Thursday, May 6, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 5.6.10

Two Immunity Challenges!  Two Tribals!  Things are getting thick!

Jerri is excited that Candace flipped, but says that she is now a threat, because someone who flips so easily can flip back.  Colby and Rupert are talking about how weak, pitiful, and self-centered Candace is.  Rupert declares that he and Colby are the only true heroes.

The next day, Rupert told Russell that he is a disgusting, dispicable human being for swearing on his kids' lives, and says that he doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself.  Russell said "Rupert, I'm a villain."  And then, he called him a dumb ass.  Nice.

Immunity Challenge #1

They will be standing barefoot on a small wooden platform, with a hand up tethered to a bucket.  Bucket falls, they lose.  And temptations will be offered, along with a twist.  Sandra and Russell are the first two to step out, without even seeing what their temptation is.  That was stupid.  They are sharing cookies and milk.  That was seriously stupid.  I love cookies as much as the next girl, but...

The next challenge is four donuts and an iced coffee.  They get 30 seconds to think about it before he gives them to Russell and Sandra.  Colby takes it. 

Next is pb&j, candy, chips, and milk.  Jerri, Candace, and Danielle share this one, leaving Parvati to battle it out against Rupert.  And Rupert fell (with no food temptation) and Parvati wins!  Good for her.

And the twist?  There is a clue to a hidden immunity idol at the camp.  "Salvation is hidden where two paths meet... etc..."  And, how long will it take Russell to find it?

The mad scramble was on to find the idol.  Wow.  Sandra found it.  Didn't expect that.  She put it back because she wanted to read the note later by herself.  Rupert put a rock in his pocket to make people think he has the idol.  Russell can spot an idol in a pocket from 40 yards, and says they just need to vote for Rupert.  Sandra said that's fine by her.  Jerri is gunning for Candace.  Rupert and Colby plan quietly to also vote for Candace.

Let's see what happens.

Tribal Council #1

Amanda is looking hot in the jury.  My brother will be pleased.  Everyone is sure that Rupert has the idol.  Rupert eyed Candace with pure hatred.  Votes go to Rupert and Candace.  Candace looked flabbergasted to be getting so many votes, and she is going home.  Amanda looked gleeful. 

Post tribal, Russell was mad because the votes went against Candace instead of Colby.  No one thinks that Rupert actually has the idol.  Russell does not like that Parvati holds equal control, and vows to take charge.

Immunity Challenge #2

They will race to find a peg in the sand that they will use to maneuver through a table maze.  Five move on. Next, they have to get up a ramp using four pegs as foot and handhold.  Three move on.  Last, there's a slide puzzle.

Rupert is first with his peg.  Parvati, Sandra, Danielle, and Russell find theirs, followed by Jerri.  Colby finally finds his. Rupert, Sandra, Russell, and Parvati move on, and Danielle takes the last spot.

In the second round, Russell got halfway up the wall with no pegs at all.  He's up first.  Rupert and Parvati move on, too.

Final round, and Russell won immunity.  Awesome.

Parvati wants to get rid of Rupert.  Russell thinks that it might be the time to vote off Parvati, because he doesn't want her in the final two.  He then went to tell Parvati that Danielle is gunning for her.  Russell didn't anticipate that Parvati would want to talk to Danielle about it.  Oops.  Russell went to the Heroes and told them to vote for Danielle.  Danielle and Parvati went to Jerri to tell her of Russell's plan.

Tribal Council #2

Rupert says that it's Russell and Parvati calling the shots.  Danielle says that the villains all agree with each other and play together, and Probst asked if it is just quiet around camp.  Jerri said Hell, No.  Then, the drama of the pitting of Danielle vs. Parvati against each other.  Parvati said that she thinks Russell is testing loyalty.  Danielle got very frustrated and started crying.  Danielle then said "I'm closer to Parvati than you think."  "Oh, really," said Russell.  That doesn't look good.  Vote time. 

And, Danielle is gone.  Wow.  Parv is mad.  Jerri threw her lot in with Russell that may bode well for her in the long run.

Next week, Russell tries to make a pact with Colby and Rupert as the other villains turn against him.  This could get interesting.


Ed said...

I somehow cannot imagine Rupert playing nice-nice with Russell, so I'm hoping that Colby and Rupert team up with Sandra and Parv and make it to the final four. I think Jerri's comment about sealing her fate is a bit of foreshadowing, and it'll be Russell then Jerri. Or Russell, then Rupert, then Colby. It's Parv's show to run, if she plays it right.

svenskjouney said...

Astrid, you were so right, Amanda, oh, Amanda... be still my beating heart. ;-)