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So You Think You Can Dance - 6.3.09

It's Vegas, Baby!

172 people made it to Vegas. Judging along with Mary and Nigel are Mia, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Reynolds, and Lil C.

It starts off with solos, reminding the judges why they got there.

Alex Wong started off, and Mia practically started drooling as soon as him and his fabulous lines took the stage. He's wonderful. He mixes martial arts with dance in a beautiful way.

Tony Bellisimo had a problem with his briefcase, and danced to I Always feel like Somebody's Watching Me, including a newspaper with Nigel's face on it, and also his briefcase and his coat. It was cool.

Montage of other solos, all of which were pretty danged great.

At the end of Day 1, if any one of the judges didn't vouch for a person to stay, home they went. Tony Bellisimo nearly got cut but did not in the end. 45 dancers were cut in the first round, widow Talia Rickards, and the football coach's son among them.

The first round of choreography is hip hop, by Tabitha and Napoleon.

Gabi Rojas had troubles with the choreography and lost it in the beginning, never picking it up again. They are keeping her even though she did terribly. One girl, Sara someone, got cut. Gabi was put on notice.

Montage of people doing well. 37 people got cut after hip hop.

After Day 1, 96 are left.

Day 2 begins with Ballroom.

Waltz with Jean-Marc Genereaux is first. Philip Chbeeb and his partner Arielle are trying to do their best, in what is absolutely not their genre. They are not performing together in this round.

Mia called Philip's waltz rough, and said he had great energy. No one was cut in his group. Arielle is still up. She did not make it through the waltz, and that is sad. She was good.

Maxim, Ricky Sun, and Asuka did really great, in their own genres. Priscilla, who I loved before, did well, too. The Popper who reminds me of Hiro from Heroes (Nabulea?) did quite well. No one in his group was cut. He was reduced to happy tears.

16 people were cut in Ballroom.

In the afternoon, it was time for Jazz with Sonya.

Injuries abounded, and an ice pack montage.

Natalie and Brandon, who almost made it through last year, are having fun in the rehearsals. They were chosen as standouts in rehearsals, and Sonya asked them to show everyone else what she wanted.

Can they keep it up in the performances?

Natalie seemed off in the performance, for some reason, and the judges looked like they had eaten something nasty. She was cut after her performance. I'm sad, because I liked her. But, perhaps she brought her all too early. It made everyone else nervous.

Wonder if she'll be back next year?

Brandon's turn. Mia and L'il C are not buying into the hype of Brandon. Nigel thinks he's brilliant and fantastic, and one of the best dancers they've ever had on the show. He (and his whole group) are through to the next round. He was still in tears about Natalie.

Montage of jazzy jazz. The last group included Gabi. She lacked the pop and the feeling behind the dance. Debbie Reynolds said that Gabi is breaking her heart, because she is disappointing them. Gabi is going to dance for her life, and needs 3 votes or more to stay in. Immediately, it's her solo. She was lovely in her solo, and the judges wondered where her spark was in the choreographed rounds. Mia wants to keep her, but warns her to do better. L'il C said she was buck. Mary votes a yes, as does Adam, Debbie, and Nigel. She has to step it up and bring herself to the choreography.

7 people got cut after Jazz.

Instead of bedtime, the remaining contestants are told that they have to do a group dance to a cd each group will choose from a box, and they have to choreograph and present it in the morning.

Day 3 begins with their performances.

The first group includes Erik Silky Moore, the tapper, and his group had some personality clashes and dance style clashing. They ended up going to bed at 2:30. They danced to pretty terribly together, and looked like they were randomly flailing around. Nigel called it horrific, Debbie said it lacked any kind of rhythm, and Mia chastised them for giving up and going to bed before they had reached some sort of cohesion. Erik is dancing for his life later on. I wish him luck. Only one team member was sticking around outright.

Montage of more really terrible choreography and also really awful dancing.

Brandon Bryant's group actually did a pretty cool dance to Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You. Mary called it a lot of fun. Mia wants Brandon to be awesome, and she isn't seeing it yet. The whole group was through.

Montage of people actually doing well in the chorogeaphy.

The final group called themselves Nerdography. They had a really fun dance with characters and fun moves. Nigel called them terrific. Adam said they made him miss dancing. They are all through.

68 people went though, and Erik "Silky" Moore danced for his life. Mia did not vote for him to continue. Neither did Nigel, or Debbie. L'il C said he is not ferocious enough, and Silky is done. I hope he comes back. He's very cool.

After lunch, it was time for Mia Michaels' choreography.

Tony Bellisimo was given the chance to dance for his life - with the contemporary choreography. Interesting.

Hiro-wannabe was cut, and expected to return.

Megan and Caitlyn Kinney are both still in the competition. I really loved both of them in the auditions. They are in different groups for contemporary. Megan is first. She is through. Caitlyn? She seemed to fall apart in the choreography. She is going to dance for her life. Immediately. She was a bundle of nerves. Nigel called her solo old fashioned, but voted for her. Debbie voted for her to stay. Mia denied her. So did L'il C, and Adam. It's up to Mary. She told her that the solo wasn't really as good as it needed to be, but she sees a fighter, so Caitlyn is through! Yay!

Will the Kazperzaks join them? I sure do hope so! I adore them. Ryan took the stage first in contemporary. He nailed it and is through. What about Evan (aka Gene Kelly)? Mia had him do flea hops off the stage, and he is staying. He is adorable. I am rooting for those two. I love them.

Montage of people doing well in Mia's choreography and crying about it. I caught a glimpse of Philip Chbeeb in there, and he was doing quite well.

How will Tony Bellisimo do in his re-do of the routine? He took the stage with the last group of dancers. He managed to improve enough to go through to the next round. He was reduced to tears. Cat was giddy about crying grown men.

13 people were cut after contemporary.

54 went to the final day.

They will be split up - girls in one routine, and guys in another. It's Broadway with Tyce! The Kazperzak brothers were psyched. They are doing West Side Story. Awesomeness.

While the girls learned the dancing, they guys relaxed by the pool. Montage of wet boys.

Bianca Revels, returning tapper from LA, has done a lovely time so far. How will she do to Broadway? No decisions are made until all of the girls performed. Priscilla tumbled at the end of her dance, but covered it well, with a big smile on her face.

Nearly half the girls will be cut after this, so the judges compared notes. Bianca was cut, and I hope to see her again. She says that she is not planning on coming back again. Gabi Rojas, Megan Kinney, and Priscilla got cut. I'm really sad about Megan and Priscilla. I hope to see the both of them back next season. Especially Priscilla. I love her. There's something about her. Gabi got the long montage, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her back again. Megan's sad about leaving her sister, but is hoping for her sister to make it on.

16 girls are left, and they are told to get their solos together. 6 more will be cut before the Top 10 girls are chosen.

Now, it's time for the girls to be bathing beauties, and the boys are up to the choreography.

The Kazperzak Brothers are up in the first group. I *really* want them to do fantastically.

Who is cut from the boys? A bunch of guys who I don't recall ever seeing before got cut. The other guys took the stage. They have only 10 minutes before their solos! Insane. 16 of them are left.

Solo Time!

Sadly, we don't get to see the solos. Maybe tomorrow, during the Top 20 Reveal Show. I can't wait.

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