Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol: 5.19.10

Oh, how I will be fast forwarding through the performances tonight!

Interviews with the final 3 - it's hard on Idol, everyone!  They are working all the time!  They are pushed constantly!  And, they are all humble and didn't think they had a chance of winning, but they all want to win.  How insightful.  They are all super busy and don't have time to keep in touch with people.  Crystal's diabetes is under control.  Padding, padding, padding...

Casey's home visit - he's single. Girls are nuts for him.  He signed a dog.  He visited the drs who saved his life after a bad accident.

Fast forwarded through Dude I don't Recognize.

Crystal's home visit - she signed a guy's chest, who claimed he was going to get it tattooed on.  She was having a blast.  She got the key to Toledo.  She got to see her son.  She got to sing.  She got Crystal Bowersox Day.  She sang some of her original songs. Very nice.  Holy Toledo is a great song.  They played it in the background, and she was crying watching it.

Lee's home visit - he is mobbed, he threw the first pitch at a Cub's game.  He got to go home, and to his old paint shop job.  He vowed to try to win. He got super emotional singing The Boxer, and he sounded good when he wasn't crying.  He seemed totally energized by seeing his fans.

Down with Bieber!

Onward to results!  Lee is in the finals.  It's between Crystal and Casey, and with any justice, it'll be Crystal.  And, there is justice.  Casey gets a boot-off song, and he sings freaking Daughters.  I am fast forwarding.  I really truly hate this song.

Can't wait for the finale!  I'd be happy seeing either of these two win.  They are both super talented.

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kelliewith3kiddos said...

I am happy who is in the finals too. Either can win.