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So You Think You Can Dance: 7.21.10

Cat looks like she's been mauled.  Not a good look for a dress.

The judges are joined by Kenny Ortega, jack of all trades in the dance world.  And oh, goodness.  Billy has hurt his knee.  Nigel says that they will bring in specialists to warm them up better, etc.  Billy's doctors cleared him to dance if he wants to, but he said he didn't feel right about it.  But, if he clears being in the bottom 3, he should be back to dance next week.

Lauren (with Twitch, hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon) She has swagger!  It was a neat routine, and she cowgirled it up to take Twitch down in a duel. Very cute, and I like her more and more.  Adam thought she tore it up and is on fire.  Mia said giddyup, and thinks that she went so hard, and loves how Lauren is letting go.  Kenny said "Save a horse, ride a cowboy," and said that Lauren has enough energy to power LA.  Nigel used some slang awkward for an Englishman, said it was bad, nasty buck, and she had swag.  I feel unclean.

Jose (with Allison, Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)  What a beautiful routine!  They were on the edge of the stage nearly the entire time, and it was very creative choreography and they sold the relationship beautifully, I thought.  And,  I thought it was one of the nicest "dance" moments for Jose.  But, the judges could disagree with me entirely.  Adam loved the concept and said that it was hard to critique the dancing, but the character, the partnering, the commitment were all there.  Mia thought it was more pedestrian contemporary instead of "trained" contemporary.  Kenny loves Sonya and loved Jose's partnering, and fell over Allison.  Nigel agreed about his commitment, and thought that Sonya helped cover up his weaknesses.

Robert (with Lauren, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  This routine is about seduction.  Did he just lick her leg?  I'm pretty sure he did!  Other than that, though, I didn't feel much heat between them.  It seemed a little forced to me.  Though the dancing was good, I was feeling way more from Lauren.  Adam thinks he commands the stage and he loved him, hmm.  Mia loved the strong clean jazz piece.  Kenny liked it a lot.  Nigel thought that Lauren was an inspiration to get guys into dance, but liked Robert's dancing.  Shows what I know.

Adechike's Solo:  He is doing a solo to This Woman's Work.  Hmm.  Risky.  This song belongs to Melissa and the Breast Cancer Dance.  Good solo, though.

Kent (with Kathryn, Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh) Sonya uses Kent's tumbling to her advantage, and he partnered really well with Kathryn.  This is a really awesomely fun routine.  I think I'm a little in love with Kent's dancing.  Loved this one.  A lot.  Go, Sonya.  Adam thinks that Kent makes the show more special, and loved the handspring over Kathryn, and thought he kicked ass.  Mia thinks that sometimes his face is so animated that it makes the choreographer's work look juvenille, though his dance was totally solid.  Kenny thinks Kent is awesome, and thinks he's like a young Gene Kelly, and thinks that Kent is the one to beat.  Nigel thinks that Kent mixes really good technique with a really fun personality, and thinks that Kent is out-dancing the All-Stars.

Robert's Solo:  Really solid.  Some really strong moments that I was surprised by.  And, it's Robert's 20th birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Robert!

Lauren's Solo:  She dances with such passion.  I just love her.

Adechike (with Comfort, Lyrical Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Fallin' by Alicia Keyes)  Ok, this is really strong.  I am surprised in Adechike.  Comfort brought out good things in him.  Really really good choreography, really good character work.  Loved it.  Wow.  Adam said it felt like watching a movie and loved it.  Mia thought it came from such a raw raw space and it was like watching dance film, and was the highest level of dance.  She was brought to tears about how MUCH Adechike has.  Mia thinks that Comfort is like Mary J. Blige in a dancer.  Kenny gave more love to the choreographers, and thought it was honest and heartfelt and beautifully connected and wonderful.  Nigel thought that it moved to another level, and likened it to Bleeding Love (with Mark).  I would agree.

Jose's Solo: This solo is just flat out joy and fun.  I don't think it's the best he can do, though, which is a shame.  Shouldn't solos be your absolute best?  Still, it was good and fun.

Kent's Solo:  He has so much feeling in his dance, and I think it was the best solo of the night, conveying a lot of feeling instead of just "hey, look at what a good dancer I am."

Robert & Lauren (Samba, choreographed my Dmitry Chaplin)  Lauren's hips get their own chance to shine again.  She's just really good at this.  And Robert's no slouch.  The last spin that Robert did looked a little labored to me.  Adam loved Robert's lines and thinks that Lauren could have a future in latin dance.  Mia loved Robert in the dance and thought he was great.  She thought that Lauren's butt and hips were great, but thought she was in plie a lot and that brings a heaviness to her movement.  Kenny loves Dmitry.  Nigel was moved by how much the dancers' parents love them.  He thinks that Robert did himself proud as a birthday boy, and thinks that Lauren has shaken everything possible on the show and thought it was really enjoyable, though there may have been a couple technical hiccups.

Jose & Adechike (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Dmitry - assisted by Legacy) This is a battle.  With capes.  I think that Adechike won the battle.  Adam loved how committed and connected they were in their partnership, but wanted Jose to stretch his legs and feet, and thought that Adechike could use more abandon.  Mia thought it was aesthetically gorgeous, but the technique was lacking for both of them.  They didn't fill the spaces in the choreography for her.  Kenny thought it was a valiant effort.  Nigel agreed that it was a valiant effort, but thought they were missing most of the attack that a Pasa Doble has. I would agree. 

Kent (Stepping, with(out) Billy, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado - with Twitch instead)  Fun routine.  I thought that they both did a good job, though Billy was pulling some funny faces.  It would have been fun with Billy.  Still, loving Kent.  Adam thanked the show for bringing in new kinds of dance, and thanked Kent for kicking it's ass.  Mia had no idea that Kent had that in him, and called it disgusting and filthy and sick and amazing, and loved the chemistry with Twitch, and then chided Kent for zoning out when she was talking to him, before calling Kent the one to beat.  Kenny thought he was awesome.  Nigel reminded them about his own routine, Five Guys Named Moe, which had stepping, but he loves stepping, and thought Kent managed to combat everything thrown at him in the show.  Nigel is sad that Billy didn't get to do it, but loved Twitch.

I think that Jose's time has come.  I think that Robert will be in the bottom with him, and with the obligatory injured Billy.  I don't see the judges sending anyone else home before they send Jose home.

Lauren and Kent for the win!

(Adechike was not so shabby tonight!  Loved his routine with Comfort)

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