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So You Think You Can Dance - 6.10.09

Cat's dress looks like it was created by a very artistic and jewel and glitter-loving spider. She's quite something. She still sounds like she's calling Asuka Oscar... guess I'll just have to get used to it.

I love when she show gets to this point!

I do not have the letter that Kupono has as his u, with a line over it, so we'll just spell his name using conventional letters.

Mary and Nigel are joined by Adam Shankman tonight. Nigel advised the dancers to be as energetic as the audience. Mary did some shrieking. I can't handle her. Adam is producing three movies simultaneously, including Step Up 3D which includes a lot of past dancers from the show.

Who will be paired up?

Before we find out, we've got a montage of the journey thus far. Lots of high jumps and splits and flips and Mary crying.

NOW - who will be paired up? 1-888-TEMPO-## if you are inclined to vote. (01-10, in order below)

Jeanine & Phillip (Hip Hop - Tabitha and Napoleon. Song: Mad - Ne Yo) She hasn't had much air time up to now, and Phillip has had a huge amount of air time. She has a lot of troubles with hip hop in rehearsals. She managed to bring it for the performance, and Tabitha and Napoleon did a good job of incorporating some of Phillip's special moves into the dance. They have pretty darned good chemistry together, and it was a really good way to start off the show, in my opinion. Adam called it un-freaking-real. He said that Jeanine stepped it up and held her own with Phillip. He also loves how present and generous Phillip is with partners. Mary screamed, after attempting a psych out, saying she didn't like to disagree with Adam.. she she didn't. And she screamed. WHY must she scream. She was worried about the chemistry, but said that Phillip taught a chemistry lesson. Nigel thinks that Jeanine made up for her lack of exposure in the previous shows, and loves it.

Asuka & Vitolio (Broadway - Tyce Diorio. Song: Hot Honey Rag from Chicago) Asuka did ballet up through college, and then learned latin ballroom. Vitolio grew up in an orphanage. Asuka was worried about the locking involved in the dance, and Vitolio wasn't doing much better. They are making a silent movie in the dance. They managed to work the locking out, I think. Asuka just shines. Vitolio can just leap. I don't think the dance was as engaging as Phillip and Jeanete, though. They didn't look as smooth. Maybe it was just the choreography. Adam said that they suffered from following such an emotional piece, and it felt more artificial. He did think they did a good job with the dancing, but the piece wasn't as full of feeling. Mary said they didn't let anyone down, but she was disappointed that they didn't bring the personality to the dance floor. Nigel said that their lines were wonderful, but they needed to bring their personalities into it whole heartedly. I would agree with all of those critiques.

Karla & Jonathan (Cha cha - Tony Meridith. Song: Poker Face - Lady Gaga) Karla has toured with Wicked (wonder if she toured with Adam Lambert?), and done Broadway, and Jonathan started dancing because of this show, so it could be good. Her hips don't move quite quickly enough for latin, in my opinion. He also seemed to be half there in a lot of the shimmies, specifically the shoulder shimmies. Some of the moves were good, but it just was missing a spark for me. Adam thought it was very good, and included his own beeps for censoring. He thought their technique and frame were great. He did say that Jonathan should have had more roll and more curve in his back. Mary apparently liked it and screamed, calling it a whole lot of rough and a whole lot of fun. Nigel said that they are another couple who have slipped under the radar, and said that they exploded on the stage. I guess they saw something I did not see.

Randi & Evan (Jazz - Tyce Diorio. Song: I Only Have Eyes for You - Jamie Cullun) Randi finally got through in her third year of auditioning. The song is a love story. Randi is married, so it's hard for her to act in love with Evan. Evan apologized to Randi's husband. I will say this about Evan. He's got a great little crooked half smile that is very appealing. This dance is grabbing me, I'll tell you. They are wnderful dancing together and definitely have chemistry. He did an amazing liftwith what looked like no effort. It was beautiful. Now that's what I like to see. That was wonderful. Adam called them on being a short couple (they only come up to Cat's shoulder - of course, she's very tall) but said that they both danced like they are 8 feet tall, and called them sensuous and wonderful. He said that Evan is a beautiful, beautiful dancer. Mary said that she didn't think they would do that well coming out of Vegas, but then screamed and called them smouldering and believable and beautiful. Nigel called them absolutely fantastic and loves Randi's hair curly. He agreed with Mary that it was one of Tyce's best routines, but their control of it sold it. They were just wonderful.

Paris & Tony (Hip Hop - Tabitha and Napoleon. Song: Let the Beat Rock - Black Eyed Peas) Paris had a very bad car accident which left one leg numb from the knee down. Tony is a hip hopper, who chose dance over sports. Tony actually had a harder time getting into the choreography than Paris. They both did verywell with the choreography, though they didn't seem quite together in the beginning. I think Paris outshone Tony, actually. Adam thought it was really good, but thought the costumes were a little distracting, and wanted more rebound on the quick pops. He doesn't want Tony to get by for being cute. Mary wondered if the performance would be memorable, and didn't think it would be really. She called Tony on not being aggressive. She called Paris just "good," when they are seeing a lot of great and extraordinary. Nigel said that Paris is a very good dancer, but thinks that Tony needs a lot of growth before he's going to get far on the show. I would agree. I wasn't a fan of his in Vegas, so much.

