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So You Think You Can Dance: 7.7.10

Cat looks lovely in gold, and then there was a strange microphone echo and she played it off in a charming way, because she's Cat.

Oh no!  Alex was injured in rehearsal.  He will not be able to perform tonight.  They think it might be a ruptured Achilles.  There's an MRI this week.  He will automatically be in the bottom 3, and will be judged.  Also, if he can't perform next week, he's out.

Lauren will be dancing Cha cha with Pasha and Contemporary with Kent.  Kent will also be doing hip hop with Comfort.  Robert got Jazz with Kathryn and Quickstep with Ashley.  She also got Hip hop with Dominic.  Adechike has Jazz with Courtney and had pulled Bollywood with Alex.   Alex had also picked Foxtrot with Anya.  Jose pulled Contemporary with Lauren and African Jazz with Billy.  Billy got Broadway with Allison.

Lauren (Cha cha with Pasha, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France, Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce)  It is ok, but she doesn't seem as fluid as she should be.  She looked sexy, and they had chemistry, but I don't know if there was enough follow through.  I may be totally wrong.  Cat congratulated her in keeping her dress on.  Nigel appreciated her growth into womanhood for this routine and liked her hair, and thought she looked smoldering.  She said that she was pretending to be a tiger and Pasha was walking in her jungle and she took bites out of him. Nice.  Mia said it was pure murderation.  Ok, so admittedly I know zilch about ballroom. I guess she was great. Adam thought that she made her minimal costume work, and she was sharp and sexy and is very proud of her.

Jose (Contemporary with Lauren, choreographed by Mandy Moore, Never Tear Us Apart, by INXS) Wow.  Sexy from the start.  Jose is impressing me this time.  His dance is actually really really good. The part where he flipped her was really cool.  Nigel thought that he looked amazing, and loved that he pointed his toes and partnered so well.  Mia thinks that people should try to be more like Jose, with a lack of ego and an open heart and purity, and thought that he danced from an honest place, and thought Mandy did some really smart choreography.  Adam thought that Mandy played to all of Jose's strengths, and said that he is growing technically.

Kent (Hip Hop with Comfort, choreographed by Dave Scott)  I have to say, this is really good for Kent.  He isn't trying to be sexy, and he seemed to feel the music and did some decent popping.  He was playful (and he smacked Comfort's butt!) and did some decent enough B-Boy moves.  And in the end, he got to do more simulated kissing (behind a hat).  Cat compared him to a little Justin Timberlake.  Nigel agreed and called it Soft Hop instead of hard hip hop, and loved how he didn't over-act it.  He thought it was fun and musical, and commended the spank for being on the beat.  Then - slo-mo spank.  That was funny.  Mia said "I wasn't mad at you, at all!"  She wanted a bit more cool, but thought he did well.  Adam saw growth in him this week, and said it was his smallest performance of the season.  And that's a good thing.  Interesting.

Adechike (Jazz with Courtney, choreographed by Mandy Moore)  The dance is set around closing time at a bar, and Courtney is up to seduce Adechike.  I adore Courtney's hair in this routine.  They are dancing at a bar as a prop.  Adechike is having fun and isn't taking it too seriously, which makes me like him more.  It was really cool.  I liked it.  Nigel thought it was a really good routine, and thought that he did really well with his character this time, too.  He loved the actual dancing part, since most of it was character, really, but he liked it.  He wasn't expecting him to be that good.  And apparently, Adechike lost one of his contacts during the dance.  Oops!  Mia thought that he relied too much on the character, and the actual dance was really mediocre.  She said the bulk of the routine was donut holes - empty.  Adam thought that he had a breakthrough last week, and then got really tumbled up in his words, and wanted Adechike to get lost in the character.

Billy (Broadway, NOT with Allison, who injured her ribs!  so, in comes Katee!, choreographed by Spencer Liff)  I think Billy is really shining in this style. Nigel agreed with me, and said this is the best Billy's danced outside of his solos.  Mia called him Fabulicious, and said he was sharp, had style, and thought he was awesome.  Adam thought he has never connected with a partner this well to date, and loved how his small moments were perfect.  He thought that perhaps everyone has had a drink of performance juice.

