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The Mole: 8/4/08

Now that Paul is gone, it's bound to be a whole lot quieter, but will it be less interesting? Let's see!

No one seems quite sure who the Mole is, going into the second to last mission. The mission is called Tick Tock Boom. There is bullet proof glass with $50,000, and a bomb set to go off in an hour. If they can't defuse the bomb, the money goes boom. With no other instructions other than what they need to defuse the bomb is in the room, Mr. Host Man left. It's a giant puzzle, including a hidden item that is key to unlocking the puzzle.

Everyone is confused. There are world clocks, word puzzles, and the like. Craig found the Time Zone Map, which is the hidden item, and they need two people to hold it down with the other looking at it. They chose Nicole to read the map, and it was seriously funky, with lines going all over the place in a squiggly manner. Mark also took a turn to decode the map and the time zone numbers. Once that was done, they scratched their collective heads for a while trying to figure out what to do next. Craig had an idea to look at the clock in the middle of the room, which might help to decode the color wire to cut by pointing at letters.

Yes, I am confused, too.

They got all sorts of strange vowels first and no one was sure if it was going to add up to anything. Finally, it ended up being a word scramble, and their was a wrong letter, and Nicole double checked and fixed them. Nicole complained about the map being flat and the world being round, so that's hard. In the end, they decoded most of the puzzle and decided to cut "red + blue," which is purple. There was some stalling on Mark's part, but in the end, it was the right choice, and they got the money.

Mr. Host Man re-appeared, and congratulated them at the $418,500 total pot. That's impressive. Back at the Mole Pad, they all appreciated the Spy-Like mission, and Nicole called herself a bad ass. Ok.

Time for the second mission - Three to Tango, worth $75,000. Each person had to pick an envelope with three clues, and a cell phone. Each person has to decode clues and find locations, and then call Mr. Host Man. The first person to reach the final destination gets a choice of putting the money in the pot, or of taking a look at The Mole's Dossier. One would think The Mole would work their hardest to win this one to take their Dossier out of the picture. We'll see.

Nicole's first clue was : The Argentine flag was raised on these grounds, where a famous tall monument stands high and proud.

(I wish this show was someplace I knew more about so I could take guesses at the answers, but alas, almost everything I know about Argentina I learned from watching Evita. Yes, it's true)

Mark's fist clue was: You may still fall victim to the Mole's facade unless you can get to the place Libertad.

Craig's first clue was: Shop till you drop on the street that's first rate, the sun always shines on this US state.

Craig is the first one to get his clue right, because as Mark reveals, Craig has been reading about the city since they got there. Good for Craig. He called Mr. Host Man and asked if the answer was Florida street, and he was rewarded with his mission - go to a shop and try on a leather jacket there, then send Mr. Host Man a picture. He did this in no time flat, and sadly didn't get to keep the jacket. It fit him, and it looked kind of cool. So, if he wins, I think I know what Craig is getting with his money.

Mark is next to figure out his clue, and he was heading to a Plaze Libertade to get a picture of himself with the statue there. He looked like he was taking his life into his hands running through the streets.

Meanwhile, Nicole figured out her clue and had to head to her location and then get ahold of an Argentine flag and send Mr. Host Man a picture of herself with it.

Before reluctantly shedding the leather jacket (which did look quite fetching on him), Craig got his second clue: It takes two to tango in this teatro where Portenos perform for some big dineros. He was wrong at his first guess, and his second. He wasn't sure what the answer was, but kept naming off theatres like a movie phone.
Nicole found a flag, but completely missed the point of getting a flag and took a ton of pictures that didn't comply. She got into a spat about it with Mr. Host Man, and he just looked amused. Or annoyed. Or a little of both.
Mark refused to look at his map, and asking around didn't help him find the Plaza Libertade in any sort of time.
Nicole finally managed to convince a shop to let her borrow a little flag, and bitched about it, but sent the picture to Mr. Host Man, then moved on to her second clue: Slowly heat milk and you will discover the nation's top sweet that is brownish in color. She has to convince someone to buy her some Dolce du Leche, and send a picture of herself enjoying a taste. She is totally unhappy about the mission, and said that she would rather go tanning. Yup, Nicole, because skin cancer beats a sweet treat any day. I am so done with her. If she is the Mole, she is bad at it, because the mole needs to stop anyone else from seeing that dossier!

