Thursday, July 1, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.1.10

Group dance is to Carmina Burana.  That's kind of cool.  Why they are all dressed like half dressed clowns, I don't know, but the dance is neat.  Choreographed by Jamal Gains?  He's new, right?

I really like Cat's dress.  Webby, almost, but not in a creepy Cher way.

Next week - Two routines, and they'll dance with an all-star they've never danced with, and also one of their competitors.  Interesting.  I think I like it.

Out first are Alex, Ashley, Adechike, and Kent.  Alex is safe.  Ashley is safe.  And so are Adechike and Kent, after a psych out making it look like it might be Kent in the bottom three. 

Next out, Lauren, Robert, and Billy.  Lauren is safe.  Billy is in the bottom 3.  And so is Robert. 

Will it be Melinda or Jose joining them?  Unsurprisingly, it's Melinda.  If she isn't the one going home this week, I'd be stunned.

Neat new feature - highlights from Allstars.  And this week, it's Mark (squee) and Courtney.  And, remembering Nigel's ridiculous hair.  Oops.  Mark and Courtney are dancing The Garden!  Wheeee!!!!!  I am so happy right now I can barely think.  I wonder how many times they've done that routine?  I still love it, and it looked like they still do, too.

Fast forwarded through the Cirque de Soleil routine. 

Solo time.  Billy's first, and he had some great moves, though I am really distracted by his mesh backed shirt.  Why is that necessary?  Really? Robert is up next, and he brought some funkier moves, but he's no Mark.  I just started to get into his solo when it was ending.  His buildup was too long.  And next, Melinda.  If she doesn't go home, I'll be stunned.  Her solo was the best yet, without extra distracting music.  She brought more fun that previous solos.

Fast forward through Neyo, who is trying to be Michael Jackson and failing.

The judges are unanimous, and Melinda is going home.  I don't think anyone is surprised.  I wanted her to be better, but she just couldn't quite get it together.  Sad.  I liked her.

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