Thursday, July 22, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.22.10

The group number tonight is All That Jazz, and started with Mark.  That's always a good sign.  The current contestants weren't in it until the middle.  They tossed Kent way up in the air.  Coool.  I didn't even really notice any of the current contestants except for Kent.  Were they there?  It was choreographed by Kelly Abbey.  New?

Cat looks ready for a tea party.  Not in the best way.  It's a weirdly juvenille dress.

Denise Jefferson (a famous dancer) died this week.  She was the director of the Alvin Ailey Dance School. 

Lauren is safe.  Yay!  Kent is up next, and is also safe.

(Fast forward through the inevitably lovely Pas De Deux)

Safe in the final group of boys is Adechike.  I'd say that's warranted.  His dance with Comfort was amazing last night.

Robert and Jose will be dancing solos, with Billy in the Final 3.  I think Jose is going home.

Dance performance by DJ Smart.  He's amazing, but... fast forwarding.

Highlight of All-Stars:  Lauren & Neil.  ooooh... the Wade Robeson Magic Routine.  Slick.  This I will be watching.  Such a strange little dance.  Really cool.  Don't care for the screaming bit.

Allison, Dominic, Courtney, and Ade will be going on tour along with Russell and Kathryn, the top male and female from this season, and four others still to be cast.  Boo for no Mark on tour.  Not like I'm going to see it anyhow, but..

Robert's solo is first, and he's doing the same solo as last night, and I don't like the song.  It's whiny.

Jose's solo is next and I think it's the same solo as last night, to?  He seemed to throw more tricks at it tonight and more energy, but I still think he's done.

Fast Forwarding through Enrique...

Who's going home?  Nigel said they haven't made up their minds, but they have come to a conclusion.  They think Robert is improving, but not growing.  They feel that Jose has stopped growing, but his breaking is getting better.  They feel that Billy's decision to rest this week set a precedent they aren't really happy about.  They are not sending anyone home this week.  Two people will go home next week.  Wow. 

Do you think they are prolonging Jose's misery?  His solo was really good tonight, but...

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Jeanne said...

Finally got to watch the rest of the show and results (was on vacay last week). I think Jose should have gone as well. I also had a hard time the last 2 weeks finding Jose in the group numbers, has he been out there with them? Just curious. Also, I saw a video the other day for Lady Gaga's Alejandro song and I believe Marc is in the video front and center! I also read the other day that Cat does her own styling for the show. She picks out everything and hair/shoes too.