Caitlin & Jason (Bollywood - Nikul(?). Song: Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire) I love the Bollywood style, but I really like it more with a group than with just 2 people. Last year, I think it was Katee and Joshua who got it. I am glad to see it in the show again this year, because it is so different from anything else, and really shows a dancer's chops and ability to learn new things. They had the hardest time with the fingers. They look fantastic in their costumes, and started with a really lovely lift before getting right into the Bollywood. Sometimes they looked a little of, but only a little. Overall, I thought they did a beautiful job, and they ended it with a kiss. Very nice. Adam thought it rocked. He said that Jason's handwork was superb, and so was his footwork, and he made it look effortless. He went into it worried about Caitlin, but loved how they worked together. Mary screamed about being glad about Bollywood coming to Hollywood. She appreciated Caitlin's handstand with footwork in the beginning. Then she screeched some about Jason. Nigel said that they had to follow the memories of Joshua and Katee, and thinks he did a great job. He thought that they came alive from the second the dance started. Excellent.

Janette & Brandon (Fox Trot - Louis van Amstel. Song: Come Fly With Me - Michael Buble) Janette was more memorable with the shock of blonde hair she had last year. They thought it was going to be easy, because the beginning came to them well, but then they got into the nitty gritty... how will they do on stage? The first lift seemed pretty darned nice. They didn't have the magic chemistry that some of the other couples had, but the lift at the end was really quite something. Adam bemoaned the fact that Brandon had clothes on (since he did so much dancing previously in very little clothing). He called the dance lovely, and liked that Brandon finally brought character and performance to his dance. Mary said that she can't raise her eyebrows anymore because of botox, and let out a scream. Can we botox her vocal chords? She thought that Janette was Ginger Rogers and chilled out the salsa. She again slobbered on Brandon, giving all of Janette's talent due to Brandon, basically. Nigel thought that Janette brought grace and carriage to the dance. He applauded both of them.

Ashley & Kupono (Jazz - Wade Robeson. Song: Felt Mountain - Goldfrapp). Ashley auditioned for the show four times. Amazing. Their dance is based on them being crash test dummies. Interesting. Kupono is plating a slightly broken crash test dummie, and Ashley is the brand new model. It was... weird. Not sure about that routine. I blame Wade, though. Adam said that you either love or hate Wade's routines. He called their dance wonderful, but called Wade one sick puppy. Mary says she sometimes doesn't get Wade's routines, but she loved this one. Nigel sucked up to Wade, calling him a genius. He loved how Ashley and Kupono took their characters to heart.

Melissa & Ade (Contemporary - Mandy Moore. Song: Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx) Melissa is the oldest on the show (at a ripe old age of 29) and is the "naughty ballerina." Ade is into sound engineering as well as dancing. He also has a pick in his hari during some of the rehearsals. I never got that look. Mandy thought the pick was like his super power. The dance is fluid and quite moving, from the first step. The lifts are crazy good. I can see them going far. It was wonderful. I love Melissa's hair down and curly. So nice. Adam called the routine quite special, and seemed near tears. He said that Melissa is living proof that things can get better with age. He said that Ade's power is quiet and profound. Mary screamed and called it just totally believable and loved their lines, their lifts, and the quality of their movement. Nigel said it's just a great Top 20, and thinks it's wonderful to have a ballerina on the show, and doesn't think anyone has seen how fantastic Ade is yet.

Kayla & Max (Samba - Louis Van Amstel. Song: Jum Bah Day - House of Gypsies). Kayla's the one with the great supportive grand parents. Max is from Moscow, but has lived in the states since he was 13. His younger brother died in a car accident several years back. Max has known Louis since he was 14. That would be Max at 14. The samba is very quick, and Kayla has never done ballroom before, but picked it up very well. Max is just wonderful. This is his style, and he and Kayla had great chemistry. Their samba rolls were really grand. They really just brought it. I was impressed. Just grand. Adam covered his face and screamed about how good it was. He said that Max is the luckiest man alive, because he got ballroom for his first dance, and also thinks that Kayla did the most amazing job for never having done ballroom before. Mary screeched and put them on the hot tamale train. Nigel had ear protection. I wish I did. She was losing her voice. I wish she would. Nigel called it truly sensational, and said it had everything they could ever wish for. He said that Max is wonderful (though not quite as sharp as Pasha and Dmitry from seasons past), but said that they capped off a wonderful evening.

Wow, what a night of dance! Cue recap:

I think that Phillip and Jeanine topped it for me, but it's so hard to pick favorites on a night like tonight. I think that Asuka and Vitolio might be in trouble, and Karla and Jonathan didn't do much for me, though the judges love them. And then there were Evan and Randi. Wow again! Paris and Tony I think could be in the bottom 3. Caitlin and Jason? Amazing. Just amazing. Janette and Brandon? Also great. I think that Kupono and Ashley might suffer for the weird routine. Melissa and Ade were lovely, and then Kayla and Max wrapped up a simply brilliant night....

So, if I had to guess, I'd put Asuka & Vitolio, Paris & Tony, and Kupono & Ashley in the Bottom 3.

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