Friday, June 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Run Down of the Top 20

Thanks, Zap2it! They have pictures and little snippets about each dancer. I'll just run down the names.

Interesting how heavy on the contemporary they are this season! I mean, 12 out of the 20 specialize in some of contemporary.. And only one hip hop and one popper? Interesting, that's all.

I apologize for all of mispellings in previous blog entries, and I will endeavor to do better from this point on!

The Guys:

Kupono Aweau - Lyrical/Contemporary
Tony Bellisimo - Hip Hop
Brandon Bryant - Contemporary
Phillip Chbeeb - Popping
Jason Glover - Lyrical/Contemporary
Vitolio Jeune - Contemporary
Max Kapitannikov - Latin Ballroom
Evan Kasprzak - Broadway
Ade Obayomi - Contemporary
Jonathan Platero - Latin

The Girls:

Randi Evans - Jazz/Contemporary
Karla Garcia - Jazz/Contemporary
Caitlin Kinney - Contemporary
Asuka Kondoh - Latin Ballroom
Jeanine Mason - Contemporary
Janette Manrara - Salsa
Kayla Radomsky - Jazz/Contemporary
Melissa Sandvig - Ballet
Paris Torres - Contemporary
Ashley Valerio - Contemporary

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