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Finale Alert: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

I am really pleased with this Top 5 - except for wet noodle Colby.  They are tricky and sneaky and conniving and I kind of love it.

Back at camp after Tribal, Russell is pissed that Sandra kept the knowledge of her idol to herself.  He's grumpy.  And he is starting to distrust Parvati, thinking that she knew about the idol.

And Colby is feeling pretty pleased with the "disfunctional family" of villains.

Individual Immunity Challenge

Simple - stack dishes on top of a platform balanced on a ball, last to drop wins.  Probst calls out instructions of what kind of dish to stack.  I had written "what kind of fish to stack."  That would make it a much more interesting challenge.  As it is, it's all bowls, plates, and cups, of varying sizes.

Sandra is out first.  Jerri is out next.  Russell is (sadly) out next.  It's down to Parvati and Colby.  Colby is down, and Parvati wins.

Hopefully, they will stick together, and Colby will be out.

Back at camp, Colby gave his "Surrender" Speech, which he said was so good, he almost believed it himself.  Then, he had a very long pause during his confessional, saying he was not planning on quitting, and he said when the time was right, he made one last ditch attempt.

That's right.  He went to Russell.  And said "Why don't we get rid of Sandra tonight, and then it's the three of us against Parvati in the Immunity Challenge."  Good plan, actually.  Russell says he's going to decide at Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #1

At Tribal, Colby admitted that he went to Russell and wants to get rid of Sandra, and wishes that Sandra had won immunity, because then he could have tried to go after Parvati, because no one wants to go up against him.  Everyone admitted to being at least a little distrustful of all the others, and Colby just wants to shake up the dissent, to give himself a little bit of a chance.

Too little, too late.  Colby is gone.

The Villainous Final Four returns to camp, and Parvati said that Colby opened her eyes to the fact that she's a threat with the jury.  Next morning, Parvati went out for water, and Russell went to Jerri and told her that they have to win, or Parvati will take it all.  He admitted that he is at a crossroads, because his main alliance has been Parvati, but he's leaning towards sending her home.

Final Tree Mail - They will go to a ceremonial beach, perform the "Fallen Comrades Rights of Passage," which I always like, as a reminder of all those who came before, and then go on to the Final Immunity Challenge.

Sugar, Stephanie, Randy (who Jerri called a good friend to her... which might be a surprise to he of no friends), Cirie, Tom, Tyson (first "victim of his own stupidity"), James, Boston Rob (oh, if only he and Russell could have played nice), Coach (who they said "Namaste" to), Courtney, JT (second "victim of his own stupidity"), Amanda (her first time voted out of the game ever), Candace, Danielle, Rupert, and finally, Colby.  After collecting talismans, they tossed them onto a bonfire (Burning Man) and watched them burn.

Final Immunity Challenge

Survivor Maze, blindfolded, with symbols at guideposts with, in effect, braille markers, leading them towards necklaces.  They get all of them first, they get immunity.

Russell and Jerri are first to get necklaces, followed by Parvati.  Sandra ran into Parvati and tried to take her necklace off.  Sandra finally found her own first necklace, as Russell got his second.  Parvati found her second, then Jerri found her third, and Parvati found her third.  Sandra is chasing after Parvati instead of using guide posts.  She finally found her second necklace, and Russell got his third.  Parvati and Russell found their fourth necklaces and ran for the exit, chased by Jerri who found her fourth.  They were in a race for the exit.  Russell walked right past the pole with the necklace on it, and then found it, just as Jerri and Parvati found it.  It was within inches.  Jerri declared it a fun challenge.  Sandra, out of the maze with no hope of winning, said that it sucked.  Probst agreed that it was one of his most exciting finishes of any challenge ever.

Russell insisted that Probst put the Immunity Necklace on him.  Parvati wanted to chat with Russell.  Russell said that he plans to use Sandra to help him win the million, and tells her so.  She said "That's alright, I'll take the $100,000."  Parvati brings Russell aside, and tells him that she thinks Sandra will get a bunch of votes.  Russell tells her that his best strategic move is to keep Jerri and Sandra, and she said that's not true, because Sandra will win.  He says that he'll just ask what strategic moves she made to get there, and he'll win because he's better...

Because he doesn't yet know that that strategy failed him his first time around....

Tribal Council #2

Probst asked Jerri what changed at camp, and she said that she didn't do as much solo contemplation after the challenge.  Sandra said that her strategy was to go to the person with immunity, and admits that she told him that she couldn't win, and said that Russell keeps telling her that she can't win.  Parvati admitted to being nervous.  Jerri said that she pushed the point that Parvati is a huge threat.  Parvati said that if Russell wants to redeem himself as being loyal to one person from day one, he should go with her.  She said that she has protected him, and Russell snorted, and she said they'd been protecting each other, and he snorted and said that he has been protecting her.  She maintained that she never went against him, and that is the same as protecting him.

