Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6.24.09

Cat looks quite lovely and slightly Grecian tonight. I approve.

I'm still saddened by the loss of Max in favor of Kupono. Let's see if he can make it up to me this week.

Joining Mary and Nigel this week is Toni Basil! How fun. She's going to be getting the Living Legend of Hip Hop award. How cool.

Again, anyone wishing to vote, the number is 1-888-TEMPO-##

Karla & Jonathan (Hip Hop, choreographed by Dave Scott. Song: By My Side, Jadakiss feat. Ne Yo) If she weren't a dancer, she would be a journalist. Jonathan would be an acrobat in a circus. I think he's a better gymnast than a dancer, so I could see that. In rehearsals, Karla was doing well, but Jonathan was struggling. Karla definitely did a better job with it in the dance, though Jonathan did a super crazy flip that was highly impressive. I don't get the right vibe from him, though. I really like of like Karla, though. I would like to see her with someone else. Nigel (sounding hoarse) thought it was like an ironed out hip hop instead of smooth hip hop. It was bland for him, with no danger. He pointed out that they were not in sync and it was like a Sunday School Picnic Outing with no hint of gangsta. He bet they would be in the bottom 3. Mary agreed with Nigel about the lack of chemistry and synchonization. She said the highlight was Jonathan's tumbling, but there's no surprise he can tumble. Toni said there was no groove or funk and it felt store bought instead of street.

Asuka & Vitolio ("Thrash Rocker" Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore. Song: Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar) If Asuka wasn't dancing, she'd make jewelry. Gawdy jewelry for ballroom dancers. Vitolio would be a lead singer in a band. He thinks. But he's bad. lol. Asuka struggled in rehearsals and broke out in tears. I hope she can bring it together. She was kind of sogt in the dance when she needed to be hard and didn't seem to hit anything quite big enough. Vitolio did a pretty good hob, though. They also seemed out of sync and ind of disconnected. Vitolio did a really awesome lift at the end, though. He was the better one in this pair. Nigel thought that it was fantastic. I don't see it. Mary called it really good, but it didn't take the roof off like last week's. She brought up that they were not alway in sync. She applauded their partnership, though. Toni thinks they have the potential to develop into something extremely powerful. The judges were all really moved by the rehearsal clip. Toni told them not to let the technique get in the way of their emotions.

Ade & Melissa (Rhumba, choreographed by Tony Meridith. Song: Emotion, by Destiny's Child) If Melissa was not a dancer, she would teach pilates and maybe get her own studio. Ade would be a sound engineer. Their rehearsal was rough. Can they bring it in the performance? She os wearing quite the abbreviated dress, and it's impressive. They got the feel of the dance down and did a could really neat moves, including a flip through his arms that I'd have to watch again to understand how it happened, I think. They are a great couple and really work beautifully off each other. Wonderful. Bravo to them. Nigel called it absolutely fabulous and complimented Melissa's back and said that Ade gave Melissa something to undulate against and was highly impressed. Mary said that she was buying the emotion they were selling. She loved how Ade grooved. Then she started screeching. Gah. Toni thought it was beautifully done and thought that Melissa's ballet training worked perfectly for this dance. She then complimented the choreographer. I think that's in the contract.

Jeanette & Brandon (Hip Hop choreographed by Dave Scott. Song: What a World by Common) If Brandon wasn't dancing, he would do lighting and design. Jeanette would be a loan processor in a bank. She's about a year away from a finance degree. The dance is Rock n' Roll meets Hip Hop. I'm really impressed with both of them - Brandon especially! He has some hip hop skills!!! Jeanette plated her Rock Princess Character well, too. That was a fun dance. I really liked it a lot. Totally impressed by Brandon. Nigel called it impressive choreography and was also very impressed by Brandon's skills. Mary said they really hit it. She drooled some over Brandon, and gave them a scream and a cackle. Toni liked the juxtaposition and thought it was strategic choreography, and thought that they nailed it. Good for them. What a great job.

