Thursday, July 8, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.8.10

I really like Cat's dress tonight!  Her hair-flattening ornaments, not so much.. but the dress is nice.

The group number is set to Sting, and people are in white and angelic costumes... and who is the one with wings, standing completely sill?  I have no idea.  Is it Ade?  I wonder if it was supposed to be Alex.  It was a really beautiful (if strange) dance.  It was choreographed by Mia.  I could have guessed that.

Congrats to SYTYCD for all of the Emmy nominations (along with Adam for the Emmys, and Chelsea Hightower who is now on Dancing with the Stars).  Nigel also pimped July 31st Dance Day, and some one has introduced a bill to make it a national day!  Congress is apparently doing a flash mob in the park in DC.  That's kind of cool.  But... isn't a flash mob supposed to be a surprise?  Great job ruining that, Nigel.

Lauren and Billy are out first.  Lauren seems to have misplaced half her dress.  The right half.  Oops.  Billy is in the Bottom 3, with Alex.  Lauren is safe.  As it should be. 

Everyone else comes on stage now for more results.  Kent is safe and I am so happy.  He did super well last night.  How about Jose?  Also safe.  I'm glad.  His first performance was strong enough to warrant his safety alone.  Robert is next.  He is also safe.  Will it be Ashley or Adechike? Ashley is in the Bottom 3.  Didn't see that one coming, though I didn't think it was Ashley's strongest night.

Mia apologized to Adechike for her comments last night to him.  That was nice.

Anya & Pasha Spotlight time!  They had never partnered on the SYTYCD stage before now - back in their very first audition.  Awesome! They are wonderful.  The stage with on fire.

Broadway number, fast forwarding.

Billy's solo:  Billy gives one heck of a solo.  I don't think he's going anywhere.

Ashley's solo:  She gives a passionate and wonderful solo.  I don't want Alex to be injured, but I don't want to have either Ashley or Billy leave either!

Natasha Bettingfield.  I'll give her a listen.  She's backed by some of the All Stars.  I don't like Natasha's mullet dress.  And I have a feeling the song would be better on the radio.

Results.  Alex's MRI showed that he suffered a lacerated Achilles tendon.  He has to rest for 3 months, although he's having the operation on Tuesday... he's out of this year's competition.  Nigel invited him back next year.  Ashley and Billy are safe.

I wish Alex the best possible recovery.  Poor guy.

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