Thursday, May 13, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 5.13.10

Post Tribal, Parvati was stunned that Rupert didn't go home, and Rupert was gloating.  Jerri told Parvati that Russell threatened to vote her out if she didn't go with him.  Parvati didn't like his scare tactics, and doesn't trust him anymore.  She wants to get rid of Rupert and Colby first, then deal with Russell.  Russell ascertained that Danielle was going to go after Parvati, and she and Jerri wanted assurance that they were tight.

The next morning's tree mail brought them a Jungle Sprint Palm Pre.  There were videos from loved ones, who will be visiting and doing the challenge with them. 

Am I the only one who misses the Eat Gross Things Challenges?  I loved the season where the loved one had to eat gross things.

Parvati's dad, Jerri's sister (in from Germany), Russell's (very hot) wife, Colby's brother, and Rupert's wife.  And it's Rupert's anniversary.  Cool.  Last out was Sandra's uncle.

The challenge - they have to scoop water from the ocean with a pail, from which they will toss water to  their loved one, who will fill a bucket.  First to fill the bucket wins.  They get a plane trip to someplace where they will experience "the blow holes," and they get to save their memories on a brand new Palm Pre.  Colby is getting very frustrated with his brother, and Russell's wife is wringing water out of her hair.  Slick.  Colby was close to swearing at his brother.  Jerri and her sister won the reward!

They get to choose more people to go with them, and Jerri makes perhaps the stupidest decisions EVER and chooses neither Russell nor Rupert on his anniversary.  As she chose Parvati and then Sandra, Russell muttered how she had made a terrible mistake, and as he went back to camp with Rupert and Colby, I think something's brewing... Jerri... stupid.

The blowholes were pretty slick.  They got some plugs in for the Sprint Palm Pre, because what would a reality show be without some product placement?  They got food, too.  Sandra cried about the fact that her uncle is there because her mom died a year ago, and her husband is in Afghanistan.  Jerri realized that Russell was pissed of.  Parvati said that she wasn't worried.  Sandra said that the only way to get to the end for Russell was to get rid of the two guys.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Russell fumed.  He called the girls a bunch of unappreciative little bitches, and suggested a Final Three with Rupert and Colby.  They shook on it.  Rupert said "He is a villain, but he's the best villain I've got, and if I can bring the best villain with me, that guarantees me a win."  They scheme to get rid of Parvati, and Russell thinks that Jerri will go along with it.

When the women returned to camp, Jerri wanted to talk t Russell, but he and Colby were sleeping.  And Rupert was sawing.  And annoying everyone.  And making it so that no one could sleep.  Jerri thought he was completely inconsiderate, and wasn't sure if it was cockiness or stupidity.  She wants Rupert gone more than anything.  Of course, she couldn't sleep, so she went to talk to Russell, who also woke up.

Russell told her he wasn't mad, he just wanted to see his wife.  He said that all he wants is her with him in the finals.  He told her that he just doesn't want Parvati to sway her from him.  She declared there was no way of that happening.  He did not bring up his plan to vote out Parvati.

Immunity Challenge

With arms outstretched, they have to hold two poles against an overhead board, and balance it (poles are on the tops of their hands).  Pole falls, they are out.  Colby is out in 15 seconds.  Sandra is out next.  Gads!  Russell was out next, and looked stunned by it.  Jerri was out next.  It's Parvati and Rupert.  Rupert adjusted some, which was foolish, but it didn't fall.  Parvati was also close.  Rupert adjusted too much, and Parvati won immunity. Ruh roh.  What's Russell going to do now?

He is planning on flipping back to the girls and voting out Rupert.  Sandra wants Russell out badly.  Rupert told Russell that Sandra is pushing hard for him.  Russell went right to Sandra and said "Are you with me, or are you against me?"  She replied "I'm against you, Russell."  He claimed to be comfortable in the game and not worried.  Sandra told Rupert "loose lips sink ships."  Parvati wanted to know who invited Boston Rob back to the party with the "Are you with me or against me" talk.  Jerri said the camp has turned into crazy town.  As Parv and Sandra giggled together in the shelter, the guys and Jerri talked about getting rid of Sandra.  She said that she will bring the idol with her to Tribal, but she isn't worried and probably won't play it, even though it is the last day to play it.  That's just plain stupid.

Tribal Council

When Danielle came in for jury, Parvati mouthed "hot," and I'd have to agree.  She looks much better with make-up.  Sandra brought up the conversations with Rupert and Russell.  Probst was stunned to hear that Sandra flat out said she was against him (and Parv had a good Sandra immitation).  Parvati sees no point in switching it up, because if one Hero is in the final three, they'll get jury votes. Rupert said you have to be able to show that you are the Top Villain or the Top Hero, and Parvati says that she is a Hero on the inside.

Sandra voted for Rupert.  Rupert voted for Sandra.  All other votes were hidden.  Sandra played the idol, saying she would hate to go home with the idol in her bra.  Russell was stunned, and everyone else agreed that they have no clue she had it.  Rupert is voted out.  Colby looked pouty.  Not all the votes were read, so Sandra has no idea that Russell voted for her.   

Season Finale is on Sunday!

And... astoundingly, Russell did NOT vote for Sandra.  He voted for Rupert.  But, Rupert doesn't know that.  Very very interesting....

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Ed said...

That glare that Rupert gave Russell before he left means that he (Rupert) at least thinks Russell voted for him, and that's all that matters. Rupert will not vote for Russell if Russell makes it to the end; that I guarantee.

Colby had better win immunity next challenge if he want's to stay in the game. That'd be an interesting twist, actually, and I'd like to see if Parv is gunning for Russell.