Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol: Down to 3 - Results Show 5/7/08

Ryan skipped making his Bob Barker entrance tonight, and says that there were nearly 51 million votes cast last night, and that each of the top 4 were within a million votes of each other! That makes me nervous. Ryan called Randy out for being harsh on Syesha, then Paula blubbered about something, and Simon defended his reactions at song choices last night.

And it's time for a group sing! David A. marched out onto the stage and planted himself firmly before proving that he should never sing something as upbeat as Reeling in the Years. They attempt choreography, and David A. looks awkward and uncomfortable. I think his movement is worse than the Carrie Underwood Strut. This top 4 is pathetically unable to dance even a little. Syesha sounded off, timing wise, and only David Cook made the song believable to me. Jason did a decent job during the group sing. All together, though, they sound weak and unmatched. Not the best suited voices for each other. Someone famous came out and played guitar at the end, but I don't know who it was, so I can't comment.

The recap reminded me how much I hope Jason goes home tonight. Please.

David Archuleta is up first. Might as well just send him to the Serenity Sofa now. Apparently, he was having fun with Stand By Me. Wow. He must be a hit at parties. I mean, life of the party. Seriously. He was in no danger, and is safe. Next week is the "Happy Homecoming" episode for the Top 3, so . . .

Ryan attempted to show us a few clips of previous Top 3's visits home, and fails miserably. "Let's take a look. . . back stage. Hello, in the booth?" He gives up, and sends us to break. Someone is being cursed out during this commercial break. I bet Seacrest can be a complete Diva. Heads are going to roll.

Back from bitching the guys in the booth out for making him look stupid, Ryan shows us clips of the Top 4 in Vegas, baby. They went to see a Cirque de Soleil Beatles performance. The top 4 got primped and preened by stylists, who had to have been itching to chop off Jason's dreads, but settled for giving him his first ever manicure instead.

David Cook is up next. David admitted to feeling a little off yesterday, and it didn't matter, because he made it to the Top 3. Please excuse me. I'm doing a little dance.

Syesha and Jason Castro went out on stage next, with Syesha ushering Jason out chanting "Energy, energy, energy." I guess she didn't want to spend the next half hour getting to the middle of the stage with Jason at his preferred pace. Both of them looked mighty confused when Ryan said "The person leaving us tonight is. . . " and Jason cut in with "Are you going to tell us right now?" Ryan answered, "No, after the break." And a whole bunch of filler, I am sure. I mean, Bo Bice is performing tonight (and I am stoked. Love Bo).

Before we get to Bo, it's time for a Ford Commercial, featuring Jason's super blue eyes, and Ring of Fire. Now I wish they had a reason for David Cook to sing a Johnny Cash song, he sounded good. Syesha sounded weird and chirpy. I could not distinguish the other men's voices.

During the Viewer Call in segment, a woman propositioned David Cook. She blatantly asked him out on a date on live tv! Ryan decided to play matchmaker, saying he could make it work, and promised to get her phone number for David afterwards. David just seemed to be at a loss for words, it was cute. Jason complained that being brain dead is the toughest thing he's had to face. Yup, I can see that. Simon is asked why he hasn't been Knighted yet, and claims that he is available, if Her Majesty is watching. Does this segment have to happen? Seriously? I guess they are more amusing this week. I guess.

It's time for the first guest performance of the week, with Maroon 5. I love these guys. If you are going to sing in a higher register, boys, do it like Adam Levine. I love his voice. They perform their new song, If I Never See Your Face Again. I like it, but I don't like it as much as some of their other songs I've heard. Of course, I didn't like Harder to Breathe until I'd heard it a few times... Apparently, Rhianna sings on the single with them, but he did it alone tonight. Adam Levine was kind of funny in his little interview with Ryan.

Excuse me while I squeal, there was just a commercial for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Weeeeeeee.
I now return to my regularly scheduled blogging.

And time for Bo!!! Bo looks like he needs a good deep conditioning. So go buy his new cd, so he can get that done. It'll be worth it for you, because the song is cool, and I bet the rest of the cd is good, too. He even does the cool microphone trick where it makes him sound like an instrument. No, I don't know what it is called. But it's cool. Go Bo!! Ryan asks for his advice to the contestants, and he says "Practice, practice, practice!" (That's for you, Jason). I think it's obvious that he's a David Cook fan.

Down to business... Jason says that someone told him that he shot the Tamborine Man. Now, that's just funny. Jason seems unconcerned, it's just his laid back attitude. Syesha tries to explain why she was crying last night, and this time, it's a political statement. Ok. Well, it doesn't matter, because she is safe. Deservingly, Jason's gone. Celebrated home. And I still hate that song. Somehow, I don't think it is catching on the way that Bad Day did. Jason seems actually thrilled to go home, and was very animated in his boot off song of I Shot the Sheriff.

And it's going to be a good Top 3!!!

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