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Yay for a New Season - So You Think You Can Dance - 5.27.10

Big changes at SYTYCD this year!  Only 10 dancers will make it into the finals, and they will be paired with returning favorites.  Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm looking forward to seeing some people return (Mark).

The first audition city is NYC. Nigel, Adam, and Mia are judging.  Hooray for no Mary!  I think I read that she may be choreographing, but not judging.  If that is true, the season just got so much better, because I could live happily my whole life without ever hearing her scream again.  Ever.

Sarah Brinson (22, Philadelphia) She has always felt like the "big" dancer, because she is a larger size than your average dancer.  I hope that she is phenomenal, because I think she's got a gorgeous shape (and she's maybe a size 10.  If that.  She's strong and curvy.  I love it.)  She has really nice lines and Nigel said that she looks like Charlize Theron.  She says that she gets that a lot, and I can see that.  Mia thinks that she dances beyond her years.  Her parents are golfers.  Adam loves how self assured she is.  Vegas for her.  Wonderful.  Then, she snubbed Adam for a hug and he got bitchy.

Giselle Peacock & Henry Byalakov - They are latin ballroom dancers, and they are hottttt.  They just got off Broadway.  Mia and Adam agreed that they were smoking.  Adam told them that they just tore up the floor.  Nigel saw them in Burn the Floor and thought they were stars there, too.  To Vegas with them!

Montage of a delusional trio, 1 2 3 Party!  In his audition, one member did a lot of what looked like aerobics and bad 80's dance moves.  The judges looked confused.  So was I.  Then, he didn't know who Adam Shankman was, who was sitting right in front of him.  Wow.  He calls himself Lazer, and his team mates are Ice and Ultra.    Enter montage of more bizarreness.

Welcome back, Teddy Tedholm! I really dig the conviction with which he moves.  Adam was either loving him or really bored. At the end, he said "Oh my God," and Mia was also "upset," and she was crying and saying that he reminded her of the unpopular kid who was always laughed at and made fun of, and the pain and reality that he brings is moving.  She called him genius.  Adam loves how he puts himself out there, and said that it was really really special, and said he is honored to have watched it.  Nigel accused him of upsetting the entire panel, and said that he previously saw him as a whimsical dancer, but was disappointed in him in Vegas. He hopes that he won't be disappointed again, because he's going.

Also going, Briana de Falco, who was glorious, Daniel Baker, who had an amazing leap and great pecs.  Both to Vegas.

Scott Vogel cleans up when people get murdered, but he really wants to dance.  He is really terrible.  He does country line dancing.  Oh, and he also runs a cereal bar.  Ummm...ok. 

Shockalock is apparently the king of locking.  Chris "Isolock" Dixon is bringing his new style to locking.  He's dressed like the Cheshire Cat, and has a picture of Nigel on the top of his top hat, which was kind of fun.  Then he threw some Russian folk dance kicks in there.  It certainly was entertaining!  Nigel loved the eccentricity of him, and thinks that Toni Basil would be frothing at the mouth to see him.  Mia wants to know if he can do more.  Adam was impressed with the knee kicks like they do in Bollywood, and the Russian folk bits.  He's on to choreography.

He joins 33 others in choreography, taught by Courtney and Jason.  Can Chris "Isolock" bring it?  He looked horrible.  And then he dropped his partner.  He's out.  15 others are going on.

Jamie Greco makes horror movies and decided to audition dressed as Carmen Miranda.  And then stripped off his oat and had broccoli taped to his man boobs.  Then "pooped" an orange.  That was... interesting.  Adam was happy.  Mia appreciated his love affair with fruit and vegetables.  He's not going on.

Montage of people falling.  Sometimes painfully. 

Wadi Jones is a free runner.  His dancing seemed rather uninspired. Some of his moves were impressive, but he didn't connect to me.  Mia loved how light and quiet his footwork was.  Adam was also impressed.  Nigel sent him to choreography.

Anthony Burrell (wasn't he in a previous season, too) is amazing.  Megan Davis is lovely.  Vegas and Vegas.

Edward Spots
auditioned in season 6, and he's back.  And glorious.  The judges loved him and sent him to choreography.

Megan Carter is a bigger dancer, and needed to work up courage to audition. I am so glad that she did.  Adam and Mia were moved to tears, and Adam thought that she threw all stereotypes out the window.  She made Mia happy to be a "woman of size."  Nigel told her that it would be hard to find jobs as a dancer, just because of the way of the business.  She's going to choreography.

In the choreography round, Wadi and Megan are cut.  Edward is one of 16 going to Vegas on Day 2 in NYC.

Next up?  Miami, with Jason Gilkinson and Sonja on the judging panel. 

Michael Petr is from the Czech Republic and is a ballroom dancer.  He's got something.  I love the way he moves, actually.  And he's on to Vegas.

Tyrell Rolle got a huge clip package and has beautiful lines.  He's got a great story (decided to pursue contemporary dance instead of hip hop and didn't sell drugs in a bad neighborhood).  Nigel thinks he phenomenal, and Sonya loved his strength. Jason loved every second of it, and he's going to Vegas.

Henry Rivera couldn't even get through his pre-audition interview without crying.  Wow.  He kept it marvelously together for his audition.  Nigel called him a brilliant dancer and called him inspirational.  Sonya loved his attention to detail.  Jason loved everything about it.  To Vegas with him, too.

Montage of family moments. Darla Kopylova auditioned with her father in a romantic dance, and it was a little creepy, though well danced.  Nigel thought it was weird that she danced it with her dad.  Sonya was also uncomfortable and thought it was awkward.  She's gone.

Ami Aguyar-Riley has a hot husband and an adorable 6-year old son.  She can also dance like crazy.  She dances in a way that makes me think Sonya is salivating.  Nigel appreciated that she was trying to do something different, but worried that it looked like aerobics at times.  He likes her intensity.  Sonya loves her aggressiveness.  She's through to choreography.

After choreography, Ami is through to Vegas.  9 others joining her.

Candace Craig is in a girl group called the Velvet Angels.  It's akin to the Spice Girls, and she's the sexy one.   Jason thinks that she dances almost too sexy, but she's a good dancer.  Sonya thought that her oversexualization kind of took away from her dancing.  Nigel thought she was rather burlesque, and she's through to choreography, but was advised to button up her busoms.

Rose Neptune thinks she is a better dancer than she is, and her partner (who is not auditioning) is useless. Jason loves that she loves dancing, but doesn't think this competition is for her.  Sonya thinks she's sweet, but not up to par with what she show needs.  She's out.

Montage of suckiness.  The judges were getting annoyed.

Final dancer of the day is B-Boy Jose Ruiz was inspired by Legacy being on the show.  I was utterly impressed with his head spin where he sped up halfway through.  Nigel thought it was a good audition.  Sonya loved his performance and his energy.  Jason liked him instantly. He's going to choreography.

In choreography, Candace is cut this time, but they urge her to get more training.  Jose's partnering wasn't brilliant, but he's through. 

Next week - LA and Chicago.

I'm so happy to see this show back!!!

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