautiful and I loved the movement of it. The sleeves were neat.

Terri & Suede: It was quite lovely, but I don't know about it being office attire. It didn't really transition, and the belt was icky. The pants were too tight for my liking.

Blayne & Leanne: The shorts were not so bad, I guess. At least they were well made and not satin or something. I still don't think it's really office-friendly, though. And also not very night friendly.

Suede & Terri, and Joe & Korto are the middle of the packers and are safe.

Jerell and Stella's dress got very good reviews (though Brooke was worried about the belt)

Kelli and Daniel's suit was called "unfortunately shaped," and Michael Kors called it slutty slutty slutty. Daniel sticks up for his "high end taste" and looks stunned when Kelli says that if one of them should go home it should be him, because she has won a challenge. He looked flabbergasted that she didn't offer to go home right there.

Keith and Kenley's outfit gets high marks from Brooke. Nina was worried that it was a little to cocktail, but Michael thought that it really blended their talents.

Blayne and Leanne's outfit is too casual, and Heidi said she looked like a woman who got dressed without a mirror and just grabbed things and threw them on. Michael called it uninteresting. Blayne volunteered to go home if one of them had to, and called it an integrity issue.

The winner of the challenge is Keith with his flowy beautiful outfit. Brooke will be wearing the outfit on the show, but he does not get immunity. Jerell and Stella are also safe. Leanne is safe, as is Daniel, so it's between Blayne and Kelli to go home. It's Kelli, with her admittedly "hoochie-mama" outfit, and we have to deal with Blayne's stupid liciousness for at least one more week.

Next week - outfits for drag queens! Fun!

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