Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol: 5.5.10

Group Lip Synch - Medley of Sinatra tunes.  Crystal is in tails and got a nice solo in The Lady is a Tramp.  And she almost sounded like she was singing live.  Was she?  Then Aaron got to sing "When I was 17..."  It's actually a nice medley. 

Ford Music video time.  This one is actually kind of cute, with the boys in love with the car when Crystal thought it was her.  Funny, actually.

Little montage on what Tuesdays are like for the contestants... and the stand-in judges?  That's pretty much the most hilarious thing ever.  Seriously.

Lee joined Seacrest in the center of the stage to some rousing applause.  No surprise, he is safe.  Yay! 

Now, it's time for Lady Gaga!  I love Lady Gaga, so no fast forwarding through her!  She's singing Allejandro.  I bet I just spelled that wrong.  She threw in some Bad Romance at the beginning.  Her piano is totally bizarre, covered in what looks like trees made out of trashbags.  Some modern dance, some violin, and into Allejandro.  This is not my favorite Gaga song, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.  She's wearing netting and a bikini, and I think a full body fishnet.  The song is rather subdued for a Gaga song, and the chorus is catchy, but not as much as her other songs.  And part of the dance looked like an aerobics routine.  Still, love me some Gaga. I was Lady Gaga for Halloween, so... I'm biased.

For some padding, there's some more from HCJ.  He's funny.  He picked on their use of the (non)word pitchy.  I've heard rumors that people are vying for him as new judge next year, and I think he could be very very good.  And now, his performance.  He's singing "And I Love Her," and he's amazing.  Undeniably talented.

Hey, now!  The top 5 are singing some of HCJ's songs, as he accompanies.  Are they really singing, or is it more synching?  Is this the way we pay for last week's lack of group sing?

There was some ribbing between HCJ and Ellen, and it is funny. 

Back to results.  Crystal is up next and is sent to the far side of the stage.  Michael is sent to the near side of the stage.  Aaron joins Michael.  Casey joins Crystal.  Uh oh.  And Seacrest wants Lee to pick a safe group.  He declines.  Michael and Aaron are in the bottom 2, which means that Crystal is safe (yay!), and Casey will survive to bleat another day.

Aaron is going home.  He's sweet, but he was not going to win this thing, so it's good for him to go.

His boot off sing is Fly Me to the Moon.  Because HCJ is right there, ready to accompany him.  Goodbye, Aaron.

Anyone catch what next week's theme is?


mydogteaser said...

Next week is movie songs with, I think, Jamie Foxx as the mentor. I thought Lady Gaga was dressed like a beekeeper going to a funeral. Very strange, but not for her!

JenFen said...

Yes, I heard movie songs, which I am glad b/c I personally like it when they have a broader range of genres to choose from. Should be good.

Jeanne said...

Yes it's movie themes w/ Jamie Foxx. And did you see the commercial for So You Think You Can Dance allstars? Starts in a few weeks...I really miss you blogging on Amazing Race and Top Chef Masters!! :) As far as AI, I'm totally rooting for Lee now. He has grown on me a lot the last couple of weeks...

Astrid said...

Thanks for letting me know what the theme is!

I have come to expect such wackiness from Gaga. If someday she comes onto stage wearing a hoodie and jeans, then I will be shocked.

And Jeanne, the blogging got too time consuming with all of that (and my other blogs). I still watch those shows (Go, Cowboys!) and when the next non-Masters Top Chef starts, I'll be there at my keyboard... and I am more than excited about SYTYCD. I am a little nervous about them changing the format, and I worry that non-amazing dancers will be kept in longer because of their amazing all-star counterparts, but we'll see! I'm just excited to see Mark again.