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Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 11

We cut right to James seeing medical about his infected finger. I will never understand why they subtitle people who speak English (like the medic). James is given antibiotics and his wound is flushed, but the medic says if he isn't looking better by morning, he is going to have to go into surgery. Yipes. That's one nasty clamshell cut!

Amanda is aghast at the prospect of losing her best ally in the game, due to an infection. That would suck. Then, Alexis turned out to fall really badly in the middle of the night, and her knee is messed up. Cirie admits that, as a nurse, she can see both of those things are bad, but she can't help but be a little gleeful at the prospect of easy ousters.

Reward Challenge

It's a Family Feud style pecking order challenge, for friends and family! There are cute little dolls of each of them, little ceramic voodoo type dolls. A little creepy. I usually hate this kind of challenge, the pecking order is so annoying. Let's see how it pans out.

Erik's brother is all clean cut and short haired. Erik is overjoyed at the fact that he has a beard. and he spends some time jumping up and down with his brother over the fact that Jeff Probst is right there.

Jeff gets the quote of the night, here. "Erik, you're a freak." lol.

Amanda's sister says that she smells better than last time, and Cirie's husband is super cute.

Winner of the challenge gets to swim with non-stinging jellyfish, and Jeff also reveals that there is another Hidden Idol on Exile!

First question - Who does the Most for the Tribe? James is the answer, and everyone gets it except for him.

Second question - Who Never Shuts Up? Parvati is the hands down winner on that one.

Third question - Who mistakenly thinks they are in control of the game? Parvati is the winner on this one, too. Ouch.

Parvati is the first out, and when Cirie cuts the final string, a stick flies up and whacks Parvati's figurine in the face, smashing it to bits. Amanda thinks "that's a little vicious, Jeff!" He he he.

Next question - Who is the most honest? Alexis gets the nod on that one, and Cirie is the only one to answer right, and she takes Erik out.

Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner? Ouch. James got that. Wonder if that's because he will happily eat bat? Alexis takes the opportunity to knock out James, and James knocks out Cirie. Amanda takes out Natalie. Cirie takes out Amanda, handing the win to Alexis. That's got to hurt.

I hate these pecking order challenges. I really do. Alexis gets to pick two people to join her, and she chooses Cirie and Natalie. She sends Amanda to Exile, after Amanda raises her hand asking to go (she really wants that Idol). Amanda doesn't even get to hug her sister goodbye.

James heads over to have Medical look at his finger again. Because he is having pain around the joint still, Medical pulls him from the game. Noooooooooooooooo. Amanda is going to be crushed.

The people on the Reward are enjoying a swim with the jellyfish, and Cirie says it is like a revelation for her, maybe she won't be so scared of every little thing anymore. That might be a good thing.

Over on Exile, Amanda is on the mad hunt for the Idol, and it takes a lot of work, and a lot of digging (much more work than anyone else), and she finds the final clue, which tells her that the Idol is buried under the Tribe Flag back at camp.

Everyone from the Reward comes back to camp to find James gone, and they are very sad. Cirie brings up the strategic fact that if Erik wins immunity, their dream of an all girl alliance might be dashed upon the rocks.

Alexis is still having troubles with her knee, and Parvati brings up the thought of voting her out, which Alexis is nervous about. Parvati shows some - what's this? - loyalty, and says that she can't have a part in any voting out of Amanda. I was kind of shocked.

Immunity Challenge

Amanda returns to hear the shocking news of James' evacuation from the game. She is of course upset.

Challenge is to fire a high powered rifle to knock out colored sake bottles. They get Rambo style bandanas to indicate their color. Sweet.

Natalie is a good shot right off the bat. Amanda misses her first one. Parvati gets her first one. Cirie misses her first one. Erik takes out his first. Alexis misses her first.

Natalie, Amanda, and Parvati miss their second ones. Erik hits his, then Alexis misses.

Third round. Natalie demolishes her bottle, then Amanda gets her first hit. Parvati misses hers, then Cirie follows suit. Erik goes for the winning hit and takes it. The girls all seem to start scheming immediately.

Amanda, back at camp, empties her bag to show the others that she doesn't have the Idol. he he he. Well, she wasn't lying to them, and it was a clever move to show them that she doesn't have it. Now's the time to find it! Amanda takes Parvati aside and tells her that it's buried under the flag, while Erik kills the last chicken. Amanda wants to take Natalie out, but Parvati wants to get rid of Alexis. I agree with Parvati, when she tells Amanda "Find that Idol Now, Woman." She needs it, too. Erik and Alexis are thinking of getting rid of Amanda because she is going to be hard to go up against.

Amanda tries to wheedle her way in with Erik, telling him that she had his back, and he tells her he's going to vote for her. So, she needs to get that Idol. Badly. Cirie also plans on voting for Amanda, but at least she tells Amanda that she's going to vote for her, too.

Find that Idol Now, Woman.

I was glad that Amanda didn't trust Cirie with the knowledge about the Idol's location. Around the fire, Cirie wondered where Amanda is, while she is busy digging. Parvati covers by saying "She's washing her armpits, cause I told her she stunk." Classic.

Tribal Council

Not knowing whether or not Amanda has the Idol, they go into the Tribal. James enters the jury area with an IV, and is able to tell everyone that he in fact had a really bad infection, and if it went farther, he could lose his hand! Yipes. Hope that clears up for him.

Probst wastes no time asking Amanda if she found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Ozzy practically does a cheer with the idea of her having it, and she (hopefully Poker faced) says that she looked, but to no avail. Amanda gets a dig in at Erik for voting for her, even though she helped him get to where he is. Get that out there for the jury to hear. Everyone tells Amanda that she's pretty much unbeatable in the end (of course, they didn't see the way she fell apart at the finale of China...)

Down to the vote, and crossing fingers that Amanda found that Idol!

Ha ha! Amanda produces the Hidden Immunity Idol and Eliza and all members of the jury are thrilled. Eliza has a hard time holding in her emotions, doing a drum roll.

Amanda makes sure to tell the group that she wasn't lying, because she didn't have the idol when she told them she didn't have it, but she does now, so take that, suckers. Got that?

Votes are all for Amanda, except for Parvati's and Amanda's for Alexis. I think it is best, because her knee needs attention. I feel that poor Alexis got very little face time, for getting into the final 6. Bye bye, Alexis, we hardly knew ye.

Jeff says "You guys are perfecting the art of the blind side. That's the good news. And that's the bad news."

This is turning into a very very interesting season. Can Amanda keep winning? I think she needs to, unless she manages to change a lot of minds about the threat of her. Maybe she should say "You guys, I totally suck at the Final Tribal. Keep me in, I'll probably choke in the end."

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