Ashley (Hip Hop, with Dominic, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon)  They are like ninja assassins.  She was not hitting as hard as she could have, but her movements were good.  She did not look comfortable at all.  Nigel said that they love Ashley, and this proved that he can do something more than contemporary.  He thought that she hit hard (shows what I know!), and didn't like the drop crotch trousers because they made her legs look stumpy.  Mia thought that Ashley danced it hardcore, but there was no kill in her eyes.  Adam thinks she's a quiet contender, and thinks she did very well.  Again.  Shows what I know.  Dominic continued his ridiculous flirtation with Cat.

Robert (Jazz, with Kathryn, choreographed by Sean Cheeseman)  They are dolls come to life.  They were in boxes in the beginning, and I don't know if they were supposed to be in sync in the boxes, but thye were not.  They just seemed off the whole tie, not really connecting or working well together.  I could see when he was going to do a lift, and he looked like he was trying really hard.  And she's an itty bitty girl.  I could probably toss her around.  Cat thought it was plastic fantastic.  Nigel loved the concept, and he went online to see why Robert has been in the bottom 3, and saw that people think he's arrogant, and defended him.  He thought the dance was really great.  Humph.  Am I just totally off tonight?  Mia loves Robert.  She also loved the inside the box movement, but she did say it could have been cleaned and tightened up some.  Adam thinks Robert is totally great, and called it stellar.  What is wrong with me tonight?  I just can't agree with the judges!

Adechike supposed to be with Alex for Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul.  Instead, Marla, Nakul's assistant will be dancing with Adechike.  It looked like he was doing a good job, but the smile was plastered on blandly again.  The end, with the super quick tempt was really good.  He got to do some leaping, which obviously he can do with glee.  Nigel warned him that he had to be deeper in his plie in this style, and said he started making it a little funky in places, and he has to be careful to stick to specific styles.  I would agree with that.  Mia called it kind of African in style.  Cat stood up for Adechike and said that when Jose did Bollywood, they told him it was ok to put his own little twist to it, and now they are picking on Adechike for doing the same thing. Mia said that it was a little flaily for her and she really missed Alex.  Adam said that he could tell that Adechike felt the music, but he lacked finish and snap.

Kent & Lauren (Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall)  It's about two people after prom.  That should work for them.  I kind of adore them as a couple!  The dance was wonderful.  I really loved soe of the intricate jumps and footwork.  And, Kent got another kiss!  Truly, that boy gets around!  Nigel thought that the routine proved what fabulous Contemporary dancers the two of them are, and what a great choreographer Travis is.  He said that he has been looking for the heart in Lauren, and he found it.  He loved what a hard worker Kent is, and thinks his hard work is going to pay off.  Mia thought it was stunning - the connection was there, and thought that Lauren's athleticism, technique, and soul were all great.  She said that Kent also had a great evening.  Adam said it became so honest and intimate and real, he almost felt embarrassed to be watching it.  (They do make a truly adorable couple, really)

Ashley & Robert (Quickstep, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France)  I don't know.  It looked like they were just running part of the time and weren't really following steps.  Got better in the middle.  Still, not really feeling it.  Nigel thought it really was the dance of death, and the character part was hard, to switch to the dance part. He admitted that they had more close hold than anyone else, and it wasn't the best close hold, and thought that Robert's hydraulics were a bit off for this style.  He thought that Ashley was lovely and looked like she was enjoying herself and had better form.  Mia thought they got through it and it wasn't a train wreck.  She didn't like the music choice for Quickstep, and thought that Robert's legs were too far apart and reiterated that ballet would be good for him.  She said it wasn't the kiss of death, but it was a bad kiss.  Adam thought that the music spoke more to jive, but thought that they got through it.

Billy & Jose (African, choreographed by Sean Cheeseman)  Jose is the hunter, and Billy is the prey.  I thought it worked, and both of them had parts to show off their own strengths.  The judges didn't think that they hit it quite right, and Billy was a little too contemporary at times.  Billy as a cat again didn't work for them much.

I thought that Lauren had a super night, as did Kent.  Jose's contemporary was great, but his second dance wasn't as great.  Same for Billy - first dance was fun, but the second one was a little blah.  I wasn't feeling Ashley's hip-hop, but she was the better person in the Quickstep.

Adechike didn't pull it out tonight. I think that Robert will be in the bottom 3 again.  I didn't drool on his dances at all.  And Alex will be down there, too, automatically.

Who do you think will join Alex in the bottom 3?

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