I think that Russell might actually gain some votes in the jury if he did keep Parvati, because certain people would respect that loyalty.

In the end, it's Jerri going home.  Didn't see that coming.  Neither did she, and as she hugged Russell goodbye, she said "I can't wait to hear this story later."

Jerri's boot off interview started with "Crap!" and she said that she is leaning towards Russell, because though he's crazy and hot headed, he makes decisions that make sense.  Except for tonight.  Ha.

Back at Camp, the final three rejoiced.  And the next morning, they rejoiced more when they say their beautiful feast.  And Russell was thrilled that he made it to Day 39 two times.  Interstingly, he said "Last season, I brought two people to the end who I thought I could beat and I didn't."  I thought he didn't know that he hadn't won?

Then, Russell asked Parvati who she would have voted for if he had voted her out, and she said she would have voted for Sandra.  As he went off on a walk, Sandra and Parvati giggled about how Russell doesn't know that he's up against two women... and then ...... Sandra burned Russell's hat!  She said "Screw it!  That's payback for everything he's done to me in this game."  Russell was desperate to find his hat when he got back, and she said that she didn't know what had happened to it.  He declared that he wasn't leaving without his hat.  Somehow, I think he will.

Final Tribal Council

Sandra was the first person to make her case to the jury.  She said that she get where she is by herself.  Russell said that in some cases, the game is one of luck, but not in his case.  He said he tried to play hard, and apologized if he offended anyone, but he played the game.  Parvati said that she didn't realize what a threat she was when she started playing the game, and said that she kept Russell, the Dragon, as her pet, instead of slaying him.  She thinks that she played the ultimate social game, the ultimate physical game, and the ultimate strategic game.  I don't think that Russell probably liked that statement.

Colby is up first, and he asked Russell if he really believed that there was no luck involved, and Russell said that he did, and Colby called him delusional.  He asked Parvati what strategic moves she made, except for in challenges.  Parvati brought up the play of her two idol giveaways.  That was pretty impressive.  He doesn't even address Sandra.

Coach called Parvati a Charmer and a Manipulator, and Russell a Schemer, and also the liar, and Sandra the coattail rider.  He called Russell a small man in stature and deed, and quoted "Only the penitent man shall pass," and wished that he had admitted that he crossed the line.  He called Sandra weak, and we all know that Coach believes Iron sharpens iron.  He called Parvati an unexpected warrior in challenges, and said that the day he trusted her was the day she helped vote him out.  He promised that he has not yet made up his mind.

Amanda asked how Sandra's strategy was better than the other two, and she admitted if her strategy was better, Russell wouldn't be there, but she could never get Heroes on her side.

Courtney is proud of her fellow villainesses.  She appreciated Parvati's physical strength, and wanted Sandra to explain her loyalty as a strength.  Sandra cemented Courtney's vote by saying how loyal she was to her.

JT addressed Russell.  He said that getting to the end of the game is only half of winning the game, and Russell said that he believes that the jury will respect his gameplay, especially in this jury full of previous players.  Parvati said that she was a huge threat from day one, but Sandra was not, because she only gave 50-60% in challenges.  Sandra said that she gave her all, but she isn't as strong.  She did say that she wished she could have thrown that idol back in JT's bag.  JT says that he is not out for vengeance.

Danielle wanted to know if Russell would change anything in his game after hearing what the jury has to say.  He said that he wouldn't change anything and he doesn't regret it, because he wouldn't have made it this far any other way, and he isn't going to tell her what she wants to hear.

Jerri asked for the story from Russell on how he came to the decision to boot her out.  He said that she hadn't hurt anyone in the jury and would get votes.  Parvati said it was because he was sure he would get her vote.  Jerri told Sandra that though she claims to watch backs, she didn't watch hers.

Candace said that lying is part of the game, but Russell told unnecessary dirty lies that hurt people.  She told Parvati that she was like a spouse in an abusive relationship, and she wanted her to get out, but she never did.  She is basing her vote on how they played the game, but also what they fell for.

Rupert is the antithesis of Russell, and said that Russell took the easy way out in being deceitful and conniving.  He wished he had listened to Sandra more, and called Russell a despicable human being.  He said that Parvati deserves to be in the final three, even though she aligned herself with a terrible person, because she fought with all her might.

Guess Jerri decided against voting for Russell - she voted Parvati.  Candace voted for Sandra.  Danielle of course voted Parvati, and Courtney gave her vote to Sandra, of course.  Colby's vote is not revealed, but Coach voted for Parvati, saying that King Arthur's journey has ended.  What?  Rupert is in love with Sandra and gave her his vote.

