Thursday, June 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6.11.09

The group dance is set to Boom Boom Pow, choreographed by Shane Sparks, and started with a Heroes-esque "Save the Dancers, save the world." It is a really cool dance, and they all did a great job. Phillip had a cool solo, and Caitlin also had a couple solo moments. It was very cool. Cat is wrapped up like a saucy present.

Montage of slightly funny partnership moments and "rules," and mutual sweating. Mostly boys sweating.

Now, on to the results.

Kayla & Max were so good last night. Evan & Randi (still super cute with curly hair) were also very good. Phillip & Janine round out the first 3 groups brought up, and they were my favorites last night, I think. Are all three of these couples safe? I sure hope so! Kayla & Max are safe, Randi & Evan are also safe. How about Phillip & Janine? Yup! Yippee!!!

Next four groups on the stage! Caitlin & Jason were lovely in their Bollywood. They are safe. Melissa & Ade were so gorgeous. They are safe. It's down to Ashley & Kipono vs. Paris & Tony. In the end, Wade Robeson's routine was good for Ashley & Kipono. Paris & Tony are in the bottom 3 couples, I think deservedly. I think that Tony deserves to go, and Paris just needs a different partner.

Only one more couple is safe. Who is it? Asuka & Vitolio are probably in the bottom 3, I think. Am I right? Yes, I am. They are in the bottom 3. Who is the safe couple - Jeanette & Brandon, or Jonathan & Karla? I think it should be Jonathan & Karla in the bottom 3 - because I didn't think they were as good as the judges thought they were. I am correct. They are the last couple in the bottom 3.

It's time for a professional tango! I love watching a good tango. It was very fun.

Paris' solo didn't engage me as much as her dance last night. She's good, though.

Tony's solo was really nothing special. I think he has some good moves, but he doesn't grab me.

Asuka's solo was kind of awesome. She did some great footwork, showed off her stuff. I like her a lot.

Vitolio's solo started with a huge leap that was beautiful. He had some really great lines, and a lot of emotion. He deserves to stay.

Karla's solo involved a lot of running around and she almost toppled once I think. I think she is in trouble.

Jonathan's solo involved a huge flip! He is a latin dancer? huh. wouldn't have guessed that. I think he is safe, because the judges love him to pieces.

I think that Karla and Tony are leaving. Let's see if I'm right.

(First, performance by Sean Kingston, who I don't like. I just don't like reggae at all. I muted him.)

So, who is going home? The judges were unanimous about Paris going home. I'm sad. I think she had some potential. Oh well. She didn't have a very good solo.

How about the guys? They were unanimous again. They didn't think that any of the three had very good solos, and think that all of them are in trouble. Vitolio needs to bring more personality, but he's safe. Good. He was good, and I want to see more of him. Tony is going home, and I think he deserved to go home. I don't honestly think he should have been in the Top 20 in the first place.

So, no couples get mixed up, and Tony & Paris go home together. Well, probably not TOGETHER, but simultaneously.

Until next week!

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