Thursday, June 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6.25.09

The Group Dance looks like the aftermath of an orgy in the beginning, but then it cut to fancing instead of simply writhing on each other. Then several of them got to dance on puddles, reminiscent of one of my favorite music videos, Love to Hate You, by Erasure. I cannot find it online, but do look for it - it's wonderful.

Cat is wearing a very... interestingly cut dress. Oh, no... it's a jumpsuit. Oh, Cat. No. Just no. Never.

Before getting down to it, Nigel took a moment to mention the terrible news of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson's deaths. They are showing a clip of the Thriller Video in homage. Ah.... I remember seeing this when I was a kid. I actually went, all on my own volition, as a zombie from the Thriller video for Halloween in kindergarten...

Now, it's time for the results. 5 couples take the stage.

Asuka & Vitolio are up first, and I think they deserve to be in the bottom 3. Asuka, at least. They are in the bottom 3. Brandon & Janette are safe. Good good good. Evan & Randi had my love last night, and also America's (or, as Cat said - "The Butt Made the Cut."). Good. Jeanine & Phillip were lovely last night (though Jeanine was better than Phillip). Are they safe? Yes, they are! Good! They didn't expect to be safe. Left on stage are Melissa & Ade, and their rhumba was insane. Are they safe (as they should be)? Cat read the painfully written copy ("It was Ade to remember, but will it be a night to forget?" groans...) and they are safe. Yippee!!

Back from the break, the last three couples take the stage. Jonathan & Karla should be in the bottom 3, and they are. Will the couple joining them be Caitlin & Jason, or new couple Kayla & Kupono? It ought to be Caitlin & Jason, though I don't think they should go home. They are in the bottom, and I am 3 for 3. Woo.

Fast forward throught the professional dance, though it is very talented kids. I caught Cat mussing with the littlest one's hair. Cute. Still. Jumpsuit. No.

Asuka is up first in her solo, and she is sexy, but she is just not up to par with the others. And ballroom solos are hard.

Vitolio's solo included some very impressive leaps and was passionate. I hope he stays.

Karla has a lot to prove in her solo, and I think she proved it. Her solo was interesting and showed some of her unique styling. I would love to see her with Vitolio.

Jonathan did some tumbling but failed to ipress me with his dancing. Again, bland bland bland. Hope he's gone.

Caitlin's solo was emotional and expressive, and I just really love her. She connects. Hope she's safe.

Jason is the last solo, and he also showed some very unique and interesting moves. I think he should stay, too. Really like him.

Fast forwarded through the performance by The Veronicas. I kind of like them, but the hubby wants the tv.

Time for the moment of truth. The judges told Caitlin that she is growing in confidence and gave the best solo. She's safe. Good for her. They said that Karla seemed a little desperate in her solo tonight. They just think that Asuka is an exciting performer, but they don't think she is growing in the competition. They were unanimous in their decision to get rid of Asuka. I think it was the right decision.

Now, to the men. The judges thought that Vitolio is holding back too much, and they want him to deliver. They told Jonathan that he is good at gymnastics, but they don't think he's showing why he should be kept to be America's best dancer. They also told Jason that he had a desperate solo tonight, and they want him to remember he is dancing for his life. Jason is safe. They decided to give Vitolio another chance, and WOOOOOO, Mr. Boring Acrobat, Jonathan, is gone.

Can't wait to see Vitolio & Karla. Bring it.

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