Off to New York with Probst and the votes!

And Russell's got a new hat.

At least he's got that.  Because he is not getting any votes.

Sandra wins.  And Parvati was right, Sandra did win when Russell brought her.

I don't think that Russell was winning in any case, though.  Poor Russell - always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride.


Sandra is the first person to ever win twice.  She said that makes her the queen (put on a crown), and said she is the best player ever.  Parvati said that she has played three times, played the most days, and is a challenge dominator. Russell said that Sandra is not a strong social player, not a strong physical player, and not a strong strategic player, and thinks her whole strategy was getting rid of him, which never happened, so her strategy failed and she was rewarded for it.  He said there is a flaw in the game, if she could win twice.  He wants America to have a percentage of votes, and Sandra said he still wouldn't have won, because the only people who like him are his family.  Probst said that Survivor has set rules, and the jury decides.  End of story.

He asked Tom what it means when Sandra has played twice and won twice, but has never won a challenge, and even Courtney has won a challenge.  Tom said that whoever wins deserves to win.  Russell said that he didn't play twice, he played once, for a long time... and brought out the laminated letter from JT and said if he can make a winner look like the dumbest player in history, that means he's good.

Sandra's husband is home from Afghanistan, for two weeks, and then he's heading back. wow.  Parvati that she had to win challenges, because no one believed she was playing as strongly.  She has the most days played, and is tied with Colby at individual immunity wins.  Russell figured that something had happened to his hat, but didn't get the strategy of burning it. Sandra said "It was dirty, it was funky, I threw it in the fire."  He said that burning his hat may have flustered him at Tribal Council, and said that Parvati should have won, and Probst said "That's a different game; that's called Russell Decides Who Wins Survivor."  Probst had to calm Russell down, when he started going off, and asked him if he is aware of the jury votes when he is playing, and Russell said he didn't care, and he makes it to the end.  He makes it to the end, but he never wins.

Probst asked Rob what would have happened if they had teamed up, and Rob said it would probably have gone pretty well.  He said that Russell plays the game, but doesn't play to win, and Russell said that Rob's never won, so... Rob said that he would go back and kick Russell's butt anytime, and Russell wants it to happen.  Probst says "Future Season - Rob vs. Russell"  I'd watch that.

Tyson looks like he's trying out for Jesus Christ, Superstar, and said that if his move had worked out, it would have been genius.  JT said that he felt odds were against him, so he played the odds, and didn't know about Russell's villainy when he trusted him. 

Dumbest Survivor Move Ever? It's a Poll.  JT asked if there was a monetary prize.  Probst said "No, you have to give money back."

The winner is ... JT.  Yes, yes... I would agree with that.

Wow. Rupert's toe that was broken?  It was taped to another toe.  That was also broken.  He still likes being called a hero.  Colby was brought back because he embodied Hero previously, and he knew right off that physically, things were different.  He said he had more fun watching it than playing it.  He missed the exploration parts of it, because they couldn't go in the water, and they couldn't go explore the forest, because they were quarantined. Really?

Amanda?  Lacking killer instinct in the game, and Probst asked if she is lacking that in life, too.  She said that it just happens, and she can't do it. 

Stephanie knew that her lack of relationships with other people in the game didn't bode well, and then she plugged her pizza restaurant.  Have to admire that.

Cirie thinks maybe the perception of her coming in was what doomed her.

Coach's insecure tears with Tyson in the night was up next.  He admitted that he came off as an arrogant ass in the first season he was on, and he just wanted to change perceptions of him.  He thinks he is a more humble, chivalrous and down to earth person now.

Rob and Amber's baby is in the audience.  She's adorable.  Of course, she's with Amber.

Rupert and Russell are the finalists for Fan Favorite.  Good vs. Evil.  Evil won.  Russell won Fan Favorite.  Good for him.

Probst was proud of Jerri's game this season, thinking that everything came together this season.  She said the first time she played, everyone hated her and wanted her gone. This time, they liked her too much to keep her around.

Danielle said that her breakdown at Tribal proved that she wasn't a villain.  And she said "Russell, Damn you."

Probst said that Courtney always seems to be having fun.  And Randy didn't seem to be having any fun, and he said that he didn't.  Poor Sugar, went out the the end of her season, and was out first this season.  And Candace got married.  Good for her.

Freaky Survivor Fun Morph - all winners together, create one super Survivor winner.  That was weird.  I would rather have heard more from people.

And next season?  They are off to Nicaragua.  Awesome.  Looks fun.  Can't wait to see it.  "And Something That Might Surprise Them All!"  - Rob and Russell?  Somehow, I think not.

Fantastic season.  Wish Russell had won.  Or Parvati.   I really didn't want Sandra to win... oh, well.

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