Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finale Alert: American Idol - 5.26.10

Why is Randy wearing a floral blouse?  And Simon appears to have lost half of his buttons before his final AI appearance...

Why have they dressed the finalists as students at Hogwarts?

Top 12 Group Sing.. School's Out for Summer.  Ah... Siobahn.  How I wanted her to be better.  She totally pulled off the Hogwart's outcast look.Creepy children's choir... then Alice Cooper.  That's pretty cool. 

Kris Allen performs and theirs something wrong with his mic at first.  Oh, lovely, AI.  I like Kris, and I want him to do well... but right now I am fast forwarding.

Cut to Simon passing out mints... and then a montage about Simon. 

Whoever thought that Siobahn would be best used singing with Aaron Kelly on a Bee Gees song was sorely mistaken.  Also fast forwarding through Michael singing precisely the kind of music that makes me happy he got voted off. 

Now... Dane Cook sings a song using Simon's greatest insults.  "Simon Said."  Love it.  Wanted more of it.

Lady's group sing of Beautiful.  It was sung live, which I appreciate... except for the few girls who couldn't quite sing in tune... and then they broke into Fighter, and this is a better use of Siobahn.  Katie is also sounding quite good.  Paige also didn't suck too badly, though she did go off tune a couple times.  I really like this song.  The video is awesome.  Makes me wonder when they are going to trot out the bonifide Christina... and... there she is.  With Princess Leia hair.   Interesting.  Fade to black (with blue lights on the strings) which she sings a song by herself.  She's amazing. I think this is one of her new songs.  Her sparkly leggings are distracting.    Oh, no... it's not leggings. She must have run out of time to finish getting dressed.  She's wearing sparkly leggings and a teddy.  Poor thing forgot her dress.  Good for her for going on with the show under such circumstances.  And singing so well at the same time.

Next - Ricky Gervais.  From satellite.  Funny, but didn't add too much.

Men's group sing, and it's kind of bad.  I Can't Go For That.  And I really can't.  And I really didn't miss Tim Urban.  Man Eater is better.  Would have been better without Tim.  And welcome to the stage, Hall & Oats!  Cool.

Toledo loves Crystal.  And she's singing Ironic, and I love it on her.  Now, add Alanis, with You Oughta Know.  Awesome. Anyone notice the lyric change?  "Would she go down with you to the theatre."  Silly censors.  They looked like they were having a good time on stage.  Alanis looked happy to be singing with Crystal.

Carrie Underwood's up next.  I left it on because the hubby likes her.

And the finalists get their personalized Fiestas.  Crystal's is way cooler.  Final Ford Commercial,with a montage of the other commercials.  They weren't good enough to create a montage with, sorry.  I do like Crystal and Lee's voices together, though...

Casey James on stage next, singing Poison's Every Rose Has It's Thorn. Good song for him.  Since you can't keep Brett Michaels down, he comes to join Casey on stage, and Casey switches to the electric guitar he had slung over his back. 

Next up?  Lee and a Medley about Chicago, his hometown.  It's kind of lame.  Hate to say it.  Oh, and Forgotten Matt Rogers is with Lee's hometown party.  Lee is De Wise choice?  Lame.

Another Simon montage. Awkward moments of Simon feeling himself up.

Welcome back, Pants on the Ground!  Go, General Larry Platt.  He's got some moves.  Love it. The mix was catchy.  I really love this guy.  And ... William Hung.  Awesome.  While the General did some pilates.  That was funny.

Another Simon montage.  When Paula met Simon.  And enter Paula.  She looks coherent and sane.  She's even able to speak. She made a joke about having Simon's lovechild.  Not a very funny joke, but a joke.  It was akin to a roast.  Ok, maybe she isn't coherent.  She was sounding a bit out of it by the end.  Montage of more Simon moments. 

Yay!  Kelly!  I was wondering if she would make an appearance!  Unfortunately, she's joined by two of my least favorite idols - Rueben and Fantasia.  Then, there's Carrie.  And Jordan.  She was good.  Oh, Taylor.  And Kris.  Ok, where's David Cook?  Wow.... blasts from the past.  Justin Guarini!  That's pretty cool.  Lots of former finalists.  And they sounded good.   Loved it.  That was fitting for Simon's last night.  Simon was brought up on stage, and got to say a couple words.

Time for the laser show.  And another Top 10 song, with a freshly shorn Janet Jackson.  Is that a dress, or a strange jumpsuit?  Whatever it was, she got to sing her new song.  I miss her hair.  And she sounds more like Michael than ever.  Cool.  After her new song, we get some Nasty Boys.  And Cool dancers. She shed her overdress and is in a jumpsuit now.  Or a body stocking.  Hey, that's Nathan from SYTYCD.  And Glee.  I think.  good for him.

At this point of the evening, my husband started wishing for actual results.

Obligingly, Seacrest introduced the montage of their journey.  And then they sang the theme song from Wonder Years. With Joe Cocker.  Sweet.

And local weather cut into it because we had a tornado warning.  Seriously, is that more important than Idol?  At least my satellite isn't messing up.

Finally, results.  Certified voting results brought out by a very much taller than Seacrest official dude.  Lee looked like he was about to cry before the envelope got opened.  And the winner is...


Crystal was better, but she'll still get an album.  And Lee will sound good on the radio.  Simon didn't look too pleased.  I think he just gave Lee a golf clap.  Lee was totally out of sorts.  And his music came on, and he was forced to sing, my dvr cut it off... because with a 2 hour show, how could you possibly expect them to end on time?


Thus ends another season of American Idol.  I wish Crystal had won, but I'm not mad about Lee winning.  I can't wait to hear their albums.

Goodbye, Simon.  It's been a pleasure blogging about you.

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Jeanne said...

jeanne69I'm glad Lee won, but I didn't really care. This was a horribly boring finale, and I only watched the last hour and was reading more than watching. More excited for SYTYCD which starts next week I think!