Kayla & Kupono (Vienesse Waltz, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Song: Sweet Dreams for You, by Jewel) New Couple! If Kayla wasn't a dancer, she would be a model. Kupono would be a costume designer. They had some troubles in rehearsals, and Kupono doesn't have a lot of upper body strength, so the lifts are really hard for him. Her dress is phenomenal, and the backdrop is a cityscape. There was a lot of wind machine action going on. It was pretty lovely. Nigel said it was very beautiful and sucked up to the choreographers. He said it was very elegant, but it isn't going to make anyone stand up and cheer. Mary said it had a beautiful flow to it, and was so elegant. She appreciated the rise and fall. She did tell Kupono that he had to get heel leads better. She fell over herself about Kayla. She screamed them right onto the Hot Tamale Trine. The dancers rejoiced. I wished for ear plugs. Toni really liked the routine and thought that their shoelessness in a waltz was a little avant garde. She loved Kayla, saying she is always in the moment. She liked the partnership, and really really loved the dance. Good. I thought it was beautiful. I wish Max had been dancing ith Kayla instead, though.

Evan & Randi (Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels. Song: Koop Island Blues, by Koop feat. Ane Brun) If Randi wasn't dancing, she'd be a special ed teacher. Evan would own a custom car shop. The centerpiece of Mia's choreography is about Randi's butt. What? Ok... It was a neat fance, and they danced it well. I liked that Evan got to wear a hat and suspenders. Wonder what Randi's husband felt about all the butt grabbing and adoration in this one!? Nigel said it was very simple choreography, but it was beautifully danced. He liked how the story was followed through from beginning to end. He made many butt jokes, and thought it would be memorable. Mary said they were terrific and did some screeching, saying it was one of the best numbers of the night. She said it was the first time she's seen Evan as the leading man. Toni said she would love to be choreographed by Mia, and thinks that they lived up to the choreography. Good for them. I loved it.

Caitlin & Jason (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux & France. Song: O'Fortuna from Carmina Burana) If Caitlin wasn't a dancer, she would go into Broadcast Journalism. If Jason wasn't a dancer, he would play soccer. They have to get the anger and strength into the pasa doble. Great song! It's not the best Pasa Doble I've seen on the show, but it was pretty good in the end. I do think I could see her thinking in a couple moments. Some of my favorite steos in the pasa were msising (that knee walking thing. No, I don't know techinical terms). They got into character, though. Nigel thought that Jason was performing to the audience instead of to Caitlin. He did think that some of the things were exceptionally good. He likes Caitlin's flow and her lines. They didn't interact a lot, emotionally, and that was a problem. Mary thought it was really a strong performance. She likes Jason's bare chest. She did think he lost his posture just a little at times. Does anyone else think that Caitlin looks a bit like Fergie tonight? A prettier, less "butterface" Fergie? Anyhow... Toni thought that the performance was very good, even if there was some struggle with the style.

Janine & Phillip (Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Song: Moses from Singing in the Rain) If Phillip wasn't dancing, he'd be an inventor. Janine would be an actress. They did a great job and were really fun in the routine. Phillip leapt over a long couch. Good job to him. They got to rip up some feather pillows. Wonder if that mess is why they went last. They were adorable. Good job! Phillip ripped his pants! Oops! Nigel made Phillip turn around to show off his rip. He loved Janine, but wants Phillip to bring the skill on, because he is so well loved, he wants to make sure that Phillip is as good as his fans think he is. Mary thought it was really fun, and thought Phillip was better than she expected him to be, though he started struggling at the end. She would love to see Janine on any Broadway stage. She was really good, so I agree. Toni thought the performance was adorable, but wasn't sure that adorable was exactly what they wanted to go for.

My favorites of the night were Brandon & Janette, Evan & Randi, Melissa & Ade, Kayla & Kupono. Phillip & Jeanine were darned cute.

I think the bottom 3 couples will be Karla & Jonathan, Asuka & Vitolio, and possibly Caitlin & Jason. Not sure. I think that Jonathan and Asuka ought to go home, so we'll see if that happens.

What do you think?


Jeanne said...

I agree with your top. I loved Brandon & Jeanine. Their dance was really great. I also like Melissa and Ade, a lot! I thought Evan and Randi did a good job, different dance but I liked it (and I usually don't like Mia's stuff). I really don't care for Asuka, I don't think she has any personality that comes across when she dances. And I didn't care for Jonathan & ?? (blanked on name)'s dance. I think your bottom 3 are right on as well.

Jeanne said...

Forgot to mention, I think you watch Design Star on HGTV don't you? The new season starts in a couple weeks, I think around July 17th?