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So You Think You Can Dance: 7.28.10

Is it an injury free week?  I think it just might be.  Wonderful.  If only two people weren't being sent home.  I kind of like Cat's outfit tonight, though the pattern does look a teensy bit like tire tread...

The judges are joined by Toni Redpath tonight.

Kent (with Anya, Cha cha choreographed by Jean-Marc and France)  Kent is just so very entertaining.  It seemed like his shoulders were a little tight in a couple places, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.  Nigel thought that Kent has ended up as a man dancing from starting off as a little boy.  He wanted stronger hands at times, though.  Toni thought his cha cha was much better this time around, and he was more grounded.  She mentioned the tightness in the shoulders that I saw, and said he thought it was part of his attempt to be more manly.  Mia said that the hips of a contemporary dancer can get in the way in ballroom, but thought that the whole routine felt a little "crunchy," and said that he's not taking the note about his face.  And Kent said he tries to work on his face, but he just can't help it because he's having so much fun.  Adam thinks it was a super solid performance, but he needs more length and breath.

Robert (again with Kathryn, Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  It's a beautiful and emotional dance and they dance it very well, but I'm still not connecting with Robert and I don't know why.  As a twist, the end of the choreography turned out to be Kathryn heading off to war, not Robert.  That was unexpected.  Nigel loved the connectivity and loved how Robert has removed himself from the goofy and grown as a dancer.  Toni asked Kathryn what kind of partner Robert was, and his wonderfulness brought Kathryn to tears.  Mia thought that the beginning of the piece was tender and sacred and selfless.  Kathryn's stunningness freaks Adam out, and Robert rose to her level for him. 

Jose's Solo:  He's good in his own style, there's no denying that..  But I just think his time is up.

Adechike (with Courtney, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio) I know we're supposed to be focusing on Adechike, but Courtney is so much fun to watch!  Of course, Adechike can fly and that's pretty darned impressive.  It was a fun routine but didn't grab me.  Adam loved how balls out dancing it was, and not too partner heavy.  He said Adechike showed total joy, but he wants some more looseness in his back and hips.  Mia thought it was a great performance, but Adechike needs to find the balance of style with power.  Toni thought it looked like a super fun routine to dance.  Nigel wanted more abandon from Adechike.  I would agree.

Lauren's Solo:  She names her slippers, and I kind of dig that.  They are named Joshua and Levidicus.  Go Lauren.  Her solo grabbed me, too.  It was to Natural Woman, and indeed she is.  Beautiful girl. 

Jose (with Comfort, Hip Hop choreographed by Marty Kudulka and Damian Ward)  Strangely, it's set to Try a Little Tenderness.  Interesting choice.  Comfort looks gorgeous, I must say.  The connection feels a little forced, though, and I don't see him as trying to pick her up.  I think that the choreography is sub-par, honestly.  not my favorite.  Nigel loved the cool and funky vibe.  And Nigel explained why Jose wasn't in the group routines for the last couple weeks - he had an injured groin.  He also said that Jose looked a little flappy and uncomfortable at times.  Agreed.  Toni was absorbed in the feeling and character of the dance.  Mia didn't think that Jose was showing any game and swagger, and instead it was bouncy and kooky.  I agree with her.  Adam sees what everyone was saying.  He's more on Mia's side.

Billy's Solo:  His solo was really odd and fun.  I liked it.  It was weirdly rhythmic.  I'm not entirely sure that it worked for him so much, but it was cool.

Kent's solo:  Amazong.  I could watch that boy for an hour.  A minute and a half hardly seems adequate.

Lauren (with Allison, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  What a fun routine!  I am just totally drawn to Lauren.  I thought it was grand.  Adam says he thinks of Lauren as an all-star already, because she is just so good.  He was running numbers they could do together through his head.  Mia said that there is nothing to critique and thinks that Lauren has forged ahead of others.  Toni said that strong is sexy, and complimented Lauren on her facial work.  Nigel just called the show American Idol.  Oops. 

Robert's Solo:  I mean, he's a good dancer, but I just don't feel the connection. 

Billy (with Ade, Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  Billy is playing a homeless an to Ade's very successful man.  And it's set to Mad World.  Beautiful.  And I think Billy danced half the dance with his hat down over his eyes.  I mean, it was a knit hat, so maybe he could seem but it was impressive.  Wow.  That gave me chills.  Ade had some impressive lifts, too!  There was a judge's standing o.   Nigel thought Billy's maturity was amazing.  Toni loved it, and thought the piece was more about the dialogue than the dance.  Mia called it sheer perfection, and said it was her favorite piece of Billy this season.  Adam thinks that Billy dropped into the zone, and called it magnificent.

Adechike's Solo:  Boy can dance, that's for sure.  I really didn't care for the song, though...

Kent & Jose (Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff) And here's a routine where Kent's goofy face works and is called for.  And in the end, Kent got the (invisible) girl.  It was really fun.  I think that Kent out-danced Jose.  Adam thought Spencer killed the style (in a good way).  He said that Kent is born to do this, but he needs more breath under his hands at times, and was impressed by Jose as a hip hop dancer.  Mia thought that Kent just found his home, and everything about it fit his world, even his face.  She said that Jose kept up with Kent, even though you could see they aren't the same level.  Toni didn't know if the choreography was smart or lucky, but it worked.  She called Kent a contender.  Nigel said that he hasn't seen anything that Kent hasn't done brilliantly.  He said the worst thing for Jose was having to do it with Kent, but he should still be proud of himself (and eluded to the fact that it may be Jose's last week here)

Lauren & Adechike (Foxtrot, choreographed by Jean-Marc & France) Ooooh, sparkly dress.  Pretty.  And Fever.  I prefer Peggy Lee's version to Beyonce's, but... It's a very good routine.  I think that Lauren is dancing it better than Adechike.  But only marginally.  Nigel thought it felt a little jazz instead of ballroom, but liked the connectivity and the sultry factor.  Toni didn't think they had good ballroom muscle memory, and the technique was off, but the character of the dance was good.  Mia thought that Adechike had some good partnering moments, but when he stepped away from her, there was a disconnect.  Mia thought that Lauren had a grace and a sensuality that she appreciated.  Adam said that Lauren did everything right, but Adechike looked concerned to make sure he was there for her, but he needed to just ... be.  I can see that.

Robert & Billy (Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul)  I think that Billy shones more.  There's soething about his presence that I find more believable.  Robert always seems a little robotic.  Nigel thought that it was the best two-guy Bollywood yet.  Toni said that Robert was a big cheesy hamburger, but Billy's still delicious pizza, and it's impossible to pick the better between the, because it was wonderful.  Mia was happy to see that there were no injuries because it was hard.   She loved the routine.

Gosh, what a tough night to decide who is best and who is worst... I stand by my Kent & Lauren love.  Billy was right up there tonight, and he's not always there for me.  I think that Jose is nearly guaranteed a ride home tomorrow, and if I had to choose between Adechike and Robert to stay, I'd probably choose Adechike.  But I wouldn't be mad if it went the other way...

Oh crap!  Lauren is with the medics.  God, what a mess.  Hope that she's ok. 

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