Craig finally stumbles upon the right name for a theatre, and it's a complete guess, but it is right. The problem is, now he has to find the theatre and get a picture of himself in front of it, doing the tango with a beautiful bystander woman.

Mark finally tracks down his first destination and his second clue, which is: If you are hungry, please take a seat for a deep fried pocket of chicken, cheese, or meat. He has to get someone to buy him an empinada and take a picture of himself with the person. This proves pretty easy.

Nicole called the whole thing ridiculous and did a very strange little dance. She found someone to buy her a treat, but it was not dolche de leche, it was a hot fudge sundae. She was denied.
Mark's final clue is: In this building is a representative band who vote for the rights of every woman and man. He's off to the Argentine congress. He needs to send a picture of himself with an Argentine woman.
Nicole finally got her dulche de leche, and got her final clue: The crowds will be huge, so go live la vida loca at the game for the team in a place called La Boca. A passerby helped her answer the question in no time, and she has to find the stadium where La Boca Jrs play, and convince a fan to let her try on their jersey and send a pic to Mr. Host Man.

Craig had seemingly no problem finding a woman to tango with, even though he had difficulties finding the theatre itself, but he finally got his final clue: Peron's second wife won the heart of the people. She's resting in peace right next to a steeple.

And there we are, I knew that my obsessive watching of Evita would amount to something.
Craig has to find the crypt of Eva Peron and take a picture of the family name above it. He got it in right before Mark, and the final destination is a bridge that he's been wanting to go to the entire time. Mark was much less enthusiastic for the final location.

It was a race to the bridge, and Mark got their first. He was not sure about what to do - Money, or dossier? He decided to wait for the others to get there first before making his decision. Craig got there next, and a car was sent to Nicole, who pretty much gave up on the task.
Craig decided to look at the dossier instead of putting the money in the pot. He got to check out the dossier with a nice bottle of wine by his side. They sure do eat and drink well on this show.

Mr. Host Man decided to bump up the pot to an even $420,000.

The final meal is served. It looks delicious.

The final quiz is 20 questions, covering the whole season!
  1. Is the mole male or female?
  2. In Over the Falls, what was the outcome of the Mole's jump?
  3. In When Pigs Fly, what did the Mole do when returning?
  4. Who was The Mole paired with in Fruit of the Luge?
  5. How much money did the Mole's team add to the pot during the Fruit of the Luge Mission?
  6. Where did the Mole sit during Fruit of the Luge?
  7. In Fruit of the Luge, if facing the players when Mr. Host Man announced disqualifications, where was the Mole, from left to right?
  8. How much money did the Mole's team earn in Midas Rush?
  9. In the Midas Rush mission, what color pants was the Mole wearing?
  10. At the end of Midas Rush, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  11. Was the Mole wearing a collared shirt during The Grapes of Cache?
  12. At Wine and Cheese after The Grapes of Cache, did the Mole open a bottle of wine?
  13. In Swing Out, how much did the Mole guess to win an exemption?
  14. During Tick Tock Boom, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  15. In Tick Tock Boom, did the Mole cut the wire?
  16. During the intro of Three to Tango, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  17. Which of the following did the Mole Consume during Three to Tango: Dulche le leche, empinada, or nothing?
  18. Which of the following facts did the Mole highlight in their application? (Went to Thailand after the tsunami, hates people who complain, or has an IQ of 143)
  19. How many exemptions has the Mole received to date?
  20. Who is the Mole?
And .... it's not over yet! All will be revealed next week. Who do you think it is? I'm leaning towards Nicole still. Pick your pony, I say. Either she's the Mole, or she's just too danged annoying for her own good.

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