Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol: Down to 2 - Results Show 5/14/08

Andrew Lloyd Webber is in the audience tonight. Wonder what he's there to promote? Ryan must have a great view of Paula's considerable assets, because he makes a couple slightly embarrassing comments before telling us that Fantasia is going to be performing tonight (yay? Don't think so), and introducing the Fab 3 with Aint No Stopping Us Now.

David A. should never attempt to have anything approximating rhythm on stage. It's awkward and embarrassing. David Cook is different from the other two in that he is wearing a black top and they are wearing white. Syesha's hair looks nice, I think she lost the extensions, or at least got shorter ones. To prove that they are, in fact, on the move, the three strut around on stage and through the audience. It isn't great. Syesha took most of the lead in the song because it's best for her voice, but David Cook had a couple moments to belt. Eh.

Ford Commercial time! Each idol gets a dream sequence (or maybe it's their supposed futures told) and apparently, David A. wants to be Richie Rich, with an outdoor piano and a swimming pool with his name on the bottom of it. Hmmmm. Interesting.

The recap is un-noteworthy. I have nothing to say.

What? Fantasia's song is actually called Bore Me??? She Diana Degarmos the crowd to come on, y'all, and looks a bit like she stuck her head in Kool-aid, and the song was upbeat, but involved very little singing. Mostly, it was shrieky, with undecipherable lyrics, and I think Fantasia was angry at everyone. I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was horrendous, truly.

David Archuleta is the first to find out his fate. First, we get some highlights of his trip back to Utah. There are a lot of screaming tweens. I do not understand the appeal. It was all a little too much for little David, ad he broke down in tears, exclaiming "Gosh." Repeatedly. He sang Imagine to a ginormous crowd. Seriously, there were people to the horizon. Insane. We still don't get to see if he is safe of not, because they needed to fill some time, so we get to see his journey up to now. I remember wistfully when I liked him. Then, I realized I had seen everything he had to offer at this point in his life, vocally, and got over him.

To keep the drama alive (and to pad the show), we don't get to find out if David A. is safe or not yet, and we get to see Syesha's trip home and her journey thus far. At least when Syesha was handed the baby by the woman in the crowd, she didn't break out into the creepy baby cry that she does. That's a relief. Syesha's dad is a recovering addict, according to him. See, she could have pulled the sympathy card for that earlier in the season, and she didn't, so I respect her more for that. She also cried because of her journey home. They set her journey in the show so far to a Fantasia song, and I wish they hadn't.

On to David Cook! They bring his brother, Andrew, up on stage. Apparently, he wasn't going to audition at first, he was just there to be with his little brother! The producers/camera people decided he was auditioning, and he did. Cool. He got a little choked up at his reception at home, too, but there was nary a "gosh" to be heard. Looking back at his journey, I appreciate his new haircut more and more and more. Captain Comb-over no more! They set his journey to a Daughtry song, which just shows that the producers like David more than they like Syesha.

Still, there is too much show left to reveal the Final Two, so more commercials, and more words from the judges. Simon hopes for a humdinger next week.

David Archuleta is announced as the first finalist, and David Cook is announced as the second. Syesha is heading home, not that anyone is surprised. Stumbling over to the couch, David Archuleta seemed about ready to keel over with the news. David Cook was practically holding him up.

Syesha got to reprise her Alicia Keys song from last night, which her retrospective video played in the background. Does that mean that she is not going to be Celebrated Home? (Please, please, please? One less time to hear that song is a blessing). I let out a little cheer as the show ended sans Ruben. :D

Next week's the finale, and I can't wait to hear if this year's final song is any better than the previous cheese-tastic one. This is my freaking now, that was my then, this will be my sometime, really? Let's see.

(Note - I will be blogging slightly later next week because I have dress rehearsals for a play I am in.)

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