Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6.18.09

The Group Dance is to Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground, and I think they said that Mia choreographed it. It was a very very cool routine. Everyone seemed to really do a great job with it. It was pretty awesome. Everyone was pretty kickass in suits - men, too.

Cat came out in a white suit (looking so much better than last night's fiasco!) and confirmed that it was, in fact, Mia's routine.

Before finding out what the results are, some reactions to Lil C's interesting comments were shown. I totally love Lil C.

Down to the nitty gritty. First to take the stage were Ade & Melissa, Jason & Caitlin, and Phillip & Janine. Happily, Melissa & Ade are safe. After hearing the critique last night, Jason called their hip hop routine hip not. I would agree. Phillip & Janine's tango was a little rough last night, but I still am rooting for them. Who will be in the bottom 3? Caitlin & Jason are the unlucky duo. I hope that they are spared this week because I enjoy them. Just not last night.

Next to find out their fate are Brandon & Jeanette, Jonathan & Karla, and Ashley & Kupono. Brandon & Jeanette are justifiably safe. I really don't dig Jonathan, so I hope that they are in the bottom 3. Karla I like well enough. Ashley & Kupono were pretty weak, though, so .... boo. Karla & Jonathan are safe, putting Ashley & Kupono in the bottom 3.

Who will the final couple in the bottom 3 be? Before we find out, we see that Evan's brother, Ryan auditioned for Season 6 and did a fantastic job, and he is going straight through to Vegas. Sweet. Randi & Evan's jive was a little lacking in some technical aspects, but I still love them. So does America! They are safe! Asuka & Vitolio's waltz brought Mary close to tears, and I just loved loved LOVED Max & Kayla... I hope that Asuka & Vitolio are in the bottom, actually. No! Max & Kayla are in the bottom 3! I wonder if the judge's adoration for Kayla made people less likely to vote for them?

Before the guest performers, Nigel had to tell Cat how devestatingly gorgeous she looks tonight. I agree. She looks classy.

Guest dancer? Bollywood!!! Awesome!!! I love her jingly pant cuffs! Amazing to watch.

Solo time!

Caitlin is up first, and she is simply lovely. She had a really beautiful leaping split that was gorgeous, and she threw in some of her gymnastics know-how. I like her.

Jason also had some really lovely moves. His extenstion is gorgeous, and his leaping splits are stunning. Good luck to him.

Ashley's solo started way back on the stairs and took a while to get to the front, and I wonder if she proved anything other than the fact that she is dead sexy. She might be in trouble...

Kupono showed some very cool moves, but I don't know... he didn't thrill me.

Kayla's solo was really lovely. I don't think she's going anywhere. The judges have too much love for her.

Max did his solo to Footloose,and I appreciate that. Look at those feet go! GO Max. Good choice. He's good. I want him to stay. Badly.

I think Ashley & Kupono might be in trouble... I don't know, though, Caitlin might also be in trouble.

Kristinia Debarge is the guest singer this week, and I fast forwarded. If she wasn't lip syncing, I don't know what lip syncing is. Apparently, she was on American Juniors back in the day. And yes, I watched that, too. It was kind of bad, though.

Results time!

The judges are not unanimous on either elimination tonight.

Caitlin's quality of movement and control were lauded. Ashley's Hollywood Glamour was apprecitated, but they agreed with me that her solo had no real substance. Kayla's solo disappointed them, because they felt she was throwing too much in there. Ashley is leaving. I think that was the right decision. She is gorgeous, but didn't showcase her skills tonight.

On the guy's side, Jason's solo was called exceptionally strong, one of the best on the series to date. He doesn't have to wait to hear that he is safe. Kupono suffered, as did Ashley, with lack of substance in the solo, but they love how he gets his character down and gives it all the to the dance. They love Max, but know it's hard for solos for ballroom dancers... and Max is eliminated. Can I cry now? I just loved him! Boo.

So, next week, Kupono will be paired with Kayla. What do you think of this new couple? Do you think the right people went home?

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Jeanne said...

I'm bummed that Max went home also. I wanted Kapuno out of the 3 that had to dance. I don't know that K and K will be a good team. Is he strong enough for her? I kind of wish Asuka & V were in teh bottom. Something about her personality, like she doesn't have much of one, just leaves me bored with her. Also, just wondering how much time is there between the group dance and when they come out to reveal bottom 3. I mean they have to clean the makeup and the girls had totally different hair...