Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol: 5.25.10

Lee vs. Crystal.  Both really good.  Very different styles.  (Not as different as Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert, of course, but ...)  Hopefully they won't have to sing a Craptacular Crowning song. 

They are at the Nokia.  Huge.  Wow, I didn't realize that both Crystal and Lee auditioned in Chicago (and they are both 24).  Neat.  Simon's last week!  And somehow, Randy still feels the stupid need to boo him.  *sigh*

The two finalists make their ways up to the stage, though a hand-slapping "good game" alley, with a lot of strange starts and stops.  That was awkward.  Three songs - their favorite from the season, Simon Fuller's Choice, and the Crowning Craptacular.  Crystal is going second.

01 & 03 & 05) Lee DeWyze (is it wrong that I wished that Lee would bring back the bagpiper?)  He's singing The Boxer.  I love this one.  He could totally release this song.  He connected well.  Randy thought it was a great way to start it off, even though it wasn't a very energetic performance.  Ellen said she couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself.  Awesome.  Kara wants him to punch harder, but liked the connection and the believable song.  Simon wanted more passion and excitement.  He said it was a kiss on the cheek when he wanted a kiss on the lips.  Not from Lee, he specified. 

02 & 04 & 06) Crystal Bowersox - she found her first guitar in a closet when she was snooping for Christmas presents.  She's singing Me & Bobby McGee.  Awesome choice.  She sounds totally and perfectly Crystal.  Randy thought it was dope, dude.  Ellen finds her and her guitar totally compelling on stage.  Kara loved it and thinks she has fire in her belly.  Simon is reminded of when they fell in love with her, and thinks this is her back on her best.

01 & 03 & 05) Lee DeWyze - Simon Fuller chose Everybody Hurts. I think that Lee's voice sounds tight on this song.  I thought it was really one note and kind of bland. Randy felt it and thought it was a lot better.  I did not.  Ellen admitted he went off key a couple times, but was more concerned that he seemed to be holding back in his performance.  Kara loved that he was telling a story, though it wasn't brilliant vocally.  Simon loved the song choice, but thinks that Lee seems nervous.

02 & 04 & 06) Crystal Bowersox - Simon Fuller chose Black Velvet.  Nice.  The arrangement is very dramatic, almost Bond Theme-ish, and I like it.  She went off a little as she was making her way to the front of the stage, and she's sans guitar.  She was a little shaky throughout, but still very very good.  I say Crystal won this round.  Randy thinks that Mamma Sox is in it to win it.  Ellen was reeling at the wardrobe change, saying it was like a Cher concert, and called it fantastic.  Kara loved that she gave it her all.  Simon is almost allergic to the song, because he's heard it terribly done so many time, but loved what she did with the song.

01 & 03 & 05) Lee DeWyze - really? His first single is going to be a cover of Beautiful Day by U2.  Better than Inside Your Heaven, but I wish it was an original... I know, I'm hard to please.  This didn't thrill me.  It was good, but I wasn't blown away.  He seemed sharp to me.  Randy thought it started off a little interesting, but thought he got his groove at the big notes.  Ellen thought he was fully present for the song and loved it.  Kara thought he was swallowed up in the song.  I agree.  She thinks he has grown the most, has a very commercial voice, and deserves to be there.  Simon thinks that Lee is what the competition was designed for. 

02 & 04 & 06) Crystal Bowersox - Her potential crowning single?  Up To the Mountain.  Never heard of it.  She's on the stage sitting on a stool with her guitar.  It's beautiful.  Sure, there's a gospel choir... and I can't get behind the gospel choir, but it's subtle enough to not annoy me.  She doesn't seem to be channeling Sister Act.  The choir was more of an instrument than a backing vocal.  She's just singing with all of her heart.  I adore it.  She wins this round for me.  Hands down.  Randy thought this song was what the show is about, and thought it was one of the best performances, and one of her best songs, at the perfect moment.  Ellen loves how unique she is. She would buy Crystal's album, go see her on tour, or eat a salad Crystal made.  Kara loved how emotionally invested Crystal was, and called it amazing.  Crystal wanted to say something to Simon before his final critique ever, and thanked him, and wished him good luck in future endeavors.  He told her that it was the best song of the night, and thought it was outstanding.

Crystal ought to be winning this.  Seriously.  I won't be angry if Lee wins, but Crystal seriously deserves it after tonight.

Wait, what?  This season's boot song was sung by Will Young (original UK Idol winner)?  Totally thought it was a chick.  Anyhow, he's singing it live.  Nice.  He's good.

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