Thursday, June 4, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6/4/09

Who will be in the Top 20 this year? Finally, we find out.

(And this is one reason I adore this show - they get right down to it)

Jeanette the salsa dancer is through to the Top 20. She is awesome. I wonder if her partner Romulo is still in it?

Diana is cut. I don't remember her, so I won't miss her.

Someone who I am not remembering from Haiti is up next. Virtolio? I'll get to know his name, because he is in.

Montage of nameless cuts. One was a Henry who I don't know. I wish they would label these people!

Kayla Radomsky is hoping to break the trend of people being cut. She does indeed stop the carnage temporarily, and she's in.

K'pono makes to do lists. (I am sure I've spelled his huge long name very wrong) He is in, so I'll have my chance.

Paris Torres and Janine Mason and Ade Obioni (spelling errors I apologize for, they rushed through them), Carla Garcia, and Jonathan Patera are all through.

Brandon's turn. Mia really hates him. She said that what he brings to the floor as an artist annoys the *bleep* out of her. She isn't seeing the amazing that everyone else is drooling about. Debbie totally disagreed. L'il C is waiting to be impressed by him. Mary told them that they are talking crap, nearly started crying, and wants to hug him, I think. Nigel told him that he has 4 votes out of the 6 and he is in. Hope that he doesn't get a Mia routine first. This could be interesting. I do think he's not as good as Mary cries about.

Tony Bellisimo is up next. He was super nervous, and was thinking of his brother in Afghanistan. Nigel said that he has a lack of dancing vocabulary, but he's through to the Top 20, so he has to bring it. Nigel said that they are going the furthest out on a limb for him, because they want to see him grow.

Maxim Capitanikov is in. Yay. He's good. And so is Caitlyn Kinney!!! Yay! Hope that her sister comes back next season. Melissa Sambi the ballerina is through, too. Jason Glover is also in.

Ashley Villario has auditioned for the show 4 times. Will her persistance pay off this year? It will! She's in. Good for her. Goes to show, it pays to keep trying on this show.

Randi Evans has been training since she was 3. Mia likes her commitment to unitards, and there was much laughter. She's in.

Alex Wong is next to find out his fate. Ooops - he's under contract to the Miami Ballet Company. They won't let him out of the contract, but Nigel said that when the contract expires, he'll be welcomed back. They told him to be proud of the ballet, and hone his skills, and come back.

Montage of people getting cut. Names, please??? Ricky Sun was one cut. So sad. I hope that Asuka makes it...

Philip Chbeeb sucked up to Adam saying that the last round totally changed the way he thought about dance. Adam said that they could see a love of dance in him for overall dance, and not just his style. And Philip is in this season. Awesome.

This means only one of the Kazperzak brothers is going through. Whoever doesn't get through, I implore the other one to come back next season!

Deanna and Asuka are the last two girls. One of them is going through. They are both really great. Asuka is in. I'm glad, because I love her.

Evan and Ryan Kazperzak are up next. One of them is in, and the other is out. Who will it be? Evan is through, though Nigel admits it's probably due to Ryan's choreography. I hope that Ryan comes back. Nigel obviously wants him to come back.

Why is it that whenever Cat says Asuka, I think she's calling her Oscar? Hmmmmm.....

Overall, I'm pleased with the Top 20, and I've already got a list of people I hope to see back next season - which is this fall! How about you?

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